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  • And MeanGuy? Who plays on some weird platform that just blows up everything?
    I do agree, I hate Boomer and Stella, with a vengeance
  • Stole the Crown (again)
    @Kathy would be proud!
    Haven’t heard from her, she didn’t reply to my last email, I’m still playing words with friends with me; she’s crap, but it’s the only connection I have with her
  • Hey @bunnyface keep yer knickers on both of the scores I flagged were posted in January 22.I'm not a fan of removing old scores when 'the rules were different'. Those guys you mention have a proven record. Orbitbird seems to have appeared from outer space and posted some suspect scores without proper proof. All he had to do was contact Major Tom.

    There now I'm putting my knickers back on.
  • Well what ever @kathy is up to I hope she's happy.
  • So @hunnybunny it's not the first time you've mentioned your suspicion of meanguy and in particular the platform he's using. What platform could he be using other than android, ios, or PC? (Oxford comma provided curtesy of Punctuation marks 'r' us).
    Not being sarcastic, genuine question.
  • Are you licensed to use the Oxford comma? I pay a subscription.
  • I do have an old xbox 360 knocking about somewhere and a pal gave me a copy of the AB Trilogy disc for xbox which apparently has it's own unique levels. Never got round to playing it yet but wonder if it produced higher scores?
    Also heard that if you know your geeky gamer tech the old AB Chrome is still available. Beyond my pay grade but others might be using it?
  • Do vampires have a concept of the weekend? All went a bit Benny Hill at the end.
  • See Rovio are in deep talks with Sega about a 1B $ buy out. Wonder what that would mean for the games we love, if anything?
  • Hey who pinched my crown, the least they could have done was replace it with a fancy red cap.
  • @BrianN ask @karen68 about MeanGuy
    @ixan57, a deal is deal: one bottle = one cap…
  • Anyone else watch IPL?
    We love it, a friend (grumpy old sod) says it’s like watching a game of rounders
    But he did win on the Grand National, not big time, but far better than my £8.80
    The only time I bet on line
  • So @karen68 what's this about meanguy? @hunnybunny reckons he plays on a platform that 'just explodes things'. Think he might be in the SAS.
  • Meanguy played on an android tablet & it was something to do with one of the old operating systems that would occasionally cause odd explosions on levels. He wasn't the only one, there were other flingers who reported the same thing. Don't think he still uses that tablet but not sure.

    @BrianN there is a screenshot posted on FH 1-4, it's in the comment right above yours. But I agree, the score is a bit high.
    And I would love to know how the AB game is on your Xbox.

  • As regards IPL some miserable old sods just won't have anything to do with cricket that has entertainment at it's heart. If you like t20 you gotta love IPL.
  • Yeah I did see the screenshot @karen68 but it shows only the score as a level is about to be played not the tally page. That coupled with another suss score on Piglantis 1-2 with the same level of 'proof' sent me off on one.
    Don't think I'd have flagged it based on the score alone. In fact playing the level last night one effort closed out on 137k with the cart and stove untouched. I never got less than 10k for that and sometimes as much as 20k which would've exceeded orbit bird's score considerably.

    Hey does this qualify me for the Leaderboard Guardian badge? You know how I like shiny things... I think @ixan57 just reported me for spamming...
  • @BrianN I agree with everything you said. The tally page would be nice. It used to be that one taken after the fact would be enough.
  • Given that after the recent clarification of the rules saying that an after the fact tally page is acceptable proof(still don't agree with that, makes it even easier for the Bluestacks gymnasts). It would be easy for orbitbird to provide such a screenshot as proof of score.

    Rant over. Will let you know how I get on with the xbox.
  • How do I watch IPL?
  • The lobster is somewhere in the LL but they lost sight of where it went. Just be careful sitting down.
  • Hey, Richard Ayoade directed that Vampire Weekend video, @brianN. Might explain the Benny Hill moments. Apparently one single take.
  • Drinks all round. Classics assisted, I have reached the number 1 spot in Poached Eggs. Will that goad @asher into action?
  • Well well well. What do we have for today's Challenge but a level where @meanguy has an unexpected and tremendous explosion? Will this goad Mrs Bunny into action?
  • Well done Dan
  • Yes a level that has an exploding platform. Didn't Q once make exploding platforms for James Bond?
  • This one's for Richard Branson and Elon Musk as they sit on one of Dickie's private islands remIniscing with cognac in one hand and cigar in the other. Talking about how to conserve earth's resources while having a combined carbon footprint bigger than a tribe of Saskwatch.

    I was going to play It's not easy being green by Kermit the frog but you wouldn't thank me for that.
  • So @sweetp take long deep breaths into a paper bag everything will be fine. I'm playing Summer Pignic 1-21 as we speak.
  • @BrianN
    I have removed this post because you obviously took so much offence to it.
    It was light hearted, hence the reference to “Soap”

    Do not consider this an apology, as I still stand by my belief that the score should have been allowed to stand. It was not a challenge score, so the Tally Page Rule does not apply. There is no rule on ‘ordinary’ top scores, but it has always been accepted that a picture and description of the strategy is not only polite, but sufficient to allow the score to stand.

    I appreciate you tagging suspicious scores, and your descriptions and pics of your top scores.
    I do the same.

    We are both entitled to our views.
    Enjoy your whisky
  • You're just spoiling for a fight @hunnybunny. You know I'm right. I'll have a 50 y/o aged Macallan thanks. X
  • Lunchtime report:

    Beautiful day in Edzell and I'm enjoying one of Bel's delicious steak bridies. Karma disturbed however by the news that a long time and much loved nester is in a state of confusion. Never mind pet, these things happen as you get older. I'm here to help.

    Step1:breathe deeply into this polythene bag... Er sorry that was a paper bag... Dunno what happened there.

    Step 2:listen carefully while I speak very slowly and occasionally repeat myself.

    Step 3:keep taking the Sanatogen.

    Classic/schmassic both permitted now on leaderboard. Not everyone agrees but what's allowed is allowed.

    We don't only compete against recognised players there are lots of older scores by players I don't know and I have no wish to see them purged from the record books even if a few of them are fishy. They were accepted back then so should be left alone even though no proof is provided (not required back then).
    In fact I can remember a challenge level where I suggested an old top score by someone I don't know well(@Welshwitch55 I believe)be reinstated as it seemed to mysteriously disappear for no good reason.

    As for score being taken down then reappearing you'd have to ask @sweetp about that. I suspect it hasn't been taken down as @sweetp is giving @orbit time for a reply to her request for proper proof of score. Even if he's no longer active he should get an email notifying him of the situation. He's been given more than enough time in my opinion.

    I'm not sure how long the tallypage requirement as proof of score has been around(again maybe @sweetp or @karen68 knows?) and I'm not a nitpicker checking dates against every post to see which side of the line the date sits.
    But I've been playing the Challenge for 2/3 years? And the rule has been around at least that long so it's not the case that OB did what was required. Both his hokey scores were posted Jan 22, that's way past 'back in the day'. You have to ask yourself why when he's savvy enough to realise a screenshot is required as proof of score he provides only ingame snapshot? It's just as easy to screen shot the tally page even now a year later he can still do that.

    The fact that his score is doable is neither here nor there as what matters is whether it's legitimately attained or not. If you have any doubts check out the leaderboard for Piglantis 1-2.You'll see a scrum of flingers, some we know and love, some we know and hate, some we don't know. All having a mash up between 143k and 145k scrapping for every single point... then you have obird at 155k...
    Just for fun I threw Quake at the level and after allowing for 4 unused birds guess what my score would've been? 155k in case you're wondering(voided level so as not to sully my beautiful Seasons).

    I haven't suddenly become Dr Phibes scouring the leaderboards looking for scores to zap but the integrity of those boards has to protected.

    Hope this helps your confusion

    Crisp Rat
    Guardian of the Leaderboard.

    Ps feel free to nominate me for the badge @hunnybunny. I'll accept that as an apology.

    Er... does anyone know anything about the witness protection scheme?
  • Er, not sure what set all this paper bag stuff off. But I have a few spare plain brown paper bags that have only been used once for something or other that anyone is welcome to have.
  • @DesperateDan ignore me and Brian. His supremacy battling with mine
    Bet he makes a comment on that…
  • Oh, @BrianN I edited my original post, see above
  • Edited! Edited!

    Nah no offence taken at all @hunnybunny I was just trying to Adress the points you were making in my usual sarcastic fashion. Happy to stand corrected I thought the tally page rule also applied to top score as well. Bit of an anomaly that don't you think?
    Also as I said to @karen68 if it had just been that score in Hairy Fogmother I would probably have let it slide but having just played Piglantis 1-2 I know that score is not genuine and it follows that others probably aren't.

    Thanks for the nomination you're a good sport. Here's a tune for you...

    Now Dan where's that paper bag? I'm going to put it over my head and sit in the corner... er... what did you use it for?
  • Thanks, I love that song

    Off to the Forest of Dean for a couple of days. It’s three weeks since we came back from Amsterdam and three til we go to Spain, so a well deserved break!
  • I know the Forest of Dean really well @hunnybunny. Many many hours spent running and cycling all over it. And under it too, as my father knew the original owner of Clearwell Caves and we went down into the labyrinth of passages before it was even open to the public. Watch out for the wild boar...
  • See Spacex are putting that one down as a successful launch. Hate to see an abject failure. Think I'll be sticking with Easyjet for now.

    Wonder what Cissy Spacex thinks of it all?
  • S'pose if I lived in Penarth I'd be on holiday a lot. Enjoy ur break in the forest but don't watch Cabin Fever before you go.
  • @DesperateDan drove up through the Wye Valley, to Clearwell!
    Lovely day, took a walk, and then sat in the sunny garden of the hotel, with a couple of drinks. Changed for dinner: my meal was lovely, Mr Bunny’s was awful. A couple of nightcaps…
    Didn’t venture into the caves (bad experience in the Brecon Beacons, aged 14)
    Full English this morning
    Long walk cut short by inclement weather. We are not mad hikers. Mad, yes, serious hikers, no

    @BrianN if I ever feel the need to get out of Penarth I might just visit some hell hole on the east coast of Scotland, but only on the two sunny days, hopefully before the midges bite everyone to death
  • Midges only bite people to death on the West coast.

    Having just read @juangim comments on Haunted Hogs 1-10 I feel like I'm at an Angry Birds crossroads. Either beat 'em or join' em. Starting to move into the @ixan57 camp of stuff your cheating Bluestacks manoeuvres I'm done competing on the leaderboards. Really don't think I want to pursue the nuclear option. Maybe I'll feel better in the morning. I can hear @hunnybunny shouting in my ears "Fling happy or pack it up!"
  • You can't call them the Brechon Beacons any more I'm sure it has something to do with Britain's colonial slavery ridden past.
  • You can't call them the Brecon Beacons either.
  • Bannau Brycheiniog
  • So @sweetp here's a serious question for you. When and how did the various aspects of Bluestacks technology become accepted? Is there no end to what's permissable as I imagine things will progress in terms of technological development? If it goes unchecked then eventually there will actually be no point in flinging with the naked eye and the fat finger.

    Has there ever been a serious discussion about it or do the Bluestacks players have so much influence that any defiance is quashed?

    Normaly when I ask questions of this type there is no feedback. Bit like talking to Rovio.
  • 'I changed for dinner". Have to ask what you changed into @hunnybunny? Answers on a postcard my fellow BP nesters.
  • I'll be changing for breakfast but first I must sleep. Leaving you with a song from a band years ahead of their time.
  • There was an episode of Casualty years back when they used the Wye Valley road between Chepstow and Tintern Abbey to film a car crashing over the edge of a cliff. Except (to those in the know), the cliff scene suddenly switched to the other side if the valley.
    Also I saw some tourists viewing the river from a viewpoint high above its tidal section when the tide was out commenting on how bad the drought was.
  • The Valley has an existential problem.
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