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  • Do you have a best set items you use for each bird in the arena?
    And do you have a best set items you use for each bird in “campaign” or single player mode?
    If so, what are they? I need help on using different sets of set items to defeat other multiplayer opponents… :)

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  • BINH

    The only set i miss is Matilda’s nightmare. I have dragon; lightning; sugar & save me. Those r best items for each bird imo


    I like:
    – Dragon & Titan;
    – Time & Lightning;
    – Sweet & Nightmare;
    – Scissors;
    – Beep! & Artillery
    Specific set depends on daily objectives and opponent.

    The rest basically don’t see play, arena or campaign.



    I primarily use the ‘Venomous’ team in the arena.

    Arena TOP – Blessed Idol
    Arena FLAG – Blessed Blanket
    Arena EMBLEM – Resilience

    Chuck – Rainbird – ‘REBORN’ set – Phoenix Feather + Phoenix Egg
    Matilda – Druid – ‘SWEET’ set – Honey Spoon + Honey Jar
    Blues – Rouges – ‘SAVE ME!’ set – THE Sling + Angry Birds Plushies

    This is the ULTIMATE defensive/healing + degen(-erative) damage team.


    Best in my opinion:
    Red – only Dragon
    Chuck – Mana and Lightning, Reborn in some situations
    Matilda – Nightmare or Sweet
    Bomb – Scissors and Sugar
    Blues – Beep and Save Me!, sometime Artillery

    Probably Finisher will be my new favourite for Bomb.


    I see so many Reborn & Save Me!, but I never use them, not even in Arena.

    I figure it’s just as easy to HIT HARDER! :D


    Actually every set has its own purpose and could be useful in the arena. My main team in the arena is Samurai with dragon, Capt’n with Scissors and Spies with Save Me. Since the Spies are with the lowest health, all the birds attack him on the first move, but since he revives, there is almost no bird team that could kill it in the first move, even if the enemy starts first.


    @graugeist You would take that approach! Lol. I’m just so dependent on the “Venomous” team… I get extremely nervous when I’m forced to go super-offensive. My birds and gear are strong enough… but I just panic and make really noobish decisions. This usually results in FAIL. I almost vomited when Chuck’s new set was released. Lol. Thankfully, I don’t run into it much in the arena.


    I usually use Sweet! for Matilda to increase healing so that my birds stay alive, and Scissors for Bomb as well as Twin Lightning for Chuck. For Bomb, it’s to deal damage to everyone, and Chuck to deal serious damage.



    For red bird, I like grand slam on samurai a lot, and dragongreath works well to. For yellow bird, I like twin lightning on wizard. For white bird, I don’t have nightmare, but it sounds good with bard. For bomb bird, i like sugar rush. For blue bird, i like artillery strike on tricksters.

    Robert William Schooley II

    How do set items work. Where can you use them. Cause I can go and view them and click on them but when I leave and go anywhere else I can’t use them


    @robert-william-schooley-ii You don’t “use” set items. The effect just happens as long as your bird is holding the set items.

    Edit: Just realized you might be talking about viewing them in the Golden Pig Machine. If this is the case you don’t keep those. You just look to see what the set bonus is. To actually get one there is a small chance to get one while rolling on the GPM.


    Surprisingly, we’re getting (another) free Primal Axe (to go with the free Primal Spear we got earlier). This makes for the first full Set that we’ve gotten for “free”.

    I can only hope that I get a free Mana Shell to complete the Mana Set, because that would make Arena a *lot* easier for me if I didn’t have to worry about Venomous and Princess/Cupcake Trap…



    Earlier, on the first calendar, we got free Primal Axe too. Now we wiil get the same item.
    Why not the seconde ? Primal spear ?
    Why not the new set item of Blues ?

    Angry Johnny

    @grimmjow Rovio probably do not want to give players a full set, no money in that.
    Also the free Set Items in the calendar usually happens in the same month as the bird gets a new class (so far anyway) and Bomb is next with a new class next month.


    Oh. It’s been so long ago, and I got both items, I forgot which one they gave us. Sorry for the mixup.


    @graugeist I am so with you… I HATE Princess in the arena. She is a solid second behind Chuck-‘Mana’ on my “most loathed opponents – vs the ‘Venomous’ team – in the arena” list.


    @graugeist if memory serves the first axe was not full strength so perhaps this one will be. I too got both from the GP but I don’t like them. In fact the only new set which appeals to me is the Mana, which I have and am using in the Arena not always though. I rolled my one and only venomous emblem so I’m happy to use Chuck with twin lightening. It’s working well so far. I have encountered all the new sets at full strength but since I don’t own them don’t really see their potential and they are not difficult to defeat.

    Edit: it has now changed to the Piercing Needle for the blues. Much better!


    Piercing Needle with 10% Shrouding is nice, but it’s not a must-have like Mana Set. I think I’d rather stick with BEEP! and/or Artillery.


    10% shrouding is pretty weak. Red’s Protector’s Aura reduces damage by 10% on Red and all allies. I’m not sure if the banner counts as an ally, but Red’s set is on average 3-4 times more effective and it is far better since you don’t have to worry about the randomness. This might be one set they need to improve instead of weaken.


    @angryde Thanks for your ‘Venomous’ team setup, I modified it according to my gear.
    Flag emblem Rage Shield, Chuck mana set. That setup make me win when enemy begin:)

    But that setup will lose when opponent chuck have mana set:(


    @oobear It’s a pleasure. I’m glad that ‘Venomous’ is working for you. If you get Chuck + ‘Mana’ just click on the bottom/friends section of the totem pole in the home camp… and enter into an unranked battle with Piggy McCool. Then, as soon as the battle has started, quit out and return to the arena home page. This will reset you ranked opponent(s)… and hopefully get rid of Chuck/Mana. Good luck!


    @angryde Many thanks for that, it’s really worked for getting rid of Chuck/Mana. Thanks


    No problem at all @oobear. I’m glad to help.


    I haven’t had much luck getting set items and it’s frustrating me to no end. I have the advanced golden pig machine and a gold anvil and cauldron. I use the 3x and 5x chances and still end up with some of the same weapons I’ve gotten multiple times. There are some set items I’ve never received. What’s the trick? Thank you!


    The best set item for Illusionist is Mana Shell set!]
    Also the color match, plus gives Illusionist new ability!

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