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Squawk! Please, DO NOT enter scores using Power-Ups. This includes the Shockwave Power-Up in "Short Fuse". For more info on what qualifies as a Power-Up score see this post. Note, if you've used a Power-Up previously you can still compete by entering your highest non Power Up score. We can tell the difference. Facebook users should not enter any scores on this leaderboard.
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Level 15-10n/an/a96,183n/an/a
Level 15-20n/an/a136,246n/an/a
Level 15-30n/an/a116,658n/an/a
Level 15-40n/an/a94,449n/an/a
Level 15-50n/an/a127,319n/an/a
Level 15-60n/an/a102,138n/an/a
Level 15-70n/an/a81,856n/an/a
Level 15-80n/an/a140,034n/an/a
Level 15-90n/an/a119,021n/an/a
Level 15-100n/an/a119,634n/an/a
Level 15-110n/an/a113,789n/an/a
Level 15-120n/an/a129,922n/an/a
Level 15-130n/an/a126,388n/an/a
Level 15-140n/an/a133,235n/an/a
Level 15-150n/an/a157,537n/an/a
Level 16-10n/an/a107,507n/an/a
Level 16-20n/an/a149,946n/an/a
Level 16-30n/an/a162,523n/an/a
Level 16-40n/an/a115,658n/an/a
Level 16-50n/an/a192,443n/an/a
Level 16-60n/an/a117,850n/an/a
Level 16-70n/an/a88,437n/an/a
Level 16-80n/an/a75,358n/an/a
Level 16-90n/an/a114,821n/an/a
Level 16-100n/an/a99,862n/an/a
Level 16-110n/an/a79,554n/an/a
Level 16-120n/an/a109,563n/an/a
Level 16-130n/an/a152,097n/an/a
Level 16-140n/an/a120,123n/an/a
Level 16-150n/an/a146,636n/an/a
Level 17-10n/an/a107,570n/an/a
Level 17-20n/an/a93,902n/an/a
Level 17-30n/an/a116,276n/an/a
Level 17-40n/an/a102,086n/an/a
Level 17-50n/an/a101,633n/an/a
Level 17-60n/an/a148,345n/an/a
Level 17-70n/an/a126,637n/an/a
Level 17-80n/an/a75,394n/an/a
Level 17-90n/an/a115,913n/an/a
Level 17-100n/an/a143,912n/an/a
Level 17-110n/an/a124,094n/an/a
Level 17-120n/an/a102,868n/an/a
Level 17-130n/an/a91,745n/an/a
Level 17-140n/an/a100,271n/an/a
Level 17-150n/an/a123,997n/an/a