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  • I'm definitely against power-ups in Android & iOS but I like it on AB Friends Facebook :-)
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  • @CCJolly Personally I don't want PUs but Rovio are a commercial business and they obviously feel the need to create a revenue stream to fund making new games! (And new episodes and levels for AB) and of course bigger profits.
    Sooooo I accept their right to make them available - what I am against is the inability to differentiate between 'true' scores and PUs scores. I also want to choose whether to have them displayed on screen or not.

    So really all I am saying (but with maximum verbosity as they said in Zork!) differentiate the 'true ' scores & PUs scores and allow me to choose!
  • Thanks @mumsie for statemant !!!
  • I totally agree with @Mumsie and @CCJOLLY.
  • I echo @mumsie's sentiments exactly. Similar to 'cheat codes' I understand the marketing need for PUs as most players won't try for hours on end to obtain 3* or high scores. As an admitted addict, I can't accept using them so would like to be able to compare my progress against the larger world outside the nest. As long as the nest remains committed to its no-PU stance, I am content to challenge myself against the players here. Differentiating PU from non-PU scores would appease me by being able to compare my progress to the millions outside the nest. Only if the nest abandons its no-PU policy will I feel the need to try one - but I know I will feel dirty and cheap in doing so and probably will search for new challenges.
  • There was a time when there are no computers. Many tasks then were performed by other means. One such methods is using typewriters to write letters and exchanging opinions through the net is unheard of. Then computers come along. Many tasks are made simpler. Olympians those days trained in the dark, without science to aid them how to improve on their sports. However, with the development of science and technology, sportsmen these days are able to improve drastically on their performance. The equipments, the science behind their diets, etc. this is true to the Olympic motto: citius, altius, fortius. It means faster, higher, stronger. We welcomed the rapid development of technology. We welcomed the changes that comes along with it. Generally, anyway. Carl Lewis cannot sit and mourn that Usian Bolt trained under better conditions, stating these are the factors contributing to the latter's legendary status. We, too cannot complain because Rovio decided to implement the power-ups. Yes, there are many who spend hours, maybe years trying to achieve high scores. Many felt frustrated that new comers are able to beat the high scores by merely using the power-ups. I understand all too well. However, time have changed. This new power-ups are like the time when computers were beginning to be introduced, like the time sports science change every single sports on the face of the earth forever. Change will come whether we like it or not. We cannot reject the computers, we too are powerless to reject the power-ups. Based on the situation, I don't think standing for or against the power-ups will make any difference. It is just a game in the end. I guess I will just go and enjoy it, try something new. I would like to end with one last statement. Some people view the power-ups as steroids is in sports. However, steroids is illegal and could bring terrible health consequences to the user. The power-ups does not sound anything like steroids to me. They are not illegal but implemented legally for our use. They are more like computers, like modern sports equipment. They all sound very bizarre upon their introduction but they are there to help us. To use, or not to use. That is the question.
  • @pyrottt very well done, you summed it up perfectly. "Resistence is futile"
  • @pyrottt I see power-ups as "steroids", or at least performance enhancers. That's sort of a definition, isn't it? If the game had had PUs in place when it started then the discussion wouldn't be necessary.

    One of the things about comparing legends and current stars in sports, especially where times are concerned, is that facilities, conditions and general knowledge of the mechanics of the sport will improve over time. That's a given. Such progress should mean you are guaranteed a gradual improvement over time, and everyone has access to these advances.

    Any huge jumps are generally treated with suspicion because of the possible use of performance enhancers. There are tests for these drugs (some of which work) and times achieved using these are withdrawn or asterisked.

    If a new game comes out that includes power-ups from the get-go, then ABN could allow power-up scores for that game. If such a game cannot differentiate between power-up and non-power-up scores, then everyone'd be using PUs to make sure of their position on the leaderboard for that game.

    In the long run, it is just a game, and the only thing that matters is if people enjoy playing it and paying for it. For sites like this, entering scores is also important, so we need to get this right. Since power-ups can be limited by the platform you use or the amount of disposable cash someone has, it's not fair to factor this in

    I'd like to see an athletic event where all participants are on drugs. We'd get some awesome times, jumps and throws...
  • Well said @hinarei i agree, except for last statement:)
  • just because someone takes drugs doesnt mean that they are better than the competition. You could even eat as healthy as you want but if you don't put in the practice you're going nowhere.

    Other than 0 bird completion PU like birdquake you actually need to practice using them to get better scores with them. I notice a lot of people on here say they havent used them and never will. How do they know that it's easier to use them?
  • My biggest objection is the constant shelling out of money for them. Having single use PUs or ME / SE / MF, etc. destroys the concept of a level playing field. How well you do depends on how wealthy you are. In sports, the playing field is supposed to be level for all. While it is true that some sports require a lot of financial backing, there are scholarships and sponsor to help the talented who aren't wealthy.
  • it may not be easy to use them, @lostgreybird, but the fact they're called "power-ups" can't mean they make the game any harder, can it? :) in sports, the fact that someone takes PEDs hints that they can't get to where they want to be (ie. the winning side/personal best) without them, and are looking for an edge over the rest of the field. Even with PEDs your sportsperson has to be at the top of their game, I get that, (and I'm not doubting you may well have to put in the hours to get the best out of a power-up) but the fact is they've used something that gives them an unfair advantage.

    It's not like our livelihoods depend on getting the best scores on Angry Birds, so it may not be correct to draw those same parallels, but the fact this site exists as a community and as a place to enter your scores and has things like challenges and averages means that scores are important here, not just obtaining 3-stars. As far as I know, power-ups aren't available on certain platforms, so if power-ups are allowed then people playing on those platforms are more than likely not going to achieve top scores, and may be destined to stay below average.

    As I've said above, I reckon the fairest way to sort it is to not allow power-ups scores or set some way of differentiating scores in-game between powered and non-powered. Space has it right. Other games should adopt this model. New games can just have power-ups off the bat or stick with the same model :) makes it consistent and fair then, across as many platforms & pockets as possible.
  • In time, I hope Rovio will make power-ups available for everyone to make the game fair and I am sure that will happen. Anyway, I do feel it is a little unfair. I am not born with a silver spoon in my mouth and can't spend money on power-ups like those who are very wealthy. However, it is what it is. Yes, I do agree there are sponsors for those who are talented but poor. Still, I believe there are many who are much more talented but are not given the opportunity. These people would much prefer to get help for food instead. In countries plague by war and famine, many people are deprived the chance to truly shine. Hence, I don't think there actually was an even field for anything for that matter. Upon the introduction of computers, only those who are fortunate are able to use it. It is still the same today. Also, not everyone have the chance to use a computer when it was first introduced. It starts with only a few people, then only the computers are available for a larger number of people. Anyway, people from the past don't have access to modern equipments but they should not say that new methods are giving people an unfair advantage. We played the game that started with no power-ups but we should not say the power-ups are like steroids just because new comers beat our high scores using them. It is just like Carl Lewis should not say the revolutionary methods of sports science are giving Usian Bolt an edge over the people who have competed in the past. Lastly, I agree that my examples is not suitable as Angry Birds is just a game. However, I could not think of a better example now. Anyway, I will try. So please forgive me for using these examples for the time being.
  • @Pyrott -- Your examples about people from poor countries did run through my head as I was writing post above, but I still think most (many?) sports have a more level playing field than AB with PUs. Olympic equestrian sports, anyone?
  • I, personally thoroughly enjoy using PU's, but only and exclusively on Facebook.
    Heck, I myself go through about a $100 a month purchasing PU's and do post those scores on the available Facebook Leader Boards for those games here at AB Nest.
    On Facebook it's a totally different story because everyone uses them while affecting no one else.

    As far as I'm concerned, the use of PU's in the retail versions of AB is absurd and counter-productive since the person using them will be the only one to know their score because there are currently no Leader Boards in place for scores obtained with PU's in the retail versions.

    PU's are in effect score enhancers, just like steroids enhance an athlete, PU's allow a mediocre player to become an overnight star sensation, and that can lead to people posting enhanced scores without any regard for the game or players that don't use them, thereby affecting the averages or rankings of other players.

  • Overall, Werewolf is right. Rovio needs to distinguish the scores. Period. Sandwich. End of story.
  • Very well spoken @WereWolf69:)
  • Thank you @Kathy and God, I need to catch my second breath after typing that name......
  • @werewolf your welcome and BTW you can just do @anonymousomeone.
  • Thank you for the slight breather @anonymoussomeone, maybe you could get creative and shorten it to @ thesomeone. Just kidding.
  • Just adding my vote to the "no power-ups" camp.

    My reasonings are two-fold.

    1) The current inability to separate PU and non-PU scores.

    But more importantly:

    2) I am still struggling to catch up with all the old levels, I have Seasons almost there, and Star Wars is complete bar the very latest episodes which I am currently on. But Rio and Original are almost untouched!!!
  • For those who are against the Power Ups system the way it is now, like me, you might want to check your "pauze screen" in AB Seasons, Rovio has a survey up and it is about Seasons AND the Power Ups, so each of you can voice your dislike of them or the system there. I know they are monitoring this thread, but I think it will be an addition for all of you to do the survey if you have AB Seasons. Just a thought :D
  • Thanks @estar. I haven't played ABO, ABS and ABSp recently so I wasn't informed about survey. I will take it today.
  • @Estar

    I answered already many surveys but that's for nothing. It's only waste of time in my eyes !!!
  • @CC_Jolly -- I've got to disagree on this. I'm sure they look at the results. Can't wait to do one on the Croods, although I uninstalled the game.
  • @mvnla2 yes maybe. But you agree no comment which i have posted :-)

    Sorry for the hard words but ROVIO will don't look to results. Why they added the Pups in Seasons, Rio and Space after the Original? Why why why? If they want to see results they had to stop it after the Original Adding!! It will take no longer time that we see the PUps in Star Wars. My opinion
  • I agree strongly with LostGreyBird: Have you guys even TRIED to use King Sling? I can't hit anything without Sling Scope on!!
  • Why did they add them? We've been over this time and time again. They need to be profitable or else Rovio will not exist. Their fellow Finland game company Supercell is crushing the mobile game market right now with IAPs. They own 2 of the top 5 highest grossing mobile games and as far as I can tell from searching their blogs fans aren't in an uproar. Think about it, SuperCell has 2 games that gross more than Rovio's 8 mobile games just because there isn't ever a time in those games that you can't buy an IAP no matter how old the game is.

    When these mobile gaming companies release their earnings and everyone realized that the ones that used IAP were crushing it they all hopped on board the trend. Now these recent earnings just solidified their effectiveness in making a profit. IAPs are hear to stay people. I'll give you the argument of differentiating scores. I'm sure their working on it, just look at the sync system in the Croods it ver primitive compared to SuperCell's server side saving. I believe Rovio is still building their large server center and this year will be dedicated to taking on more employees and perfecting this sync and scoring issue.

    You've got to look at it from their business point of view. If you needed to make money to keep a business running would you add PUs first before the score differentiation development took place. This would let you make money during the process. OR would you hold off making money on the 1.7 billion people that downloaded it for possibly months while you worked the kinks out of the scoring system just so you didn't PO 56 angry birds members. I hope you'd choose option number one because that steady flow of money coming in really makes it easier for this company we all love and love to complain about.
  • Servers went crazy last night I couldn't get any futher from second page. I hope I'll have more luck tonight.
    As for using pups I see that Coctail of them is needed if one wants to use them efficently but that is a purpose to sell as much of them as possible.
  • An interesting and well conducted discussion, everyone! It's good to hear different points of view that I might not have thought of.

    My favorite thing out of all this, however, is seeing the term "pups" to refer to Power Ups. I know -- I'm a shallow person.

    All I want is to be able to compare my scores here on ABN with other players in such a way that I know whether they used pups or not. That's it.

    Pups really complicate our little world here -- like how am I ever going to beat WereWolf69 on FB now that I know he's using pups all over the place? Not that I ever had a chance of beating him, pups or no. I just like maintaining the illusion of a possible world, in which I might have a chance. In theory. Hypothetically. :-)
  • @junkenmetel, I don't really think that it's me you have to worry about and believe it or not, in order to get a very high score on Facebook using PU's requires that you play and replay each and every game lots of times and all the while waste as many PU's as you possibly can to achieve it.

    That's after all the only way that Rovio can make lots of "Moolah" by having you buy more and more PU's to keep up with the competition.

    I've also found that a high score on Facebook is only good for at most 1 day but typically lasts less than 2 hours, there are just too many players to compete with and I don't really want to go through more than a $100 a month in PU's.

    As a matter of fact, I'm going to stay away from the Star Wars Tournament, particularly because one has to buy separate PU's for that game and they're not as effective or powerful as the ones in AB Friends.
  • That's interesting, @WereWolf69. I mostly just play FBSW, so I guess I don't really pay as much attention to the FB Friends scores.

    And I agree with you about the pups in FB Star Wars not being all that effective; I used to try them out now and again, but I found I was better off just working on strategy and accuracy with the regular characters. As I said, I never expect that my scores will ever be near the top in any of the games (although I do hold a number 2 slot in one level somewhere, I think in one of the Space episodes -- no idea how that happened, must have just gotten REALLY lucky).

    For a while I was spending some money on crystals for FBSW, but mostly I don't even do that anymore. I do like the tournaments, though, because they give me 5 or whatever new levels to play every week, which is fun. Especially when you're on the PC, and otherwise you can wait months for updates in the other games. It's nice to have something new to look forward to.

    Unfortunately, none of my non-ABN friends are much into AB, although they may play occasionally, so I never have anyone to invite to a tournament on FB (I tried once, and everyone studiously ignored me). It may be pathetic, but I do get a bit of a thrill when I play against the "token" tournament birds in ABFF.

    It amuses me no end that Rovio provides fake friends to play against, when you don't have any real friends. On a social platform where it's kind of hard to distinguish between real friends and not really friends anyway. What a crazy world!

  • @junkenmetel, AB Friends is as far as I'm concerned more entertaining than SW and you're not really competing against Yellow and Red since their scores are 1 star and 2 star respectively, also if you play against yourself as I do, you always win and get 200 coins a week for winning.

    You can also reset and start over again as many times as you wish without worrying about how many crystals you have left.

    Using PU's with AB Friends is also more rewarding than with SW, but you do need to have a decent amount of them to play and hope for a high score.

    Something else to add to my previous post, if you wait until almost the end of the Tournaments and manage to get a top score, it'll show forever because the Tourneys are closed after they end. I have not yet had the pleasure of getting one like that. Maybe you can.
  • I haven't been part of the ABN community for very long, in fact, I'm pretty new to playing angry birds at all. I have been playing a lot of the challenges lately and see many comments as to whether or not the higher scores are valid. I have yet to achieve a score worthy of being questioned but my thought is that if you take a screen shot of the 'level cleared' page it shows the score and if a power up was used the little icon lights up...couldn't ABN require this screen shot as verification for top scores on leaderboard and challenges?
  • @EmC12 - Actually they do ask for a screen shot to verify that the score is achieved without power ups. I'm not sure how it works on with leaderboards 'cause I don't know if they check only those which have been flagged as suspicious scores, but in the challenge the screen shot is usually asked to get the underdog badge. I also think that the admins are keeping an eye on those users who have only added a few scores here and there.
  • Hey thanks @all for posting here. Nearly 700 Comments/Discussions on this Thread. I am proud it runs great here!!
  • @lisko yes a screenshot is required for challenges it's just that if a shot is taken of the screen showing highscore in the level or even previous best score it doesn't show if power up was used. There is only one screen that shows it and you can only capture that screen one time, at the completion of the level...this is not, necessarily, the screen shot that everyone takes to prove their score. It'd be ideal if everywhere within the game there was an icon next to highscore that showed power-up if one was used. :)
  • Space has that.
  • I'm definitely against Power-ups
  • Nice to hear @badpiggies

    Thx for Statement here. Are you New here on NEST?
  • definately FOR power-ups..... i understand the arguments against them, and it's fine for me that they don't accept most scores with powerups on this site.... but in general anything that gives you more options in a game is good.... with a 3 or 4 bird level there is only so many ways to attack it.... adding power ups multiplies that.... which power up and which bird do i use it on.... turns the "same ol same ol" into a more interesting challenge.... it would be better if they were free, but hey, Rovio employess probably like getting paid (although merchandising should cover it).... and they were cool enuf to add a distinction recently to most of the games --- so they do "get it"...... and if a person posts a score when they used power ups doesn it really matter? -- they cheat.... they don't even need power ups..... just enter whatever score in that you please..... that being said i think the leaderboards on this site are very honest.... they figured out a way thru the badges and ranking and descriptions of how you solved it to keep the boards honest.... nothing more important really..... :) nice work ABN
  • Thanks for Statement here @crash

    Nice to read the different opinions '
  • ... So the time is coming. We see Power Ups in all Angry Birds Games right now. I am interesting in if we see the Power Ups also soon in Angry Birds Go!? At the Release of Go i don't think Rovio will add Power Ups but in the future Updates we will see them! Why does Rovio take Not the same Solution like in AB Space with seperate Scores!?
  • I agree, they should make a separate score for every AB game just like AB Space
  • I wont use them until the scores are separate. so only play with them in ab space.
  • SW scores are separate
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