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    @poptimus I’m not having trouble with skulkers as I almost always use tricksy trick on druid


    Stone Guard (Dragon Breath), Thunderbird (Twin Lightning) and Marksmen (Ballista, but BEEP might be better). Works on all levels. Hits hard but generally under the Dodge threshold.


    with set items and decent mastery almost everything is working tbf
    i dont like the differenation of prices, its like 500+points or nothing(100+)
    its been way more balanced in previous event
    or i just made it up


    Had no trouble with this event except lack of stamnina at the end and lack of time to play throughout. I finished first in my team the previous event but 7th here.

    But no issues with the battles.

    Best classes against these kinds of ninja pigs are multiple hit classes. Elite Samurai with Dragonbreath (it’s M68 ant hits 3×1003), Elite Canoneer with Gladiator’s Punch (it’s M68 and hits 3×1037) and I brought Elite Bard for healing and moved her up to M70 in the process :) (she hits 3263). With 4 birds battles I brought Blues Treasure Hunters with Artillery as my Beep! is still half L62 (it’s M68 and hits 3974).

    Gladiator’s Punch has become my favorite Bomb set. I find it more effective in the arena than even Finisher has it increases all birds attack against a banner below 50% health. Outside the arena, the 45% chance to attack a random enemy helps a lot.


    And this event has been back up for nearly a day now.
    I’ve been playing through the same old Hard battles, though there’s a few grinders for the top 3, in positions of 8-9K medals already.


    Unsurprisingly, there are always cheaters. Someone named As joined the event as the 25th player at the last few seconds, if not later (!), and shot straight to the top spot with a score of 22,690. I must be a lousy cheater considering I landed at 8th with 2,710.



    Yet another new name for the list. It’s just never ending.


    4th place. I missed out on playing in the remaining few minutes and that cost me the Top 3. :(

    1.5k All and 6 SD after four re-spins.


    I must say that the ‘Hard’ battles were pretty challenging. Especially when there were two Ninja Masters on the field along with the Shogun. :(


    I got 11th playing only “standard” games because I like having 4 birds making mastery instead of 3. I spent a couple of SDs and FEs during the first matches but when I realized top 3 grinders were going heavy on resources in order to Win, so, I decided to play for mastery and nothing more.


    got 1.5 Bomb and shitty SDs… no FEs respins.

    I can’t find a reasonable way to rump up at events.

    next to come major birthday event would be nice to grinding and make top3. any suggestions? It seems to me that saving some FEs nor a bounce of SDs Will not bè enough. Do you have any cool tricks aside burning LCs or Real money?


    Thanks for cooperation



    @maxxmatt – I have my best luck at getting a reasonable leaderboard in events by waiting 3-5 hours after the event starts to begin play.  The game fills leaderboards as players complete their first battle, and the heavy grinders usually do not want to miss those first few hours.  They get their own leaderboards, and I get one with more casual players, in which I can usually stay in the top three by just playing as stamina regenerates.


    @smwforever45 Same result for me on the 2nd spin… but I consider getting 2* a big, big win! XD

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Viewing 12 replies - 301 through 312 (of 312 total)
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