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  • Ides will tell: grumpy old Dr Hadron Collider had a huge row with someone who questioned his score, which he always does. He’s above posting strats. Another one who fell out with the perpetuator of the wrath renamed himself @notsofucking***** and got banned
  • Dear Lord, there’s someone on the site actually called the first bit!!.,
  • Does that mean I have to start again?
  • Staying with a medical theme Dr Ron DNA.
    @hunnybunny's rude one:Dr Rod Nan.
    I thank you.
  • If only there was a national pie day.
  • Missed it, 23 January!
  • Who new! Anyway every day's a pie day in our house.
  • There is genuinely a Pie (pi) Day, which I am sure you knew @brianN. Gutted I missed it yesterday, getting ready for the Ides.
  • Ides did do Dan Dan ides did do Dan. Can't wait for national Trapezium day. Pythagoras gets to go to the circus.
  • Desperate Dan's favourite pie is Cow Pie, cooked by his Aunt Aggie. I love the way the horns stick out through the pastry.
  • @DesperateDan can’t post the picture here, go to my album for Cow Pie
    Baked in a challenge against my sister for GBBO
  • And if you want to know what I look like, scroll up to “hat” and the dreadful “pink” which does me no favours!
  • Oh dear @hunnybunny, the Cow Pie failed to load. But if it is anything as good as the other cakes on display, it will be stellar and far too good to eat.
  • Ever thought of making a cake based on Rafa's arse? Go on, you know you want to.
  • Anyway, you do look just like your avatar! The satellite dish hat is spectacular. Don't think it would have worked with the poodle perm...
  • It's Twiggy's half birthday today. She's rolling around on her back in the garden as I speak. Seems like a happy dog to me.
  • Ooops, let me clarify which avatar I mean. Not the one on this page!
  • Cow Pie is definitely there. Very last pic, or first, depending on scrolling
    It’s got two bloody horns sticking out of it!
  • So, seeing there was no St. Patrick’s Day challenge today (shame on you @sweetp) I tortured myself with GGGL
    Nil points…
  • Happy half birthday Twiggy, here’s a pet of your head
    Now I now I’m mad!
  • Yeah, it's there alright, but just appears as an icon. It's the only one I can't see. I did have a pie today to make up for missing Pi Day on the 14th. No horns though. Ought to have washed it down with a Guinness, what with being St Patrick's Day. I'm just not organised this week. Plus, everything still tastes of cardboard due to bloody Covid. Except (handily) chocolate.
  • Twiggy snoring.
  • @hunnybunny, I actually did schedule today's challenge, and I see it started on 17 Mar, 2:00:01 GMT. It used to change over at midnight, so I think it needs resetting. I'll have to ask @birdleader to do it.
  • @HunnyBunny and @SweetP Green go lucky challenge is there, it is just that the global time zones will make it appear at the time zone your are in. All is ok
  • If you are a fan of GGGL, that is.
  • Hey @hunnybunny you must've practiced in front of the mirror for hours to perfect that smouldering look. Very sexy, if only I was 20 years older (heh heh).

    Btw can you get BBC Wales on that hat?
  • Sorry @BrianN to let you down
    The smouldering photo is a fake, that’s what’s it called. It’s me but “enhanced” like all these stupid people do on Instagram
    I already have a toy boy, he’s French!
    My hat may get BBC Wales reception, but I refuse to listen to Mr F Wit and his Muppets making even more ridiculous proclamations in the so called Welsh Parliament

    Did you see the Cow Pie? I changed the settings.
  • Someone's eaten the pie and my money is on @desperatedan.
  • @HunnyBunny you think you have problems with your Fwits. Take a look at our mob you could not make it up.
  • No pie as yet @hunnybunny. Can anyone else see it?
  • Cow Pie deleted, by Dan, and reinstated
    Don’t know if that works

    Hello @TomPuss
  • Have sent @DesperateDan a message with pie
    I can see it, hope you can!
  • Hey @tompuss! Nice to hear from you, hope you're exceedingly well. Do you think the cat is playing the long game?

    You're just in time to play find the pie. We've moved on a lot since you were last here.
  • That's a sensational pie @hunnybunny. Very horny.
  • @TomPuss
    Thanks for the video. Who knew that cats and ducklings cuddling is a thing?!?
    Can now see your Cow Pie. The horns are great, by which I mean somehow rather disturbing…
  • If those are ducklings @catsnbirds, some sort of strange abduction is going on here. Or should I say abducktion?

    I'll get my coat...
  • Just 12k behind you now in Bad Piggies, @brianN. More's the point, just 4k behind the doc in the AB leaderboard. Hard work, although good progress in parts of Piggy Farm, finally. Think Classics has been mainly exhausted. Worth about 700k to me, I would guess.
  • Oh, and I did read somewhere that Rovio might re-establish "Red's First Adventure" in the Google store. I don't think they have clue what they are doing. They just seem brilliant at alienating all sections of its client base.
  • My post on 11th March @DesperateDan it is called red's first flight. You will find it in play store at manage apps. If it not on your list of installed apps try uninstalled list
  • I think it's a huge dereliction of duty by that mother hen... er duck!? (what the duck cnb?)
    "I'm off down the Dog and Duck for a pint of Millet Lite."
    "Great, who's got the kids?"
    "Oh ginger next door."
  • Congratulations on your remorseless pursuit of my scores in Bad Piggies using 'mechanical reclamation' and I'm sure Dr Dre will tip his hat when you pass him using Classic scores @desperatedan. However I seem to remember you saying ages ago that you were doing a final sweeeeeeeeep of ABO then moving on. That's a long sweep. Let's face it Dan, you're not moving on, you're an addict. Here's a tune for you...
  • Speaking of addiction has anyone else had a link pop up on their phone from a gambling company taking you to Badges and Ranking nominations here in the Nest?
    A less likely candidate for gambling you will never meet. I know people should be accountable for their actions but I hate the way the gambling industry feeds the addiction. You can lose your house without leaving the house these days. 'When the fun stops. Stop!'
    Excellent drama on the subject called Sunshine with Steve Coogan amongst others. Worth digging out.
    Rant over.
  • Still haven't seen your pie yet @hunnybunny (pardon the expression). Got me thinking about best and worst pies. I've drooled over many of Pie Bob's creations but other bakeries are available. Keptie in Letham does a scrumpdiddlyumptious chicken balti pie. Bells butcher's in Edzell do a superb steak bridie(huge chunks of beef and delicious gravy).
    So if you're ever in the area please don't come and see me but do enjoy these local delicacies.

    Worst? No offence @hunnybunny but I don't think I could eat a pie with horns in it. Aren't they a bit chewy? Anyways my contender is the disgusting star gazy pie. Apparently invented by a country mousekin in Bumhole... er sorry I meant to say country bumpkin in Mousehole(Freudian slip there.) Cornish inbreds.
  • @DesperateDan
    Oops! I got a bit caught up in watching a few related videos and forgot the one posted was chicks!
  • Yeah, a long sweep. Piggy Farm and Jurassic Pork to go. But waylaid by Classics and Bad Piggies.
    But I am playing Disco Elysium. That's a bit mind blowing.
  • @ixan57, sorry got name wrong. Point I was making is that it's not in the Google store and therefore not available for Android.
  • Test - can you guys see Twiggy? She's looking pleased with herself, probably just terrorised Tom Hanks.
  • Good enough for Crufts though if it's anything like the Mocumentary 'Best in Show' I'd give it a miss.

    My sister's dog Woody(arboreal themes are the thing these days) has just been barred from doggy day care for delinquent behaviour. Now she's panicking looking for a dog sitter for dad's funeral. He howls whenever he's left on his own. (Woody that is not my dad, he's howled his last I'm afraid bless him).
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