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  • Did you read comics as a kid @hunnyBunty?Can you remember that far back?
  • Oh for the days when @kathy would scream at me for counting posts and demeaning the crown. Still if Charles can make Edward Duke of York...
  • With today's challenge in mind :Darth Vaper.
  • Wordle update for those that give a toss.

    220 correct. Then 1 wrong. Then 165 correct.
    Average over last 150 attempts (they wiped my earlier scores): 3.87.
  • Mixing up your dukes I feel. Bad move in the circumstances.
  • Went to play store this morning to update apps. One of them that i did not install (turns out to be angry birds classic) now called Red's first flight. When updated we you open it asks for your age. It also has a account profile i can't remember, its pretty useless anyway does nothing
  • ... Edinburgh...
  • That video @desperatedan is a great advert for the 'Say NO to drugs' campaign. Although I think we saw an early version of the Pogo(Maasai not withstanding... er jumping...
  • Life of Pie for me!
  • @BrainN Beano Lord Snooty, Dennis and Gnasher, the Bash Street Kids
    My Gran had a pile of them on the bench next to the fire
    Not really my Gran, she died, her sister and her second husband (Uncle Wiil) but they did for me
    And I bet you had the Gran’s house with the ‘kitchen’ a bit tacked on to the back of the house, with chicken wire fronted cabinets, an outside privy, at the end of the garden - which had newspaper to wipe your ****,
    And the middle room: only used when their was a family occasion, but it was REALLY REALLY important occasion
    And the front room. Never used, full of the late, great great grandmother’s furniture, except for laying out the departed on their way to purgatory
    I’m the same age Dan, conceived in 1950, born 1960
    And you?
  • And a budgie in a cadge…
  • I can relate to a lot of that @hunnybunny. And of course there was always a coal bunker with gleaming chunks of coal, ideal for snowman buttons. Always great fun when the coal man came, heaving a great sack of the stuff.
    The TV was in a wooden cabinet and it had a sliding wooden cover to hide the screen when not in use.
    People had so few possessions. So much passed down across the generations. Not stuff that I have wanted to keep though.
  • Hey @hunnybunny, was your mother really gestating for a whole decade? Poor woman.
  • And she had a budgie in a cadge!? Definitely a poor woman.
    As to my age @hunnybunny a gentleman never tells(neither do I). Let's just say I too was conceived and born in the same decade.
  • Loved all those characters you mentioned @hunnybunny. My favourite go to strip in The Beano was Billy Whizz(more haste less speed).The idea someone could move like The Flash and yet take twice as long to get things done was ace.
    In The Dandy it was always Winker Watson, definitely a kindred spirit always getting the better of his teacher Clarence Creep. Must admit I wasn't in his league as a 'wangler' as I usually got caught messing about and had my arse caned many a time.
    Poor @desperatedan had to make do with Look and Learn and an assortment of encyclopaedias.
  • No, I managed to get Scorcher and Score as well. The immortal Billy's Boots about a lad with magical football boots that he contrived to lose on the way to every match for a different reason every time. Lags Eleven about a prison football team. They just don't write stuff like that any more (apart from in Viz, maybe).
  • Bit of a kerfuffle in the Lurkers (sic) Lounge. Seems that Twiggy might have made off with one of Tom Hanks' Crispy Pig Ears.
  • Re the Dukes of Stratospheare video. The Rutles should sue.
  • The best cartoon writers cottoned on to the fact that kids love repetition and structure(even if it is flimsy.)

    Best not go down the Viz road, we'll be here all week extolling the genius of Chris Donald. (Hatie Popkins springs to mind).
    'Dr Poo' - all of time and space at his fingertips and he can never find anywhere to have a peaceful crap. You never get that angst with Jodie.

    Hope I haven't bored you with this before but the UN condemned the Viz strip 'Thieving Gypsy Bastards'. The Sun newspaper ran a story about the Romany gentleman who brought about the complaint. Apparently he was later done for handling stolen goods.(If it was in The Sun it must be true.)
    The 'cut out and keep' apology Viz issued is hilarious and they also did a follow-up strip called 'The Nice, Honest Gypsies' about a Romany going door to door selling pegs and returning people's change.
  • Ah memories the Two fat slags and I'm not taking about Viz. They used to give me a good rub down when I'd come a cropper on the hedge hopping .
  • Thieving Gypsy Bastards are known as Travelling General Builders here,
    Same shit, different name
    May I remind you of Master Bates and Seaman Stains?
    All made up by a Sunday Newspaper, if my memory serves me right, and the creator of Captain Pugwash sued and won
  • Great news: I made 40 points on GGGL today!
    Time to move on…
  • England -v- Bangladesh
    England played like they were on the last day of the Test, trying for a draw
  • I see your Master Bates and raise you a Wanker Watson.
  • Bet you knew about Roger the Cabin Boy
  • Titty from Swallows and Amazons came a cropper when the film version came out.
  • Dreadful Challenge today. Sort of level that gets the doc in a lather.
  • Oh I am so glad I am not a rugby fan. Up the Arsenal!
  • Wanker Watson of course was a parody of the aforementioned Winker Watson of The Dandy published here in Dundee by D. C. Thompson. I don't know if it ever went to court but there was talk of it. So Chris Donald being Chris Donald introduced a new character:a miserable curmudgeonly Scotsman with no sense of humour called D. C. Thompson.
  • I see Dronnard (a grumpy old time player) has changed his name to Sck2DtofU which made me laugh…
    …if you know why!
  • 'grumpy old time player' @hunnybunny? That could be anyone. Are you going to enlighten us then?
  • Well he’s Dronnard!
  • Yeah I'm still laughing. So why did he change his name?
  • Was wondering myself @BrianN knowing the Bunny it will be something naughty. Only thing that came up ("oh matron")was she misspelled his name. One N only and the other should be H.
    Nice anagram for a medical professional
  • Beats Dr Nookie
  • We could do with some grumpy old time posts in this forum.
  • Sounds like Dronnard has previous.
  • England T20 cricket team has lost its mojo. What a farce.
  • Humpph. Tested negative for two days. Felt crap still. Now I'm positive again. Day 15. Really getting my money's worth.
  • Are you sure you're positive?
  • Dr Rhonda.
  • I'm sure if @hunnybunny was good at anagrams she'd come up with R. Hardon.
  • I'm missing a D aren't I? That should be Dr. Hardon
  • What did Dronnard do to deserve all this?
  • I mean, making rude anagrams of something that isn't even spelling their (ex) name correctly is a bit random.
  • Anyway, everyone beware tomorrow (15th March). Mind your backs.
  • If he reads this he'll be sick to death of us.

    Anyways cricket, Bangladesh not to be underestimated in the short formats of the game. They were on a good unbeaten run in home series until England beat them 2-1 in the 50 over series. That said they contrived to lose the 20 series rather than Bangladesh winning it through pretty inept game management.
    Still there won't be a t20 world cup for a couple of years whereas we have a 50 over one this year so I think that's what they'll concentrate on.
  • It's your fault @ixan57!
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