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  • Hey guys!

    I’m a Social Media & Community Manager at Rovio, mainly taking care of campaigns and fan interaction in SoMe channels (Facebook, YouTube, Twitter etc). I’m quite new to the nest, but thought it’d be important to check in from time to time to see what’s up in this community and try to reply to questions on behalf of Rovio whenever I get a chance.

    On the games side I’m mainly keeping an eye on Angry Birds Friends, Angry Birds Go! and Angry Birds Transformers, so you’ll see me dropping by those forums.

    Feel free to say hi! I look forward to getting to know this community more each day!

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  • Bird Leader

    Hi and Welcome @wingmanjuan! It’s great to see you here, and I look forward to some fun discussions. Also, please enjoy your shiny new “Celebrity Judge” badge.


    Hi @wingmanjuan Glad to see you here. I just finished posting this weeks ABF tournament. Great theme!


    Hi @wingmanjuan, welcome to the Nest!


    Welcome to the Nest @wingmanjuan It’s very Encouraging to have you here and checking in with Nesters! to see Rovio take an interest in our comments and any issues is refreshing:) I don’t really play the versions you mentioned above , will you also accept discussion on other versions of Angry Birds?


    @wingmanjuan welcome to the Nest. The only game haven’t played is Angry Birds Transformers. I was once a diehard Angry Birds, Go fan but with the continuous crashes during game play and no success with the fixes suggested by Rovio I uninstalled Go…it Rovio can fix that I would gladly install it again.


    @birdleader Awesome! Thanks :)


    Thanks @kathy
    The idea is that other SoMe/Community managers that work with other titles will come around and do the same. As said before, we’ll be around from time to time answering questions (and taking compliments too of course :D )


    @hooksfan When was the last time you played ABG? I’m sure we’ve come a long way since then ;)


    @dmsral @sal9 @tommy-de Thanks! Glad to be here!


    Welcome @WingmanJuan, to The Nest. It is very exciting to have you here, representing Rovio and interacting with our Nesters!


    Welcome to the Nest @wingmanjuan.


    welcome to the Nest! :)
    We all look forward to getting to know you as well. I’m sure you will have lots of interesting thing to share. We also look forward to meeting your fellow teammates!
    I’m sure you will find the Nest to be a very warm and welcoming place to come out of the cold from. ;)
    Congrats on your new shiny badge!!! It looks awesome on you! :D
    Have a delightful day! Cheers! :D


    Welcome to the Nest @wingmanjuan. I am sure you will love it here!



    Welcome to the Angry Birds Nest. The Nest is an outstanding player’s compliment to all the Rovio/AB games. It is one of those places that players can learn, improve and obtain data on how to improve their scores and enjoy the games to their fullest extent. BL and the staff have provided many “avenues” of discussion for the players to express there various interests and concerns. They have also presented the Rovio AB games in an objective and supportive manner so all players can approach each with a positive position on where to play each game to its conclusion.

    I might add that Rovio has provided the players the “Contact” function and I thank you and the management for providing that so we can express our concerns with any of the various games.

    There are a bunch of great folks in the Nest that through their generosity of spirit share their most completive strategies with other players so they can improve their game play.

    Enjoy your time reading the comments for the topics related to your position/job.

    Hopeful that improvements and the Rovio account will be coming to Transformers. Love the game and in the process of saving pigs and coins for the next major update.


    @wrw01 Thank you so much! I’m aware of the importance of the nest and here at Rovio we deeply appreciate what it has done for our fans and for our games!

    Thanks everyone for such nice welcome messages! Squawk!

    Dixi 60

    Welcome to Angrybirdsnest………

    I have been writing to Rovio and my last email has been ignored. Maybe you can take up my complaint and maybe tell me what Rovio Customer Service hasn’t.

    I am in Diamond level one. My score initially on entering Diamond was 670 but week in week this has dropped to 613. Firstly, my score has been generated by purchased PU’s so in effect I feel they should not be taken away or eroded if I can’t play for a week or don’t do a top placement. The taking away of earned points is unfair and a practice not seen across the gaming world except at Rovio. If you have worked your way to a certain level with King, for instance, and take a break of a year as I did, when you return it’s to the level you retired at.

    In my opinion, if a player in your League doesn’t come tops it’s counter-productive to take his/her points away after they spent money with Rovio to play. It’s an insult and shows disrespect towards your client. It’s far better all round not to advance the player or incentivize them with a small number of points or keep them on the same score level. If you think I am the only player who feels robbed and cheated by Rovio – do so at your peril. My solution to this problem is to quite simple I’m NOT buying PU’s anymore and eventually when I get back to Gold I’ll stop playing. My partner is doing likewise and so will our friends.

    Anyway, this is the score – I’m not purchasing PU’s anymore until the erosion of my points stops and my former points are restored.

    You want to guard against demoralizing your players and turning them cheats and hacks. It’s very easy to see how some players went off piste.

    That’s my story, most players won’t complain they’ll just disappear.
    I hope you can do something about this otherwise I guess I only have about two weeks left to play Angry Birds Friends, you know the score 613.

    P.S. You can drop by and see my week on week scores, I’m never at the bottom of he pack as I am in the League. That tells me I still have hacks and cheats playing against me. Also, the same people seem to win every week, how is that possible.



    Hey! I just checked with the support team and they said your last email came on march 2nd and was replied (asking for your user id) on march 4th, but never heard from you again. You can reply to that and continue from there ;)

    In any case, you can find details on how the ranking drops work here:

    Dixi 60

    Thanks Wingman Juan,
    In my e-mail to Rovio I gave my full particulars name, address etc. including my Nest profile and name. I checked my email accounts and my last communication fron Rovio was on 17/2/15 giving me a ticket number for an earlier email. That was from Lida.

    I sent the original email off the Rovio website so don’t have a copy. I’ll contact them again. Is here anyone in particular I should address the concerns to? There is no trace of an email from Rovio Support in March, maybe they have mixed me up with someone else.

    Dixi 60

    Rovio have all my details, they know my Facebook profile and my Nest profile.
    I wrote a long email direct onto their website and don’t have a copy. Someone is sitting on it or filed in a waste basket as too tiresome to deal with.

    In a few hours I may well be back in Gold and will stop wasting my own resources and play I’ll my PU’s are spent. I’m not lining the pockets of unfair companies with my pieces of silver.

    I have read bill’s explanation with interest and need to check my levels on all my other games to see if I have the magic green day points. I have played for a long time now so it will be interesting to see.

    Not sure my partner is happy – being demoted from Gold to Silver either.


    Hey @dix-60

    I’ll check with them again ;)


    So, @dixi-60

    Seems like you are using two different email accounts when contacting customer support, and that’s where the mix-up has happened.They were expecting to hear from you from a “” email address. They will get in touch with you again (to either one of the two email addresses).

    Hope that helps!


    @Wingmanjuan Dixi is referring to the additional stars and eagles acquired by older players who were fortunate enough to play through the Green Day levels while they were available. But now, they are no longer available, and new players will seem to forever have a disadvantage when it comes to Story Levels overall rank. Can we get rid of the Green Day score data? Instead of 681 stars, 227 eagles, the maximum should be 615 stars, 205 eagles. Oh, and the points data acquired from them are probably also still there, and shouldn’t be. It is extremely unfair to the players who can’t play them.

    I have asked Rovio about this before, but they respond with “well, we think players who earned their data should get to keep it,” but I totally disagree with this, and I bet that everyone else does as well, including myself, and I still have the GD data. You seem to be responsive here on the nest, so you are my (our) only hope.


    Hi @dollarbill2208

    Sorry for the late reply. I’ll bring thisdirectly to the ABF team, but I can’t promise anything. Will do my best ;)

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