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  • Did you say what breed Woody is? Remind me to avoid it.
  • Hey, got the crown, wasn't counting.
  • As to Woody 's breed here's a clue...
  • Have to say @desperatedan if I understand you correctly I couldn't support that as a legitimate score if you missed a screenshot in those circumstances. Maybe you should step back from your leaderboard obsession as it might be clouding your moral judgement?
  • Sounds like the bloody iPad!
  • You do realise you said that out loud @hunnybunny?
  • My obsession is very niche. I think we all have different niche obsessions in the AB multiverse. Morals aside, all I am trying to do is understand the rules. What @sweetp said in 2016 is in black and white and directly addresses the very issue of missing a screenshot that we are discussing. I think worrying about why that screenshot may have been missed is clouding the way you see it. Why does it have relevance to the primary issue of proof? But I am perfectly prepared to accept that the rules have changed since then, if they indeed have. That change would probably be for the better but where is that rule?

    I think the issue about morals is a valid one but it's a completely different thing and far less binary than providing puppy proof.

    Sounds like we may need VAR for puppy approval. Oh what fun.
  • You know me @desperatedan I love a bit of hyperbole. Besides I was most annoyed you and Doc Oc made up, I was spoiling for a fight last night. So I thought I'd start one myself today.
  • The reason a screenshot is missed is incidental and I don't think that was my main point. I just think we need to keep it simple and @sweetp announcement of Feb 18 2016 should suffice.
  • What's the problem with recording the screenshot immediately after the level is done?
  • Here’s two grown men discussing - nearly arguing - over a stupid birdy game and it’s rules and regulations
    Enjoy your fling or give up
    And, yes, I shouted that!
  • None really. I could just add screen capture to the macro. Take a lot of untangling though.

    But you are still confusing me. The @sweetp announcement of Feb 18 2016 clarifies that a non live tally screen will do. So which side of the fence are you on if you say you agree with the @sweetp statement? Seems like you might be cherry picking half of it.

    Hey, you wanted a fight.

  • Oh hi there @hunnybunny. Don't mind us. OB will sling us out if we get too fiesty.
  • A deranged whippet with a cone. Nothing would be safe. Good joke though.
  • Hey @hunnybunny I reckon if @desperatedan and I had a fight it would be like that scene from Bridget Jones with Hugh Grant and Colin Firth.

    Have to say though Dan you've gone from Luke Skywalker to Darth Vader(the tears are streaming down my face).
  • Btw @hunnybunny this is an angry birds site I think it's ok to discuss matters pertaining to the art of bird throwing. Are you an angry bird?
  • Continuing our Queens of Pop theme( I include Freddie and Elton here) this just popped into my head.
  • I agree @hunnybunny! Sheesh.

    Guys, please go and see my reply in I think this will clarify everything.
  • @sweetp, thank you for making this perfectly clear. Really sorry for being a bit OCD about this. Bit stressed for various reasons. Let's go back to some tumbleweed in the BP.
  • Well @sweetp as much as I disagree with your decision I do accept it. Position clarified and we do move on... some of us like a Panzer division...
  • @BrianN not an angry bird at all, just a retired relaxed old woman, who flirts outrageously (and occasionally, kisses) a Frenchman 27 years younger than her, loves cooking and eating, drinking and holidays: off to Amsterdam on Tuesday
  • Boo: Cambridge won
  • They must be the occasions when he's trapped in a corner and can't escape.
  • Enjoy your break.
  • You'll be needing it @hunnybunny it must be at least a month since you had a holiday. Heading down to England myself on Tuesday sadly not much of a break cremating the old man on Wednesday. I think I've mentioned before he used to love C&W particularly Johnny Cash so I suggested Ring of Fire as one the tunes to accompany the funeral. My mum and sister saw the funny side but Dad's side of the family are po faced Catholics and I have a feeling they'll be in attendance. That's how these things work isn't it?
  • @BrianN I love the thought of Ring of Fire as the curtains close
    A friend had Bat out of Hell for her’s
    I’m going with that too
  • I'm going with 'Ding Dong the Witch is Dead' for the MIL. Wishful thinking she's got years in her yet... unless she gets murdered...
  • And the most surprising version of Windmills in Amsterdam ever
  • Anton (Russian) and Locash (Polish) promised they would assassinate The Bunny Man for nothing. He’s still alive, never trust those foreigners, I could give you tips @BrianN on how to murder MIL and disappear forever!.
  • Maybe @sweetp could make her go *poof*

    Meanwhile here's a great song with Amsterdam in the title.
  • Boo, Cambridge won.
  • Hey, I guessed the song @brianN before I checked it out. EC was amazingly prolific at that time, loads of great songs like this.
  • You are not an old woman @hunnybunny because that would make me an old man. Not yet anyway. So snap out of it. Get a tat or something. Sample the wares of Amsterdam. And don't wear purple (you may have to Google that one).
  • Intermission.
  • Ice cream, pop corn, orange juice all available in the auditorium
  • @ixan57 loved your intermission, especially the Kia ora !
    Back from Amsterdam
    We went for the Vermeer's (28 out of 37 known) at the Rijksmuseum. Fabulous
    Had an amazing Nepalese curry, three hours of Uber expensive “tasting menu” and a very over priced pizza, a canal cruise, a glimpse of ladies in the red light district! I’d look better in black rubber than the Asian woman…
  • And the Van Gogh museum; no wonder he only sold one picture in his lifetime
    Self portraits: with hat, without hat, with pipe, without pipe
    A pile of books
    And, of course, if you want to see any great painting, like his Sunflowers, go to The National Gallery in London
    Bored you to death, I expect!
  • zzz... wormear... Vermeer... zzz... Nepalise curry... rubber... put that in your album @hunnybunny... zzz...
  • See if you wait four days the lurkers come up with stuff. Nice one @ixan57.
  • There was quite a moving episode of Dr Who featuring Vincent Van Gogh. Pure tosh of course but moving still the same, bringing him forward to the present day to see how his paintings have been treated by history.
  • I was however, underwhelmed by seeing the Mona Lisa.
  • There's a female antiperspirant by Nivea called Pearl and Beauty that my wife and I always call Pearl and Dean when it goes on the shopping list. And at the Penultimate Picture Palace in Oxford (showed very dodgy films there in the early 1980s) the toilets were signed Pearl and Dean.
  • Very dodgy films...all in the name of art.
  • Anyone remember the short film before The Exorcist, called Dance of Ecstasy?
  • But exciting news, almost as exciting as an Asian woman wearing black rubber(have more of a thing for Asian women than black rubber I have to say) . Yes Bad Piggies 2 is coming out in the Spring (not that beautiful episode in ABO that @desperatedan has forever ruined with his bully boy Bluestacks blitzkrieg). Think I mentioned once that it's my favourite Rovio game. Can't wait... I could crush a grape.
  • Oh @sweetp I think dark deeds have been done on Piglantis 1-2. Well one dark deed, someone called orbitbird has a score 10k above all others, no proof except in level high score screenshot (no tally page)... *Poof*? Xx
  • It's Rovio's fault. Bluestacks is the only way to get the game!
  • You could always indict me. It's all the rage.
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