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  • Yes but you don't have to roll the tanks in! Here's a nighty night tune my lovelies.

  • I'm sure you can handle this with all your normal tact and patience @sweetp.

    Oh, and only have easy levels now on for the Challenge please ;-)
  • Haha @desperate-dan.

    It IS called the "Challenge" so I think I need to explain that definition. Sheesh.
  • @Sweetp I gave the Doc some shit!
  • @SweetP I believe @hunnybunny gave a totally appropriate reply to Doc. My reaction was not appropriate for this forum. I mean, does Doc think the challenge exists only for him?!?
  • @hunnybunny, thank you for that! I was going to reply, but haven't been able to yet. I'll have to go and take a look after dinner to answer his comment.

    @catsnbirds, I guess you can't please everyone all at the same time. Or, maybe he feels he has to dictate how this site is managed? IDK, just my instincts about the guy. Oh well...
  • Nice one @hunnybunny. Civil war averted.
    A very confusing day yesterday on the Challenge. You were best out of it. Think I might have qualified for a runt.
  • So @sweetp I just read the updated update re Original /Classic Challenge rules. Am I right in thinking there is only one target to beat in order to win a puppy? For instance yesterday's high score was @discobeak's 73k+.Only we can use either version to beat it? Or do we now have two target scores? Think that could get confusing.
  • Speaking of the Doc I read Henry Cavill was being cast to play the new Master. May have read this on April 1st but if true sounds promising for new series under Russel T.
  • @BrianN yes there was only one target score yesterday which was the top score of 73k+ (Sorry @desperatedan). It would be way to confusing to sort everything out if there were 2 target scores.
    You can play either version to beat the score.
  • Totally agree @karen68. The Owl has spoken. Just keep it simple like me.
  • First of all, let me make it clear I don't care either way. But if you read my very first question (at 1106) which is whether we are shooting for the ABO target or the Classics target, @sweetp is unequivocal in her response (0755) in saying I am correct that we can shoot for the ABO target. I actually wasn't going to apply for a puppy but then @ bswins did for a score of just over 68k so I thought "what the heck" especially as @sweetp was encouraging me.
    I don't want to diss the Superb Owl so I am in a quandary.
    Seriously, wiser heads than mine need to agree what is right and make it clear. Anyone looking for a rescue dog?
  • No worries @desperatedan, I was confused too by the chatter in the walkthrough. It did sound like beating the ABO score was ok.
  • Don't you just love sayings "just what the doctor ordered "
  • @desperatedan, @BrianN my sincere apologies everyone! It was my confusion that got everyone running amok. @karen is correct that there is only one leaderboard so it must be the score to beat.
    I think I'll go look for my lost marbles now.
  • You have something in common with the Parthenon @sweetp, lost marbles that is. Btw did you get the message about the suss top score at Piglantis 1-2?Think you might need to get the *poofer* out. But sit down and have a cup of tea first.
  • @BrianN, I totally forgot about that one! Thanks for the reminder.
  • All fine @sweetp. Beats me how I could beat the old top score in 5 mins on a level that has been around for 12 years plus. That's just luck. I just played it like it was Classics and pretended it was. Maybe I am onto something. @hallieginsb's top score is mind-boggling though.
  • Thanks @sweetp. I don't know about you but I think we should have more Challenges where Classic scores are top. It's exciting!
  • Oh and can I request the next 5 Space Challenges come from Brass Hogs?
  • Or anyone that I have a top score in; I love to see people struggle to beat them!
  • There’s not many!
  • I think the Doc feels rather stupid
  • Now there's a challenge. I suggested the asher basher badge, Now the Bunny basher badge
  • Doctor Who?
  • Could we call it the Bunny Boiler Badge?
  • No animals were hurt in the creation of the above post
  • Now @BrianN you should know black rubber and boilers don't mix
  • I wish to complain. I couldn't access today's Challenge.
    Oh, forget it.
  • Oh, and I did get a Classics puppy score in the end on "that" Challenge, but as usual, a few hours too late (2nd place @brianN). Two non-pups on the same level in just over 24 hours.
  • Just flagged a seasoned and respected member for blatant spamming (sparty83) what is the nest coming to with all the fancy tech use to achieve unbeatable scores without a gaming skill whatever. Now we are seeing spamming Just to get that little bit further.
  • Other forms of luncheon meat are available.(Thank goodness).
  • Anyway you can't leave us hanging like that,explain yersel.
  • @BrianN forgot we can only post certain links here hence blank post above. Take two. Go to ABOUT then MONITOR CHATTER on the left you will see recent posts
  • Blimey c'mon sparty83 make an effort. Does that make you a monitor lizard @ixan57?
  • There are a few flingers who seem to go about making fairly inane comments on a regular basis but at least they vary their expressions. I just make insane comments. Maybe you've noticed?
  • 'Fancy tech used to achieve unbeatable scores with no gaming skill'! I don't know who you mean.
  • Leave Sparty alone, he’s OK, no threat to leader boards, just an old gentleman

    And a curtesy to @BrianN for getting the SharpShooter badge in Easter Eggs
    I’m making very little progress (OMG I was nice to Brian! The Bunny Man says I’m never nice)
    But who in the world would like their grave stone to say He/She was Nice?
    Unless you’re a biscuit..
  • If a person's only legacy was that they were nice I think that's some legacy. But don't make a habit of it @hunnybunny.

    Wonder what the members of Half Man Half Biscuit will put on their gravestones? "Suddenly there appeared a rainbow... in black and white..."
  • And yeah @ixan57 leave him alone you cyberbully.
  • That's what you call hedging your bets.

    Moving on to Piglantis now @hunnybunny got fed up with ridiculously fortuitous one birders required for good scores in CB. Not got the patience. Thank you for the compliment regards Easter Eggs, all my own work.
  • I normally play Angry Birds with the sound off (is this what most people do?) but I just realised I really like this opening soundtrack to Rio.
  • Yet another suspect top score in Rio. Surprised Dr No hasn't said something. Maybe he's still licking his wounds after the pounding you ladies gave him the other day.

    Just on the subject of Rio does anyone know why it's no longer possible to buy the Mighty Eagle there when you can on all the other games?
  • @BrianN lay off the pressure on the doc, you never know when you might need him cyberbully2.
    One each.
    And yes
  • Oh and @BrianN the @HunnyBunny has a great picture of nicola sturgeon getting arrested. It is hilarious if you know Scottish affairs. Hope she posts it here.
  • Yes all is not fandabidozie in the Kranky household. Of course this business has nothing to do with her reason to quit as first minister.
    Hope this works Brian. If so credit to the Bunny
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