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  • Drag to attack is unresponsive about every 6-7 battles causing me to forfeit my match

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  • Ziutek Gazda

    I confirm I have been seeing similar behaviours at least for few days. It’s annoying because once attack is “frozen” the only one possibility to continue the game is surrender the battle and you know what it means for PvP tournament. You are losing 1 from 3 chances for playing it.


    Same. I can inspect things, but I can’t attack, which results in forced loss.


    I’m dealing with that issue this precise moment. Already lost 1 time because of it and I’m on the verge of losing again – my 3rd and last time. I’m still waiting to see if it’s a temporary isuue but i have few hopes on that…


    I got the same problem here. Haven’t lost at all in 20-30 matches but I had to forfeit 3 of them and lose the right to play any more just because I was not able to attack with my birds.

    BTW I play on IOS


    I’m playing the iOS version and had the same issue yesterday, thankfully it happened only once…


    This problem happens when your opponent has an emblem like “Protection from Chuck”. It is triggered when you attack the flag and Chuck successfully protects it. I had Sea Dog linked to my Bard and thought I’ll attack the flag with my Bard because Chuck was low on health and I figured the Bard would kill Chuck, then the Sea Dog would damage the flag. Unfortunately I forgot about this bug. If you kill Chuck first, then you won’t encounter the drag to attack bug. Unfortunately I haven’t been able to figure a way out of this. My Sea Dog could still attack and I had him kill Chuck, but my Bard was still frozen. Switching to another device is worse than losing because not only will you take the loss, but you can be reverted to a previous save where you completed less objectives. Also there is no auto play button in PvP.

    You just have to remember to constantly kill the bird that is protecting the flag before attacking the flag. If the enemy used Princess or some other bird to force your birds to attack the flag and you don’t have a bird that can cleanse, then you are out of luck and will have to take a loss until they fix this bug.


    I reported this freeze/crash issue to Rovio but haven’t heard a thing from them. Anyone else who’s been bitten by the bug had a response from Rovio?


    I avoided the quit to reset one time when my rage chili happened to fill up just before I attempted another attack with the frozen bird. In this case I used it on Matilda, even though everything had plenty of health. I was then able to complete the battle normally. Not sure if this would work if the frozen bird was a different one.

    Erik van den Ende

    I opened a thread about this bug a couple days ago, but it seems like someone deleted it.. I had these freeze ups happens 6 times in the last 4 days.. hope rovio will fix it soon!!


    This bug isn’t fixed yet and I still don’t have any answer from Rovio costumer service for my complain of December, 28th.

    Congratulations for spotting what triggers the bug and thanks for sharing. Now I know how to avoid this issue.

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