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  • Chun

    Thanks for the tips and explanations @poptimus, @mvnla2, @pointless, I really appreciate it. Am looking forward to playing levels on autoplay mode.

    The mastery point post by @mvnla2 (link) was a very interesting read for me! Can’t wait to unlock the dojo and castles.

    I am beginning to understand a bit of where the comments about the events being easy come from, after what @pointless says about longing for some new PvE element, but it’s interesting that the events are both (i) too hard for the new players; and (ii) too easy for the old players. I wonder if there is a middle group somewhere that is satisfied.

    Regardless, I think I will try my best at this event, if not then I’ll level up and wait for the next event comes out haha.


    @chuntsen I am going to give you a slighty unpopular tip: Start spending your lucky coins on the pig machine (preferably during a 5x riot). If you have been playing regularly for two months, you will have collected quite an amount by now. My advice is: Don’t save them up for when your birds are Level 50. Sure, you will receive items that are useful for a very limited time, but decent gear makes it so much easier to advance in the game. And, once you reach Level 50, you can scrap all the lower level set items you got this way for shards, which in turn you can use to upgrade your new set items.


    Thanks @m-ich, I am about 60 coins now, was initially saving up 90 for the paladin class, but I think I will try spending coins at the pig machine during my 5x daily reward, since I think the paladin class only really shines with the set items anyway.


    @m-ich you are really going to open a can of worms with that tip…wow

    hold on, hold on…a little background here. What Level are your birds? How far have you progressed in the game? What classes have you purchased? Do you have the Golden Chili?
    Any class shines more with set items, but this doesn’t mean that it is worth it to try and roll these. You will quickly come to a point where progression in the game is stunted due to a lack of LCs and, unless you are willing to spend RW$, you will regret it.


    @timber Best Buy reduced the price of iPad Mini 3s by $300 so the $600 iPad mini 3 with 128 gigs is now $300 and the cellular version is $430, but by the time this post is taken off awaiting moderation they may not have any left. They reduced the price to make way for the new iPads that will be introduced on March 13. I don’t understand why anyone would buy the cellular version which costs an extra $10-25/month when you can use your cell phone and turn on a personal hot spot.

    @AMslimfordy @birdleader
    Why am I and @graugeist always on “awaiting moderation” for everything we post? Both GrauGeist and I received the Helping Hands and Pleasant Company badges about a year ago.


    OK, you play at your pace, but it seems like you could be farther along after 2 months. But that’s OK, as the game scales. If you’re going to be casual, then these events can be harder, and that’s OK – you’re going slowly. What you can do is concentrate on your “favorite” 3 classes and at least push them to level 3. If you think that’s hard, wait until you’re pushing classes to 12.

    If you want to push harder / faster, then you’ll want to look through the other guides and push harder through the game. Good luck!


    @suikyo I believe in the “old system”, gold was called Master Class (I could be wrong), my point being these were converted into the new numerical Mastery based on what level (bronze, silver, gold) you had reached with a particular class, so if you had been playing for a while, not many of your birds would be Mastery 2, especially favourites.

    There certainly is scaling of opponent strength, but it most definitely in not in any correlating lineal fashion. I’m sure most of us remember encountering certain pigs for the first time and being slaughtered (shogun, anyone?), but this just meant strategy had to be examined, or simply one’s birds were not quite powerful enough yet to win. So we’d replay levels, Level up and try again. I don’t know if Event enemies are significantly harder to defeat than “regular” story-mode enemies at lower levels (these Events did not exist when I was at low level), but I would think the same holds true. One simply cannot expect to have the freedom to play the same way when at the lowest Level/Mastery as compared to the maximum.


    U will have 50 LC if u can play the golden pig dungeon in the event. Buy paladin first; it’s a MUST


    @binh this time, the maximum number of LC you can get from the golden pig dungeon should be 40 (4 days only)


    @chun, you will do better by playing more and getting Paladin than a handful of items from Rainbow Riot. Especially if your birds are only Mastery 2. Just be diligent in getting your free spins and you’ll get items. Over 2 months, you should have gotten something like 100 free spins – that should have gotten you a handful of decent items.

    Just save your LCs for the good classes.


    @amslimfordy @birdleader @sal9 @killerkea
    Killerkea :
    You have helped me many times and I appreciate it very much. I know many people have benefited from hundreds of posts you’ve made over the years. I’ll be watching for their reply. Thanks again.


    question totally not related: what’s happening with the achievements? still not working? even if win the request, we do not get it?


    @killerkea The iPad Mini 3s at Best Buy were gone by the time I saw your post. Best price I saw this morning was $399 at Amazon. I’ll have to wait a month or so for that.

    I’ve managed to stay in first place on my board by spending a lot of gold on stamina and pulling a few 4AM wakeups to burn off or Crash off stamina.

    Wiz/Cap/Spy, all at level 12, knock out most waves with one pepper. I can not seem to get past the 3 wave gate on the love letter segment without crashing. Six attempts (42 stamina) and two full program delete/reloads so far and I’ve actually made it to the spin wheel twice before the crash happened.

    EDIT: After two more crashes (14 stamina) on the 3 wave battle and the loss of first place, I broke down and loaded bluestacks on my PC. 45 gold spent, 27 stamina later and with the return of watching ads, I regained first place. Knocked out a crashless cave 17 level 4 while I was at it.


    Thanks @pointless, @binh, @graugeist for more tips!

    I just hit level 11, all my birds are mastery level 2. I have all the classes that can be bought with snoutlings until star reef, have not bought any classes with lucky coins. No golden chilli, have not bought anything with lucky coins actually.

    I can consistently three star any story-mode with my tactic of leaving one pig alive, then slowly healing up before ending the battle, but it takes a bit more luck to kill the event monsters without one bird dying or the enemies reviving (like all the undead pigs in the love letter stage).


    Anyone noticed today they added Special Rules to all the Event Fights. They wasn’t any when we 1st started the event.


    @chuntsen Another thing you can do is try to get as many craftable weapons/offhands as you can and go for crafting 3 star versions of the highest level possible. Then you can (should? not sure if available at lower levels) enchant them as much as possible. That’ll save you your LCs and should give you some added “oomph” to help get you through some of these tough event battles.

    Good luck!


    @tinostar11 I was playing a couple of hours ago and there were no special rules. I just read your post and opened the game again and saw that each section now has a special rule as you said. Strange to add them so far into the game.


    @chuntsen crafting weapons and (maybe) upgrading them (without using shards if at all applicable) is a good idea at your level of progress. You will get better items so this should help overall. Definitely focus on what you think is your best team as well. I really can’t remember what these are where you are currently. Samurai for Red? Wizard for Chuck? Druid for Matilda? These are all useful classes even when you get to the end of the game.
    I would seriously consider saving LCs for permanent purchases, such as Paladin (really is Red’s best class…I use him the majority of the time) and highly recommend buying the Golden Chili as soon as you can (expensive, yes, but well worth it), really at the expense of any other purchase right now.
    It’s too bad you are having such a tough time trying to earn Treasure Hunter, as I think he could be very useful in the main PvE game (as you will see later on). For us who have completed everything, he seems pretty useless…


    @chuntsen- You asked if there was a middle difficulty for the event as you mentioned that it is too hard for the new players and too easy for the players who have been playing since the release of the game. I am in the middle of the game at Level 31, mastery levels 5 and 6. This event is at middle difficulty for me and other players in the middle of the game.


    @tinostar11 @suzyq
    Not like the special rules make any difference to game play if yr. birds are 50/12, but still, curious that they should appear halfway through the event.


    I’d forgotten that to get to the Golden Pig Castle you need to have the required number of stars (almost all of them) and finish all the levels before the gate. I have one level to go. The gate is open, but I can’t get to the castle.


    So cute. Matilda gives a letter to pig but he throws it! Small piggy kisses big one and gate opens.


    Look like you can only use 2 birds for the castle and it’s 5 waves. Can’t start yet as I’m having to wait until I’ve got the 10 stamina that is needed. Would be interested to know how easy/difficult it is when someone has done it.

    Green Whacker

    No you can borrow a friend’s bird. Reason why you don’t see that option is because you don’t have enough stamina drinks required. Once you have 10 drinks available, you will see an option to borrow a friend’s bird. (like the dungeons)


    I just faced the Treasure Hunter in the Arena. A surprise since I didn’t think it would be useful there. It wasn’t. I can’t see it in the store or in the blues section so not entirely sure what it’s supposed to do but reflect negative effects I am sure is an an attribute. I hit it with Witch during Chucks rage attack. It reflected nothing back.

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