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  • That's got to be the most oblique way of passing on bad news. Very sorry to hear that @brianN.
  • Perhaps Woody wants to go to the funeral too to say farewell and rest peacefully to Grandpa?
    Condolences, @brianN . Losing a parent is a hard milestone in life.
  • It's not the worst piece of bad news I've had lately. The MIL has put in a bid for a house not 200 yards from where we live. Gaaaaaaahhh!
  • Criminal tendencies? Sexual predator? Mysoginist? Sexist?Racist? Homophobic? Join the Metropolitan Police force where PC is not an option.
  • @BrianN stay strong buddy
  • Ditto. Oh and by the way, I've gone past you in Bad Piggies. Now I have gone for the nuclear option, I am wondering whether I can take down @asher. I'm only playing him and the doc at their own game. Apart from the comfy mouse, that is.
  • Can't you put in a competing bid on the same house to put her off?. Then pull out when the coast is clear.
  • Sorry to hear about your Dad having his last howl, @BrianN
    Loads of people have anphromophism (spelling? - a feeling of attributing human traits to animals) however lovely Twiggy - I saw him - and Woody are, they are dogs. Dogs can be left on their own.
    We had a wonderful GSD, called Max (nothing arboreal) who lived til nearly 14 years, he was just treated as a dog, a rather wonderful dog…
  • There's a tragic inevitability about the MIL moving to Brechin @desperatedan. I'd be like King Kanute trying to stop the tide. However now mum's on her own maybe I could persuade the wife we need to move to England? No chance.

    I certainly don't believe animals have 'personalities' as such @hunnybunny more like characteristics that differentiate one from another. Woody's main characteristic is he's deranged. Apparently it was a totting up process that finally got him barred from doggy day care with the final straw being an attempt to eat a puppy. He was banished to an isolation pen but started chewing the fence and in his urgency to rejoin the gang (fomo) pierced his leg with said fence.Deranged.
    My sister would have no problem leaving him at home but when I say he howls I don't just mean when she leaves, but the whole day and obviously the neighbours kick off which is understandable.
  • She needs that Graham bloke off the telly who just needs to look at a dog to fix the problem.
  • Twiggy is a she @hunnybunny. She is good being left on her own but always goes crazy with affection when we/I return. So that's nice. Her downside is that she hates any dogs that come near her territory. Since all our neighbours have dogs, it's often tricky leaving her in the garden because she will bark lot. Genetics. Fortunately the other dogs spend most of their time inside. Outside, off the lead, she tolerates other dogs. She's not great walking on the lead so I go places where she can be off lead all the time. Hence she really loves her adventures. I do feel sorry for the many dogs that trudge round the estate on a lead whilst their owners spend all their time staring at their phones. Twiggy and I invest both invest a lot in our walks. Yesterday we saw some sheep, horses, ducks, hens, rabbits and an alpaca. Just by walking 10 minutes beyond the estate. Give her a good long bit of exercise and she sleeps 12 hours at night and dozes a fair bit during the day. Maybe we are lucky, I don't know, she's the only dog I have ever had.
  • Summer Pignic? In space?
  • Yeah, lack of gravity sure changes the aiming calculations!
  • Hope your dad was very old when he died @BrianN and you had wonderful times with him.
    My dad passed when I was five
    But I love gardening and Ella Fitzgerald, just like him
  • My dad was ancient old @hunnybunny but sorry to hear that you never got the chance to see yours grow old. Death isn't an easy concept to grasp for an adult never mind a child. Must've been hard on everyone.
  • Never thought I’d send @BrianN a huge (((hug)))
  • And something else: my Mother, also sadly dead (had dementia, awful) said I took after my Father. If you want to do something you do it properly
    End of reminiscing; quiet cathartic
  • What's got into the doc? I posted a high score, strategy and proof, apologising for a poor quality link (I ended up having to take a photo of the screen, which showed my high score, but not the tally score). He got very uppity saying that it wouldn't qualify for a puppy and didn't understand what I was doing. I pointed out that I wasn't claiming a puppy, would never attempt to do that anyway via that method, and the level in question wasn't up for the Challenge that day anyway. It wasn't even his high score I had beaten. He came back and said if it ever came up for Challenge in the future then questions would be asked and referred the matter to @sweetp. What questions? This upset me a lot. Let's make this clear. My level of proof goes considerably beyond a lot of high scores. Take today's Challenge, Red Planet Mirror World 14. Is there any visual proof of the high score? No. Is there even a strategy? Not that has been remembered. But we trust it and play on accordingly. Why on earth pick on a score I have entered that is nothing to do with the Challenge (and the very specific rules laid down to get a puppy) for which I have done all I can to provide provenance?
    There, finished, but I am very unhappy. I think all you guys would be too, under the circumstances.
  • He's miffed because you're closing in on him. I'll be a character witness if it goes to trial.
    Full of lurgy so taking the day off today but shall be giving the challenge a miss. Saw your video @karen68 and it's like watching a great magician at work:I see what you did but have no idea how it is done.
    Disillusioned with Cherry Blossom @hunnybunny so having a change of scene and going to Piggywood studios (guess I'm not the only masochist around here). Currently on a level where you have one of your insanely high scores( 2-25-'Temple of Doom') When you go big you go big.
    Your comments are really helpful 'I don't know how I did it. It happened after a couple of flings, here's my screenshot, now do one!' It's like reading one of Ernor the Terrible's remarks. (I have been known to exaggerate).
    Any way it took a while to figure it out because no one has mentioned I would say the twitchiness rather than glitchiness on this level. Every now and again that support on the far right for the railtrack starts twitching as a result of the cameraman leaning excessively to the left. It seems to cause tension to run through the wooden right support leg causing the whole support to move to the right ( out of view). After a minute or so the whole support explodes for around 20k.Getting this to occur seems rare and I haven't as yet got it to happen with a good score going. Was on 232k with the thing twitching but was timed out, you really need to have a live piggy somewhere while it's cooking.
    There's also quite a bit of tension in Indiana's whip, I've seen it cause the little single cart to explode and even on one occasion pushing the 3 carts into the lava.

    Which reminds me of my last visit to Englandfordshire. Here in Britain we're all used to seeing to seeing Mr Whippy ice cream vans but just round the corner from mum's, parked in a driveway is a Mrs Whippy. I think she does ice-cream as well.
  • Thanks @brianN. I'm over the hills and far away as far as the doc's concerned. It's not Classics at the moment. I may well still remove my Classics scores at some point.
    As for Piggywood Studios, the only fun thing there is guessing the film.
  • Piggywood is my Jurassic Pork. It has to be done, that's where all the big scores are. (Not that I'm getting close to any of 'em.)

    To be honest Doc Martin has a bit of a nerve considering all the years he's been taking advantage of the bluestacks recording of shots and plotting of coordinates etc. It's players like him that' ve made the Daily Challenge a two tier competition on a lot of levels.

    Also I don't remember if I mentioned it here but I pulled him up a few months ago during a Seasons challenge (can't recall which one) when he'd made a video and because of the gold coin numerage it was obvious that it was a modded app. Not allowed.

    I'm building a dossier for the evidence file.
  • He's just come back to me and raised the stakes. He says my score lacks credibility and can't be justified. What more do I have to do?
    Anyway, I've asked why he's not challenging the high score in today's challenge, which has minimal proof.
    He has (for whatever reason) completely overstepped the mark. And he has copied in @sweetp and @admins. WTF.
  • What the flip indeed. As far as I'm aware the rules state screenshot proof only required for puppy scores during the challenge or for top scores on any level. If some sus newby(great name name for a flinger) comes along posting top 10 scores but nothing needing a screenshot thinking they're being clever they get get weeded out pretty quickly. I think you've been birding here at least as long as the Doc? So by that token his scores lack credibility.

    If there's a discussion brewing somewhere I'd be quite happy to step in on your behalf(not that you need it). Discreetly of course, I can do tactful.
  • Is the main issue that you took a photo of a screenshot with a different device? Because there are precedents for that. I think our old friend @gumby did that for the Ham Dunk badge(HD 4-2).
  • @briann and @desperatedan, let's take this offline. I will start a PM in a couple of hours.
  • @sweetp, just to say that the doc and i have kissed and made up. He must have been having a bad day. I don't really want to take this any further in terms of a disagreement between the two of us. But happy to discuss validation issues in general.
  • Same {bleep} when comfy chairs, memory mouse and big telly where allowed. Bitching when the technology gets rattled. This is why i don't actively play anymore.
    On the positive side that keeps me in the nest is the comradeship (where are you @Kathy ) now @hunnyBunny and @BrianN have hugs that says it all.
    You guys are great. Back to lurkers corner for me.
  • Dang it's Friday night I was looking forward to a good dust up.
  • It’s all so bloody stupid, grown men and woman arguing about a silly birdy game
    I’ve got a top score somewhere, taken down, impossible, reinstated, taken down
    Commex posted a vid that was so close to mine it was allowed to stay

    Apologies to Miss Twiggy
  • Yeah, princess Twiggy now taking up a whole sofa as a place to stretch out and doze. Not a lot going on here. My wife Chris has now been back in hospital for 6 weeks. Not allowed to go and see her. She hates the ward, can't move, can't come home. Playing AB is a distraction but not a substitute for things that matter. Feels like limbo. At least Twigs and I have been on some good walks. We found an overgrown mausoleum in some lonely woods. It was decidedly creepy. Somebody had given it one star on TripAdviser saying it was too scary. Dead right it was. Once it had been in open parkland and now it was hidden. Even the photograph came out weird, the building seemingly shrouded in its own mist. Very spooky.
  • If any one ever comes up to you and says "do I know you from somewhere" just say "do you watch much porn?" That will get rid of them.
  • My customers have been asking me that lately, the weather has been appalling since the turn of the year. Do you mind me asking why you're not allowed to go and see her? I presume she's in due to her spinal condition.
  • Nice to know to you've let it all go @hunnybunny. Not a hint of resentment there.
  • Hey @ixan57 I noticed @kathy hasn't been active here for over a month. Have you heard from her lately @hunnybunny?
  • And you owe Woody an apology @desperatedan. She's a he.
  • Emailed Kathy just now, she will send a reply, but never keeps up the conversation
    She still plays words with friends with me
    And hugs to @DesperareDan too, and Twiggy, who must miss her mum!
  • Sad. Did something happen here at the Nest or is she just doing a Freddie?
  • Love that Freddie vid!
    The ad before was The Old Vic
    If you get the chance go and see A Christmas Carol there, it’s the most fabulous, uplifting Christmas show ever!
  • Bah humbug!
  • Freddie looks good in tights doesn't he? Bit like this lady...

    Can I just say she's a brilliant artist as well. Multi-tasking eh?
  • So Dan I have to ask. I've seen the comments now in Bad Piggies. Why didn't you take a high score screenshot? You must've known it was top score when you made it?
  • Another brilliant artist. Won the Mercury prize twice.
    Not an easy listen - subject wise. Love the false start on this video.
  • I told you @brianN, it's the nuclear option to chase down @asher. RnR on Bluestacks, it's easy to miss a top score. Only works on some levels, record a good attempt then keep replaying. But it can take hours to set up and often that's when I get the top score and record the tally page. In this case I just left it running and missed the top score.
    But Bluestacks RnR is what the doc keeps advocating...
  • Transgender dogs.
  • The problem is a mixture of Covid, Norovirus and C.diff. All the wards are closed to visitors. Patients can't easily move between wards. Chris has a very serious infection originally linked to a bedsore. That's the irony, it's not the spinal tumour that's the main issue here.
  • @brianN. Read through the walkthrough thread for today's Challenge (Jungle Escape). What do make of it?
  • Sorry to hear about Chris' predicament hopefully you can skype or zoom until she gets home or you can visit again.
  • On transgender dogs Woody has just had his leg shaved and does now have a 'piercing' so maybe he does have issues. Quite a nasty wound though, there's a 4" gap betwixt the entry and exit wounds but he's still jumping around like an idiot(deranged).
    The vet has put this huge cone on his head to protect the wound and goes about the house like a bulldozer demolishing stuff. Bearing in mind his antics at doggy day care my new nickname for him is Cone on the Barbarian. Oh how we laughed.
  • When you say 'I just left it running and missed the top score' do you mean you can set it up to keep repeating the level without physically having to reset the level yourself?

    Yours Dopey.
  • Yes, it's the ultimate lazy option. But garbage in garbage out applies and you don't get the chance to adapt to circumstances. Not as good as it sounds. But can be spectacular on some levels. I have done 2000 repeats and got nowhere. I have aced it after 5 minutes.
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