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  • loynis

    This trio was already mentioned, I’ll post more details about it.

    Rainbird with phoenix feathers (this set is essential).
    Druid with sweet set
    Rogues with save me set (also essential)
    Banner with sweet rags (makes a lot of difference), rage shield bottom (saved my butt plenty of times). For the top, I have dispel.

    My rainbird and druid are rank 9, and rogues are rank 7. My sets aren’t top notch, some pieces are like 7 levels below.

    Despite that, even losing coinflip and having chuck knocked out on the opening round isn’t a death sentence, I often able to turn the battle in my favour. I had won several times with my banner having less than 300 hp left.



    Wondering if you or anyone else has had multiple battles where you were just not able to attack? I have had to exit out of many battles due to this and which forfeits you from that battle and counts as a loss. Generally this happens on my second turn in the battle, and most often with Bomb, though it’s happened with Blues and Red too. Bug? Restart phone? Reload app? Anything! Help please…


    @raeski3 – It’s a bug when enemy has bird protecting banner emblem. That emblem is pretty bugged and sometimes effect activates but there is no animation and no damage applied to banner or protecting bird. That’s when the bug occurs and the attacking bird will be unable to attack next turn and you will be forced to exit and loose. Only solution is to kill the protecting bird before proceeding to other targets.


    I’m sorry to say this, but if you want to tell about bugs, you could go to the Angry Birds Epic forum bug section to write about it. This is the forum about PvP trios. Sorry, guys


    Hey guys, just want to share my team that helped me to win in first position the first tournament.
    It was composed by: Matilda with Druid, Bomb with Captain and Blues with Rogues. Basically with the Chili’s ability of Bomb I can do a pretty good damage to all opponents and I finish them with Matilda and Blues. The good thing about that team was that I was able to deal 946HP damage every time with Bomb and with the Hocus Pokus I was able to heal it. With Druid 810HP in total (210 from direct attack and 600 from “poison”) and lastly with Blues almost 1200HP (292 direct and 876 “posion”). The really nice thing was that I was able to do 1476HP damaged from “poison” attacks from Matilda and Blues every turn.
    My strategy was: attack firstly with Chili’s ability of Bomb and then try to eliminate other birds with Matilda and Blues. Secondly, I hit the banner, so that it was affected by poison attack and every turn it lost 1476HP. Finally, finish out other birds.
    Eventually I used Chili’s ability of Matilda to heal my banner and birds.
    With that strategy I was able to win almost 15 battle in a row.
    Captain and Rogues are at level 7, Druid level 8.
    Hope it could help someone and hope you understand what I wrote haha.


    I tried Paladin (Dragon Set) Captain (sissors set) and Skulkers (Plushies) today
    (I have the Golden hilli also). If u focus on the Banner and the Banner sign is not thorns or rage down it works quiet well. Of course first turn whip up and then rage chilli on red after Skulkers weakend the banner is the most important thing about this.


    Whenever Chuck is knocked out in first round for me, it usuallyresults in the other two going down shortly after… and then Chuck revives, with his rage pepper filled, and only him on board. Three Chuck blasts usually downs all three opponent birds (or leaves them near-death) and severely damages the opponent banner, while leaving me with a fully revived team next turn.

    So basically, if they take out Chuck in round 1 and then the other two birds in round 2, it’s as close to an auto-win as when I go first.


    Personally, I use a combination of Rainbird/Druid/Skulkers.

    On my first turn, I use the Skulkers ability on Druid to get Thorns on my opponent. (This works regardless of going first or second, since the opponent will always attack either the banner or Rainbird.)

    Combined with Acid Rain, this deals almost 1000 damage per round on my opponent’s banner and their birds.

    Plus, it seems that if you KO a bird with a DoT effect, they are knocked out for an extra turn.


    I use Wizard with Phoenix set, Paladin with the dragon set and Rogues (no matched set). The Phoenix set keeps me with at least two birds even if I go second, and I try to knock out one bird at a time so they only revive one at a time. I try to have at least one opponent alive when I use Rage on Wizard so it guarantees knocking out an opponent. My second choice for Rogues is Canoneer with his ability to lower the opponent’s attack. I have pretty good luck unless I get hit with an opponent using Chuck’s rage to wipe all three of my birds.


    Wizard, Sea Dog, and then Paladin, Bard, or Skulkers. I win every time if I go first, and then very oftn the situation I named happens if I go second.


    My favorite trio is Palladin with dragon breath, Wizard with phoenix, and spies with save me. They do a ton of damage to everything with the rage chili on Chuck.


    I have a new favorite: Rain bird, druid, and rouges. Hammer the banner with all three in round one, and even if the birds get knocked out, that banner is taking 1785 the next 3 turns. I’ve won about 30 in a row with that set, sometimes with a fully healed banner.


    Chuck (Wizard) – Lightning Set
    Bomb (Sea Dog) – Hand Set
    Trio (Skulkers) – Save Me! set.

    Enemies almost always target the skulkers first, even with Chuck sitting right there. Bomb is pretty much never directly targeted, so his attack power doesn’t go out – and 90% of the time, I get bonus attacks with hi thanks to his support power. Since the AI enemies are never strong enough to take down Skulkers after their fresurrection, my first turn always ends up like this:

    -Sea Dog links up with Skulkers
    -Skulkers does their support attack, making everybody vulnerable. Bomb immediately follows up and slaps whichever target Skulkers hit (could be the banner, could be one of the enemy birds. It’s very useful if he takes out a potentially dangerous bird).
    -Rage pepper on Chuck. All three birds attack, and then usually Sea Dog gets his bonus from the link.
    ROUND 2
    Everybody attacks the banner. Sea Dog gets to go twice because he’s still linked with Skulkers. If there id a particularly dangerous enemy standing, Sea Dog’s attack is directed to hm – Skulkers still hits the banner to keep vulnerability on it, and Wizard nails the bnner and splashes damage on anything else.

    In Silver League, I typically win by round 3 0r 4. I lose very rarely with this team, and then only when the computer behaves a lot smarter than usual. Funny thing is, my birds aren’t een mastery level 10 (Wizard is 9, Sea Dog is 8, Skulkers is freakin’ SIX).

    If Skulkers goes down, Bomb links with Chuck. if Chuck goes down, I save the rage pepper until Chuck is up again. Once in a long while, the computer beats the tar out of me and knocks out my birds, then attacks the banner… only for Chuck to stand up again, all alone. the Rage Pepper is insanely powerful when it’s just Chuck rapid-firing.


    My most succesfull team is:
    Chuck – Lighting bird – Phoenix set
    Bomb – Cap’n – Candy bomb set
    The Blues – Spies – Any set

    If you start first, you buff the blues, use lighting fast on blues and then attack to finish off at least one bird.

    If you start second, the enemies will most likely focus chuck and trigger his revival. Then you use the tactic above.
    I have 100% win rate with 3* against equal/weaker enemies and ~90% win rate against stronger enemies.

    A great weakness is fighting against enemies that use poison since you have no healing skills

    @difoe- You are correct; that team is incredibly precise and devastating to weaker and even stronger enemies. How did you come up with it? You might want to remove your comment; that is probably one of the “Big 3” most effective teams in the entire arena. Your foes may use it against you. If your team goes against the same team of someone else, the victor will be whoever goes first.


    Well, you might wanna change the Lightning Set into Mage/Archmage set, cause opponent rarely gave out some special effects for their birds. Archmage/Mage could deal more damage and Lightning Fast do not damage the banner directly


    The lighting bird isnt used for buff removal. It is used to make the buffed blues attack a second time.
    For example, a 500atk spies get buffed up to 800atk with capn’s buff, then you use lighting fast to make spies attack once and see which enemy got focused and then you use spies’ attack and kill 2-3 enemies because of the chain attack.
    If you manage to kill at least 2 enemies then the enemy banner goes down before the enemies respawn


    Wizard with Reborn 41/10
    Sea Dog with Scissors 41/10
    Spies with Save Me 41/10
    Banner with Blazing Eye (gold), Blazing Cloth (silver), and Vengeful (diamond)

    Win the toss –
    Sea Dog buffs Spies
    Chili to Wizard
    Spies to banner
    (Usually all opponents birds KO at this point)

    Second round
    Spies to banner
    Sea Dog to Banner (chili usually full again)
    Chili to Wizard

    Third round
    clean up banner if needed

    Lose the toss –
    Same as above if wizard not KO
    If Wizard KO –
    Chili to Sea Dog
    Spies to strongest bird standing

    Round two – Sea Dog buff spies
    Spies to Banner

    Round three
    Spies to banner
    Sea Dog to Banner

    Round four – Sea Dog buff Spies
    Spies to banner
    Chili to Wizard for Coup de Grace


    My favorite team is Venom Team
    Blue Trio/Skulker
    …and the banner has Blessed Set with your favorite emblem.


    @burbman I don’t have any of the sets you like using. I don’t understand why you like wasting both the Sea Dog’s turn and Spies’ turn the way you buff. I’d understand if you swapped Spies with Marksmen and used Princess instead of Wizard, but it makes no sense to waste those 2 attacks. If you are concerned about healing your banner, just use the vampiric emblem.

    I understand now. You meant the enemy banner.


    @killerkea – Yes, I mean enemy banner.

    I hit the opponent six times in the first round, at least three of which do damage to multiple targets, and seven times in the second round. Takes a very strong lineup to withstand that attack. If they happen to get a shot off in between, and knock out my wizard, not only does he revive, but my banner hits them all again.


    @burbman You’ll do more damage if you replace Spies with Skulkers. Use Sea Dog on Skulkers, use Skulkers on himself, then use Rage Chili on Wizard. Sometimes you can knockout all 3 enemies this way. You’ll definitely destroy the enemy banner a lot faster.


    @burbman You’ll do more damage if you replace Spies with Skulkers. Use Sea Dog on Skulkers, use Skulkers on himself, then use Rage Chili on Wizard. Sometimes you can knockout all 3 enemies at once. You’ll destroy the enemy banner faster this way. However I use twin lightning and BEEP attack so your sets might not do as much damage.


    @killerkea – I used to use those sets in arena, still do in regular play. I like the two I use in arena now because they level the playing field for me when I lose the coin toss. Usually I still have all three birds for my first attack this way.

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