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  • I try lots of times for bird combos in Angry Birds Epic, but most of them failed, like today, I lost 3 times in arena battles and need to wait tomorrow. I give a trio that won 8 battles in a row today and help to complete 2 daily objectives, you could click to find out more. I would hope to see you guys giving more powerful trios for the PvP arena. Thanks

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  • Angry Johnny

    A tip is to try out different trios on your friends by clicking the battle icon besides their names on the Totem Pole. These battles does not count if you lose (or win) but they are a good way to find out which combinations work for you.


    The easiest way to get ahead on the leaderboards is to fulfill the daily challenges. So you may want to build a team that can fulfill at least one, or even all three challenges at once. If you’re not sure what works, you can try out your teams on friends like @angryjohnny described.

    As an example: Yesterday my objectives were
    1. Win two battles with Bomb
    2. Win three battles with Bomb and Matilda
    3. Win five battles

    A team to fulfill all objectives would have to contain Bomb and Matilda. I tried Cap’n and Princess with Wizard, Spies and Paladin in different battles, and found Paladin to work best for my playing style.

    Today, my objectives were
    1. Win two battles with the Blues
    2. Win five battles with Chuck
    3. Win five balltes with Tricksters

    So I used Tricksters, Wizard and Paladin, which worked surprisingly well.


    Hey @m-ich, I try your combinations of your birds and I just won a few battles. I play this morning at 20/12/2014 and I just won about like 2 battles, and I lost 3 battles today. If you say your combination, could you tell me what level are you?


    My mostly used combination is
    Paladin – dragon set for chain attacks
    Druid – honey set
    Skulkers – sling+plushies set to keep them alive longer

    Other fun setup is

    I am 41 lvl with mostly 7 lvl birds and i win 90% of battles.


    PAlladin 9 with steel wall set
    lightning bird 8 with phoenix set
    sea dog 8 with sweet set

    Even if I lose coin toss, enemy focuses chuck 90% of the time, and phoenix makes sure he stays alive.

    The hardest battles were the ones with magnetic banner or princess on the other side going first.


    @loynis The Sweet set is only for Matilda. You must mean Sugar Rush. The Reborn and Save Me! sets are probably some of the best sets for PvP, but they aren’t that great in the normal game. Too bad I don’t have either cause Chuck always dies when I lose the toss. Blues can often die too due to low health.


    I’m lvl 41, all birds lvl 10, lvl 41 set items.

    My team (when not doing daily objectives) :

    Paladin – Dragonbreath
    Wizard – Twin Lightning
    Tricksters- *BEEP* Attack!

    Haven’t lost a battle yet except when I was unable to attack due to a bug.
    Wizard is a powerhouse
    Paladin is a tank
    Tricksters takes care of poisons/debuffs/stun + boosts attack

    If enemy gets a head start and your chuck dies, get rid of enemy chuck next turn and keep attacking enemy banner. When your chuck revives you will have only him or paladin with him and use chili on chuck to wipe enemy team. Rest is easy.


    I also have a great trio. They’re:
    – Mage/Archmage Chuck
    – Capt’n Bomb
    – Spies The Blues

    My birds are level 23. So the purpose of this trio is try to hit multiple enemies at a time, what I mean is I attack the banner and also the opponent’s birds too. This morning at 21/12/2014, I haven’t lose a single battle with this trio. It was awesome, knock out every team. My banner is in the Wood rank.

    To make this trio win mostly every time, the birds attack will be high and this will recommended:
    – Chuck’s ATK: >200
    – Bomb’s ATK: >415
    – The Blues’ ATK: >365

    A little bit detail, the banner takes about 565 damage, while opponent’s birds deal 309 damage. This is pretty good with balance. About 3 to 4 turns, you could knock out all opponent’s birds and start getting full potential with the banner

    This trio is about 85% chance of winning and 25% chance of a 3-star ratings.


    I’ve got great resluts using druid (sweet set), rainbird (phoenix set) and rogues (save me set).
    The good thing with this combo is that you’re nearly not affected if you lose the coin flip as Chuck and Blues get revived. Except against Red you’ll generally kill a bird in one turn.
    Rainbird attacks once every 3 turns and heals the rest of the time.
    In general, take down the most dangerous bird, then poison the banner, then attack the second most annoying bird etc. Keep killing birds and healing yourself while the banner quickly loses health.
    I’ve used plenty of insane combos during the entire game that are better than this one, but in PvP, they don’t work as well. This combo has many advantages compared to most other ones.

    – If you go first, it’s auto-win with 3 stars
    – If you go second you easily survive even if the fight is gonna be harder
    – You need to hit the banner very few times, which reduces the impact of annoying effects.
    – You’re not relying on buff combos that can get screwed by dispelling enemies
    – You have nice healing abilities if needed (around 1100 HP for one bird and 800 HP for the others)
    – You can purify one bird per turn
    – You roughly ignore defensive buffs thx to the continuous damage
    – Enemies can be annoying when they have buffs like the cupcake trap or the lightning shield, here it’s much less annoying as you need to hit the enemy only once and inflict low base damage.
    – Enemies often lack purifiying means outside Mathilda rage or the Princess ability, and as you can take her down in one turn your enemies won’t be able to heal themselves

    There are probably great combinations with banners but as I have only the basic one I don’t know anyone yet.


    I got another trio of birds. They’re:
    – Paladin Red
    – Druid Matilda
    – Tricksters The Blues.

    If you go first:
    All forces targeted at the banner. It would be nice to have a Doom and Demise set item for 200% extra damage from Matilda.
    If opponent’s birds has 2 or 3 poison abilities, cleansed it for 15% more damage to Red and then Red attacks for extra healing.

    If opponent goes first:
    If there’s any poison abilities, cleansed them, use Matilda to strike the banner and Red gains 15% more attack for more healing. Repeat all these steps until the banner’s defeated.

    Chili Rage Recommended: Give this to Red to deal a lot of damage to the banner. When the banner’s lowed health, use Matilda for 30% healing (only in PvP) and focused the banner with the Blues.

    This trio has 75% chance for winning and 10% for a 3-star ratings.


    Every person I have lost against has used paladin, druid, and rain bird. I’ve changed to this strategy and have battled all my friends without a single loss. It probably helps that I have the dragon breath set for red, the revive set for chuck, and the ying yang set for matilda.

    My best guess for the best trio is to pay attention to the combo of birds you lose to the most and then try your opponents strategy to see if it works for you.


    Here are some banner abilities I know that could help you chose your trio.
    – Hocus Pokus: All birds heal by 10% of their dealt damage.
    – Sweet: Increase received healing of all birds by 50%
    – Protection from “Bird Name”: If “Bird Name” is available, there is a 50% chance to intercept an attack from the banner.
    – Might: Increase 5% of 10% attack of all birds
    – Vitality: Increase 10% health of all birds
    – Vigor: All birds take 10% or 20% less damage
    – Purify: Banner has a 35% chance to cleanse a curse when using a support skill on it.
    – Chain Attack: 20% or 30% chance to attack an additional enemy with 20% or 30% attack power. (I’m not sure about it)
    – Critical Strike: 15% chance to deal 50% bonus damage
    – Dispel: 20% chance to remove all helpful effects from enemies.
    – Dispel: All birds has a 60% chance to resist a dispel.
    – Vengeful: When a bird is knocked out, all birds deal 20% of the bird’s maximum health. (I’m not sure)
    – Enfeeble: Lower attacker’s attacker by 15% when attacking the banner. Lasts 2 turns.
    – Thorns: When attacking the banner, the banner will reflect 35% of the dealt damage.
    – Underdog: Entering a battle with 2 birds, all birds will increase 40% health and attack.
    – -Perfect Balance: Increase rage generation of all birds by 25%

    Some I can’t remember ability names. They’re
    – When attacking the banner, it’ll decrease 5% of Rage Chili


    I got an excellent trio of birds. They’re:
    – Rainbird Chuck
    – Druid Matilda
    – Rogue the Blues

    The strategy of this trio is to focus most at the banner. The banner deals massive damage (about 10% health). The birds also deals a total about 440 damage for 3 turns. This trio is only for birds which have strong legendary set items at your current level. The recommended attacks are (only for high levels):
    – Chuck: >65, also deals >120 damage for 3 turns
    – Matilda: >103, also deals >310 damage for 3 turns
    – The Blues: >135, also deals >400 damage for 3 turns

    The special thing is you don’t need Chili Rage to win. The trio has 80% chance of winning, and 10% chance to have a 3-star rating.

    I’m currently kicking ass with my most common set of birds. With the golden chili, Paladin’s dragonbreath, Wizard’s reborn and seadog’s sugar rush seem to be unbeatable (well hardly beatable anyway).

    First enemy attack is always on chuck. Reborn kit keeps him alive and I use the chili immediately after to knock out most enemies straight away. If chuck does die, I wait with the chili until he revives. All depends on Chuck. In the mean time I use seadog attached to paladin to knock out the worst enemies first (usually enemy chuck as well).

    If all enemies are knocked out in first round, the extra attack from Seadog often takes down the banner before an enemy revives.


    Any suggestions for a really good combo *without* Bomb, Blues?


    I think I have, @henjovr. I got a trio, well, not strong. they’re:
    – Knight Red
    – Mage/Archmage Chuck
    – Prnicess Matilda

    All abilities were targeted the banner. First, give the shock shield to the banner, than use the defense boost to deal 55% less damage from the banner and use Princess’ attack any opponent’s birds to force them attack the banner. The defense boost recharge after your turn, shock shield recharge after 1 attack. Princess’ healing always heal to the banner. Use Matilda’s rage ability to heal all allies and banner, cleansed harmful effects. Use Chuck’s rage ability if all enemies were enough to all be K.O, especially the birds.

    This trio has 70% chance of winning and 5% chance for a 3-star rating.


    I have a good combo. Paladin Princess and basically you’re most damaging bird. When Princess attacks everyone can only attack the banner. Sounds bad right? Wrong! This keeps the other birds alive. The glory of this is that once everyone is attacking the banner heal it with Princess and attacking with Paladin and you will be getting huge healing for it. You will be doing nice damage to the opponents banner while yours is being healed a lot. If you have Thorns on the banner your basically leading your opponent into a death trap. Hope this helps!


    I also have some more:
    – Mage/Archmage Chuck
    – Berserk Bomb
    – Spies the Blues

    This is still the trio I already tell but Bomb’s class is Berserk, not Capt’n.
    The strategy is similar to what I told you, but, with Bomb’s class, you need to reduce the usage of the Rage, to deal maximum damage for Bomb. The Enrage attack doesn’t affect the Explode! rage ability.

    This trio has 85% chance of winning and 40% chance of 3-star rating.


    If you have Paladin, that bird is a must, with the high starting health and the healing ability. I personally like Chuck Wizard even with the lower health because if you can get him the rage chili you can do amazing damage. I prefer to use the Bomb Captain but will use my Druid if I can’t use Bomb. Princess in the arena fights seems lost on me–why would you want all hits directed to the banner? I know it can protect your other birds but it really puts the banner at risk.


    Well, @mimi27, Princess force all opponent’s birds to attack the banner because the banner has the highest health of all. If you know how to use Princess in PvP, you could use with Rogues or Mage/Archmage to make the birds think twice about attack the banner. Princess makes a whole lot of difference to your trio. Without lots of protection to the banner, it’ll easily to be defeated. Use Royal Aid at the banner and keep forcing enemies once the ability is over. When all birds were defeated, start attacking the banner.


    Well, @angryjohnny, fighting Piggy McCool’s birds was total easy, like about 1 or 2 minutes and you win. That’s not how we could find trios, especially players don’t have friends on Facebook plays Angry Birds Epic. You must experience yourself in real PvP battles to know.


    @lightningbird, I see your point. I just barely won a battle against Princess, Red and Blues. The banner had the protection of Red, so due to Princess, I was forced to attack the banner, which meant I was attacking Red, the bird with the highest health. I agree that it gets rid of the flexibility of choosing which birds to go after and when, but I’ve also won a few battles because I was attacking the banner, and it was unprotected. I can see where adding the Cannoneer attack to the bird protecting the banner, then forcing an attack on the banner could be a good strategy.


    @mimi27, what do you mean by: “I was forced to attack the banner, which meant I was attacking Red, the bird with the highest health.”


    I have a normal trio of birds. They’re:
    – Avenger Red
    – Lightning Bird Chuck
    – Berserk Bomb

    Use Lightning Fast at Bomb to attack random enemy. The Rage fills, Bomb’s attack is increased. Enemy focus Chuck 100%, so try to have Phoenix Feather and Egg to make him survive. Use Frenzy at Red so that he could increase attack by 30% (15% maximum health x 2% attack every 1% health lost). Repeat these steps until the banner’s down.

    Note: Red and Bomb’s Rage Ability doesn’t affect the Revenge and Enrage attack effects.

    This trio has 70% chance of winning and 20% chance of 3-star rating.


    @lightningbird, I don’t think I explained myself well. What I meant was that if my opponent had the banner badge that gave protection using their Red to take the hit, and if I’m forced by their Princess to attack the enemy with the most health (likely banner unless it’s at the end of the match), then my strike at the banner will be blocked by Red. I’ve noticed that Red is often the bird with the greatest starting health of the three, so striking Red instead of the banner would do relatively little damage overall to my opponent. My strategy, which is hardly original, is generally to knock out the weakest birds first and then go after the banner, using birds that damage more than just their target.

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