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  • Hope you're feeling a little better today @desperatedan.This one's for you.
  • Better off wasting my time trying to catch the doc in 2nd place in ABO. Granted he won't use Classics but that's his perogative. I'm getting close but running out of ideas.
  • Oh, we overlapped there Pretty shit, thank you. But MES may have been the Piggywood Studios.
  • @briann, you mean Piggywood Studios 2? Sorry about that, didn't realize I schedule it so soon after the Piggywood Studios 1 level on 23/24 Feb.

    I'll have to keep my brain from going in so many different directions while updating the schedule.

    Enjoy your weekend!
  • @BrianN I bow to your scores in GGGL might get to sixth, but no hope after that
    Three favourite:
    Jameson, the daily
    Glenfiddich the cheapest one
    Laphroaig quarter cask
    Which is the best
    Excuse my spelling!
  • @SweetP don’t worry, one of my (few) top scores is always there to be beaten!
  • Laphroaig! Very distinctive. Remember working our way through many single malts one long summer night in a bar on remote Knoydart on a backpacking holiday between A levels and university in the late 1970s (no-one called it uni in those days). An open truck pulled up outside with a freshly culled and massive stag in the back, still warm and steaming in the cooling evening air. The road network here connects to no other part of the UK. We departed the following morning by a small boat. Taste and smell are incredible triggers of memory.
  • Oh, and I think it is criminal to add water to such stuff. It's not whisky squash!
  • Absolutely @desperatedan
    Although Mr Bunny tells a story:
    She starts with whisky, water and ice, in her glass
    Next, no water, then no ice, then skip the glass!
    Guessing you were born in 1960
  • Anyone else listens to Sounds of the Seventies on BBC Radio2 on Sunday afternoons?
  • If not you should be, just played
  • Thank you (although 1960s!)
    They gave the Nobel Prize to Dylan but LC is the one who should have got it.
    I love his mid-period stuff. I'm Your Man is one of my all time favourite albums. His voice is incredible on songs like this.
  • Conceived in the 1950s, born in the 1960s!
  • Hey @sweetp sounds like you're living inside a pressure cooker. Kick off those high heels, pour yourself a glass of your favourite wine and enjoy an episode of 1923?The Challenge will look after itself (even if it does reset to Summer Pignic 1-21 occasionally).
    You should pop in more often for context. Whenever Piggywood or Jurassic Pork come around @desperatedan and I like to have a little foot stamping session.

    Not a big fan of whisky @hunnybunny... nor haggis... nor kilts... but I do like diaphanous skirts. Sorry thought this thread needed lightening up a bit.
  • We need to be really careful with @hunnybunny, @brianN. She'll hit Ken Bruce withdrawal big time this week.
  • Tomorrow I’ll need a flask of Whisky
    Funeral in the Godforsaken Welsh Valleys
    It’s going to snow
    It’s going to be bloody freezing
    It’s in a church, so outside temperature inside
    It’s Catholic, so goes on for ages, followed by a burial, in the snowy, muddy graveyard
    Mr Bunny’s relatives are known for the worst ever funerals ever
  • Er... it's not Mr Bunny's is it?!
  • Did someone mention the weather? Snowing today and icy overnight so as we live at the bottom of a bank have converted my rain dance for Wintery mischief. Hoping the car won't make it up the hill thus avoiding another day of frozen Trossachs.
  • Sad news at the Nestle factory today. A member of staff was injured when a pallet of chocolate fell and crushed him underneath.

    He tried in vain to attract attention for help but everytime he shouted"the milky bars are on me"everyone cheered.
  • @BrianN I'd be worried about your living arrangements. You hear of so many bank branches closing now days and selling off their property, you could end up living below a curry shop.
  • ... and he's back...

    Just so you know I'd love to live below a curry shop.
  • I wonder how much they'd charge for delivery?
  • No one's getting anywhere near my trophy in today's Challenge. Not even me. It's a toughie, that one has been in my cabinet for the best part of ten years. I'll give you guys a hint - don't waste your time trying.
  • Better than living below a pizza parlour.
    You might have to go all QAnon to figure that one out...
  • Nothing worse than a cocky trophy holder.

    You'll hate me for this @desperatedan but I have Classic on my Bluestacks file and will probably never play it.
  • How did you manage that?
  • I didn't follow it closely @desperatedan but 'Pizzagate' made me laugh. The idea that Hilary Clinton was running a child sex ring from a pizza parlour? Bill maybe but Hilary?!

    Course there's nothing funny about Epstein and Maxwell.
  • To answer your question re Classic @desperatedan. When we learned that Rovio were pulling it from Google Play store I went there using pc and selected Classic. It suggested that I pay 99p so I selected install and a message came up saying the app was prepaid and would be downloaded 'soon' to this device.
    Nothing seemed to happen. As you know normally when downloading android onto pc you get the invitation to 'open file' and that will open Bluestacks taking you to said app. But nada. So I just assumed it hadn't worked however it must have in the background. Unfortunately I haven't been using Bluestacks much lately so only noticed it today otherwise I'd have given you the heads up.
  • So I'm too late then. For now at least. It may pop up on UptoDown which confusingly lists ABO under the name of Angry Birds Classic.
  • Oh dear, a book just fell on my head. I've only myshelf to blame.
  • I told the doc I was about to catch him up in the ABO lists thanks to Classics and he would need to start using it. He humphed and said that he had deleted it as soon as it demanded his age. He also said the lists had gone to the dogs. Was it something I said?
    I think people who object being asked their age are all of a certain age.
  • Still testing positive and feeling generally shitty. Day 8. Getting my money's worth.
  • @desperatedan my lamb biriyani virtually sent. I hope you like a curry
    @Briann I had a bright pink dress with the diaphanous skirt when I was much younger
    The words “mutton” and “lamb” spring to mind at the thought of wearing it now
  • Did someone mention mutton biriyani?
  • Apparently March 8th is retro games day. Do they mean us?
  • Wish I was more clued up on these things @desperatedan. Would Google synch work? I know Bluestacks can import files would it be possible to put Classic in a place where Bluestacks can access it?

    If this is a really stupid idea blame my upbringing. Stayed with my mum for a few days last week as dad was in hospital and it is the land time forgot. No Internet!!! I thought I was in the Stone age when it comes to tech but I've promoted myself to Bronze age.

    I feel a tune coming on.
    "What is it?"
    No one knows.
  • Mystic Meg died today. Do you think she saw it coming?
  • So @catsnbirds finally got round to watching Better Call Saul and have to say it was almost as good as Breaking Bad in it's own way. First couple of series were quite light as we learned about 'Slippy Jimmy' McGill before he became Saul Goodman. Got darker as the Cartel got more involved but it's put me in the mood to watch BB again.

    There's a connection between Breaking Bad and the current one day series between Bangladesh and England. The main sponsor is' Mr White' detergent powder.
    Are we sure that's detergent powder?

    Anyways you know how my mind works by now it got me thinking about funny and not so funny company names based on puns.
    Good: tanning salon in Gateshead called Tanfastic
    Not so good:coffee roaster called Perky Blenders

    It's not a competition but have you guys got any contenders?Can be well known like the wine shop Planet of the Grapes or just local firm you've come across(they're often the best cos they don't give a shit).
  • Perky Blenders is genius.
    A vegan restaurant called "Anything with a Pulse" features in one of Richard Osman' books.
  • Hairdressers: Curl up and Dye, Hair Today Dye Tomorrow, Julius Scissors
  • If there isn't a bakery called Life of Pie there should be.
  • Fish van the codfather
  • Our local chippy is called Oh My Cod.
    Hairdressers a rich source of puns. The Head Gardener.
  • Yes hairdressers have great imagination in this area. Back in the day if you were given the name Julius at birth you were destined to become a hairdresser.

    Reminds me of a favourite comic character name. A mouse called Julius Cheeser. Can we do comic character names now? Please can we? Can we?
  • Obviously we have to give Desperate Dan a miss.
  • The guy with the fish van named his 2nd van codfather ll (roman numerals don't how to do that on keyboard, maybe @Kathy could help with that one).
    I'm sure there was a pub that specialised in sea food called the muscle Inn.
  • Surely the Mussel Inn?
  • Thanks @HunnyBunny my spelling not auto spell
  • Sure it wasn't a gym club @ixan57?

    Baby Face Finlayson a wild west Beano bandit and also a baby.

    Backtracking - cleaning company : Spruce Spring clean.
    I know I said it wasn't a competition but I think we have a winner.
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