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  • Oh, and welcome to the runt club, @brianN. There is a 24 hour deadline and you get a super-runt if you nab the trophy as well.
  • Ooh er, missus, I've just spotted that I have reached 19990 Nest points...
  • And finally, Wordle run is at 578, with a slight wobble on JOLLY a few days ago. Had a 3 way choice between that and POLLY and GOLLY on turn 6 a few days ago although I am 99% certain the latter two words are not on the Wordle list.
  • Yes 'That's all She Wrote '.

    Not my first runt rodeo @dedpiratedan(bloomin autocorrect) though obviously not in the same league as you.Like Saul at the feet of Gamaliel I bow before you.
  • Think I might lay low for a while as I reckon @hunnybummy(darned autocorrect) has massive hands.
  • Boris. What a plonker! Turns up to vote with no ID. Wonder who introduced that rule.
  • Think he might have voted for Reform UK ?
  • I see Richard Hawley has written a musical about a Sheffield housing estate.Now I like a bit of Hawley but that's a stretch.Anyway here's something made earlier.
  • Dan Dan the sling god man.
  • Yes well done mate,all those rubbish comments finally paid off
  • Speaking of rubbish comments nice to hear from you @ixan57.Feel free to lob an insult my way.
  • @BrianN I will leave that to @Hunnybunny
  • Ambrosia, that's the food of the gods, isn't it? Good job I like custard and rice pudding. Put your BP drinks on my tab and party!
  • Are you on drugs?
  • I'll have the tapioca please.Seriously well done.
  • I see there's a local council in N.Yorkshire that wants to phase out apostrophes on street signs.What's the world coming to @desperatedan ?
  • I’m home!
    And my hands are small, quick and sharp
  • @ brianN can go first. He has been the most naughty.
  • BP Juke Box, two from me, to make up for my two previous shite ones

    The first I play all the time: it’s Bruce (playing in Cardiff tonight, sadly without me in the audience) and me, obviously, as the tart in the sports car

    And second

    Which is just fab…

  • I'll take the sting out of it @desperatedan as a regular in the head master's office getting a caning and 30 years up and down a ladder I think my gluteous max can handle the bunny's small hands.
  • Good stuff @hunnybunny.

    This is fab too. Had this blasting out in the car today in the sunshine.
  • Brian, are you suggesting you have a big arse?
  • Or are one?

    Couldn’t resist
  • Anyone got the 1% question last night?
    I was five seconds too late (but had already been eliminated)
  • Both.Never been a been a massive fan of the Boss but loved the tart in the sportscar.Also Goo Goo Dolls and Supergrass.
  • They were more punk thanBritpop in my opinion.
  • Good song

    Watching the Snooker, obviously supporting Jak Jones, not only is he Welsh, but nearly my christened name (being posh - absolutely not - mine was double barreled)

    Todays quiz question: what is mine and Bob Marley’s middle name?

    God only knows why Bob had a traditional Welsh name
  • Hagrid ?
  • Bend over...
  • Actually, Supergrass were extremely diverse. But I'm a bit worried about Richard III seeing as technically I come from a Cockney lineage. Great song though, it was my other possible choice.
  • I saw the 1% answer instantly @hunnybunny, and I was still in, having used my pass at 5%. But that's no reflection on the last few weeks when I have been carp.
  • Come on Jak!
  • Yes they were Alright.Spirit of Syd Barrett.
  • Mine and Bob Marley’s middle name is Nesta

    Well Jak lost, two weeks of work: £200,000, as a qualifier
    Not bad
  • So Jacqueline Nesta Vipers-Jones ?
  • That's his name at the weekends.
  • Something's wrong. I don't seem to have acquired any god-like super-powers.
  • Maybe the ranking is Sling Odd.
  • Didn't go well on House of Games tonight. They had to give the names of actors who had played Bond and almost immediately came up with Craig David and Roger Daltrey. And asked to give the name of any element not containing the letter "i", the very first guess was iron. I shouldn't mock but... well yes, I should.
  • Bet his mates forever refer to him as Ironman.

    Saw a comment the other day by someone saying the plots in Midsommer Murders were getting far fetched!? Taken him 27 years to work that out.
  • Sorry BP Juke Box
    I’d never heard this before
  • Brian just bend over again
    This time it’s a bloody iron bar
  • They call me Ironman.

    Imagine if Jacqui ran a fitness club using fast food!?
  • @Hunnybunny can i ask are you swinging or shoving the iron bar.
  • Rude.You'd better watch out @ixan57 they don't call me Ironman for nothing... yeah alright it's cos I'm good with laundry.

    I do like that weathergirl Elizabeth Rizzini some very sexy posturing going on.The Nigella Lawson of meteorology.
  • Someone called @asher has top score in the level we are going for in today's Challenge. No proof whatsoever. Fed up with these rogue operators.
  • Just watched television history in Pointless. The three pairs contesting the 2nd round came up with 6 consecutive pointless answers to be tied on 0 - 0 - 0. The tie break round produced three more pointless answers. Finally, the second tiebreak round produced 0 - 1 - 0. Eleven pointless answers in a single round and just 1 point in 12 attempts. Alexander Armstrong (who I'm sure features in the Wombats video) was wetting himself. What has my life come to?
  • Dare you to put comment two up on the walkthrough page c/o admins.Heh heh.
  • Those Pointless scores remind me of a typical matchday from the Italian Serie A back in the day when men were men and strikers got booted up a height 0-0 was staple.

    Does anyone remember that Noel Edmunds scam on Dave Lee Travis radio quiz where contestants were rigged so that they couldn't find a winner?
  • 8 days and counting down.
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