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  • Anyway, what else would you put in Room 101
    My first is a speed camera sign, without the f——g speed limit displayed
  • Kathy would be proud!
    Miss you, Princess xx
  • We'd be here all night @hunnybunny.

    See they're rethinking the 20 mph zones in Walesestershire.Not like politicians to backtrack when they smell a vote loser.Can we put all politicians in room 101?
  • I feel so dirty and used lately.

    Yours BP Jukebox.

    Fear not Mr Jukebox I shall heal your broken spirit.
  • Sung to the tune of Wild Thing: Pie Bob...I think I love you.
  • To his face?
  • Woaahh. Got a pup in 2 minutes today. Just luck. Angry Birds never fails to surprise. That's either 38 or 39. I can feel a badge coming on. Probably shouldn't have said that.
  • Splendiforous score @desperatedan any Machievellian tips? I'd settle for a Baldrickian cunning plan as I seem to be stuck in the "giving the level a good thrashing and getting nowhere" phase.
  • As for Pie Bob if I ever met him I'd kiss him.
  • Well done, Dan
    Off sailing the Seven Seas tomorrow, well the Solent, English Channel and Bay of Biscay; seven nights of northern Spain and France, dresses and heels, cocktails, and the Guggenheim Museum! That’s one off the bucket list, the museum
    Two bucket list items I can never do: fly on Concorde (defunct) and be painted by Lucien Freud (dead)
  • I do like dresses and heels,and funky tights to go with.Not so big on cocktails.have a 'swell' time and have you ever thought of being painted by Clement Freud?...Wot is he dead as well?
  • Speaking of Clement Freud he wrote a hilarious account of how he struggled to get an oversized turkey into an oven.Comedy gold.
  • Have tried to find it online but can't,if anyone knows how to find it please let me know.
  • Well Dan finally got there thanks for your help.

    Yours Sigmund Freud.
  • I think we need to organise your bucket list schedule @hunnybunny. Sounds like you are doing things in the wrong order.
  • Feel the need to encourage BPJ before bed.Nite all.
  • Bet you're glad you aren't touring The Med @hunnybunny with all that Saharan dust floating about .In Athens you can't see your hand in front of your face..typical winter's day in Scotland.
  • Good luck getting a pup today.The queen of Timber Tumble strikes again!
  • She's holding on...
  • the ship's rails.
  • Speaking of ships ,while rats desert the sinking Tory Ship, Humza has put a bomb in the wheelhouse.Baldrick or Machiavelli?
  • Would love to be a fly on the wall as he discusses his next move with his political strategists,Moe,Larry,and Curly.
  • Waiting for some more leadership shenanigans in Wales.
  • Here's the link.

    Welsh politics
    The Senedd building
    Cardiff Bay
    BBC Studios
    Dr Who
    New series very imminent

    Looking at the trailer, big budget stuff. Hope it is good. I am at Series 7, Episode 8, late Matt Smith, just post- Amy & Rory. I would say this was probably somwhere near the peak. The programme hadn't really put a foot wrong at this stage, even some really good Chris Chibnell scripts. OK, the odd lesbian alien, but some brilliant humour and Amy's departure really well done. Watch this space.
  • I'm afraid my fears of the LBGT hijacking Dr Who and taking it in directions I don't think it should go are being realised.One of the main villains is being played by Jinkx Monsoon as I'm sure you all know won Ru Paul's Drag Race a while back.Maybe he's a good actor but I just think I might find the background agenda too annoying.
    I feel a Sylvester McCoy type hiatus coming on.

    Remember me telling you a while back about switching Nox on and all my apps had disappeared?This was rectified by restarting pc.Well it just happened again only this time...

    I'm jinxed.
  • Is it just me when I keep saying I haven't a clue what you are talking about?
  • To be fair, I did dabble with Nox, to no particular avail. My problem with either accessing or not accessing Angry Birds seems more to do with lunar cycles. I lose it for about 2 days on a regular cycle of about 28 days.
  • Twiggy has just knocked off her third Welsh "Munro". Plucky girl. Google if you need to.
  • No I get that a lot @desperatedan.
  • I presume you refer to my Nox ramblings rather than my Dr Who rant.The problem I think is that I'm using a version of Nox that's quite old and prone to the odd hiccup.Not a major problem as I mainly use for temporary (older) versions .Anyway discovered the ABO V 5.2.0 works well if you're still thinking about the Sharpshooter badge.
  • oooooo! Might try it. Thanks.
  • Yes, I didn't expect anyone in Scotland to have to Google. It's possible there are other folk from further afield who might be confused.
  • Why the hell are they playing so much cricket in April? 34 Championship matches have produced just 7 results. It's nuts.
  • Yes they might be thinking Marylin or Matt have Welsh ancestry.
  • Think it might also have something to do with the Kookaburra ball.Seems very batter friendly and given Rob Keys likes it it could be here to stay.Didn't bowl much did he?
  • Wonder what state @hunnybunny is in.
  • The Crown does take some liberties. It portrays the 3-day week, the end of Charles' first relationship with Camilla and the Queen's Silver Wedding Anniversary all occurring at the same time whereas they in fact occurred in 1974, 1973 and 1972 respectively. I guess this is the least of the liberties the programme takes. A cracking good watch nonetheless.
  • A state of cocktail nirvana and I suspect Mr Bunny will have to push her round the Guggenheim in a wheelchair.
  • She may be mistaken for an exhibit, should she be too comatose.
  • That's not fair Dan she's not here to defend herself.Great isn't it?Anyway let's hope she's not making an exhibition of herself.No French chefs on board I trust.

    We'll get a spanking when she's back online
  • Was your Thursday Challenge score 4 birds or 5 birds @brianN?
  • You mean Wednesday's?5 birds following Asher's blow by blow account.Got close to a pup twice when on 214k the little red flower top right failed to burst on landing so went tonight and got a runt.
  • Anyway @desperatedan stop piddling about in JPork trying to beat my score and get that V4.2.0. loaded up.You'll have no problem getting your Sharpshooter badge(assuming you have proof of scores) it's a doodle getting top 20.
    168k my best,won't be posting it anytime soon.Let me know how you get on.
  • You know who you are!
    Get ready for bloody good spanking…
  • Ha Ha.Hey Bunny I'm always ready for a bloody good spanking.How's the trip going?
  • Off grid at moment @brianN, hiding from @hunnybunny, so can't try any of that Nox bollux for a few days. But I think it failed last time I tried. As for proof, could be awkward on a couple of levels - I have the odd PB going back over 10 years. But I don't really care, more a matter of principle and getting more points. I am still going strong in Angry Birds, 170k ahead of @asher now and targeting 92 million. Going for those rogue and glitchy levels is vital now.
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