My thoughts on the Acidstorm event

  • Having just played the event and go through four nodes, I can honestly say that this won’t be a fun event. Sorry.
    First of all you can’t choose two transformers to help you so there is no bonus if you choose the transformer from the same team. That really sucks. But you do get to use your energonicon (I use Glassor w/ my level 15 Energon Grimlock) so I guess its better than nothing. Also the first challenge is getting as many glass blocks you can so I sense that who ever is in first place will have a total of over 100,000 blocks hopefully by actually playing the game and not by hacking it.
    Secondly Acidstorm costs 5000 tokens (who knows how much his accessories cost) so basically you have to finish all the challenges on the same day and pray that you can stay in first place five times or use as many gems as you can so you can secure first place. Also the time the vent runs for is far too short- 7 days?! I think i speak for everyone where if they’d made this into a 10 day event it would have please everyone a lot more Also don’t make token exchange go for three days have it go for 2 at the most.
    Thirdly I am very worried about bugs, glitches and nodes where there hasn’t been enough to get decent amounts of tokens. I don’t think Rovio cares about the bugs as long as enough people are playing the game, they don’t care.
    Finally I feel as if this challenge will be a chore so that you constantly play it over and over again until you become and stay in first place. Games and new events are meant to be fun and not be a chore. although I do hope that Rovio makes another event where you can get him if you didn’t get Acidstorm in this event.
    So thats pretty much my thoughts and feeling on this event. countless hours of getting no sleep so you can try and stay in first place. Please let me know what everyone else here thinks about the Acidstorm event.

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  • Geli

    I see this as a re-run of the earlier, simpler challenges held that did not see bonus awards for team mates. IIRC recent Shockwave event was identical to this one.

    I have no inside knowledge, just a WAG that Rovio made this a simple event, given the bugs that generated complaints during the buddy bonus team challenges.

    2 runs – spent 10 gems for a recharge – and have 60 tokens in the bank. Don’t know as of yet if the cap will be 550 tokens or higher. Group winner will be the one that spends the most gems for recharges.

    Can play the regular nodes and visit Professor Pig’s lab to farm gems and pay for the recharges.


    Just had 3 WMT in the beach node. L14 EGrimlock did not destroy them. The usual nerfing of TF in challenges appears to be in effect.


    5000 tokens is too much.7x(10+20+30+40+50+60+70+80+90+100) tokens=550 tokens x7=3850.Confirmed you get last place everyday,you should at least get 4550 tokens,which is absolutely BAD.

    Francis Crawford

    If you play at all seriously, you should average better than 300 tokens a day from the standings. So if you regularly get up to the 80/90 hurdles for point count, you should make the 5000.

    Of course, it remains to be seen how many gems that’s likely to require.

    Drover’s Dog

    If you get 550 tokens everyday you are likely to be in the top 3 every day, however, as long as you are in the top 10 the prize can be attained.

    Francis Crawford


    The only legitimate reason to view this as hard is to fear — which is quite reasonable based on experience — that getting to 550 will be forbiddingly expensive or difficult.


    Starting the event with glass makes me worry. I’ve maybe had one run with decent amount of glass. The runs seem super short too.


    Well IMHO any comp run/played you should be able to get the prize by playing normal but this comp like the other’s you can’t get the new seeker without shelling out gems and by looking at the post’s here this comp is not easy at all and 5000 is going to take some getting sadly, Now if bugs start to crop up then I don’t see many getting him.

    I was thinking/hoping that due to all the problems/bugs/issues from the last several events that this event would be very easy and like a big sorry for the other events but not looking that way.


    5000 tokens is do-able in the 7 days. Hit that in Shockwave event with 2 days remaining.


    Reaching 550 is doable, but will likely cost you at least two gem recharges (or more depending on luck and/or how much sleep you’re willing to forgo).

    Anyone reaching 550 should not be doing any worse than fifth place in the competition, and will likely place third or better, unless they were unfortunate enough to be slotted in with a hyper-competitive cohort.

    Short of a bug that somehow wipes out your Competition progress while leaving your Challenge score intact, there’s no way anyone reaching 550 in the Challenge should be placing in the 100 level of the Competition.


    One thing I noticed about this comp is you score no points for collateral damage (i.e., pigs, WMTs, etc), only for the goal item. So it’s gonna to be extra important that we don’t get a bunch of “empty nodes” this time around. We’ll see.


    yeah I’m at 210 tokens and place 8th… Guess Rovio doesn’t about the players, they only care how many gems you’ve spent on trying to stay in the top 5 and then buy more to cover the ones you used. UGH


    I noticed the no additional points for other damage. It’s been like that in the past two events which really helped. I’ve had some good runs here and there and some that weren’t worth it. Has anyone else noticed a lot of short runs like I have?


    The game app is crashing so frequently that my tablet is suggesting uninstalling the app. 20 in one week and three during the Acid Storm event!


    I just hit the end of the world glitch on a competition node.


    Ooh, I haven’t seen that in a long while (knock on wood). During comps I always start clean, run two nodes, exit, clear it from memory, and run two more nodes.


    550 is the max per round for this comp…. Had to push it to the limit…. well good luck to all….. I’m glad I have a few gems to spend…. Although I would rather use them to boost my remaining ABT’s to the max…. Until Rovio changes the game again….


    Damit Rovio!! You create a comp that requires us to spend gems to even stand a chance and then you put out a buggy comp that crashes constantly. I spend gems to stand a chance and immediately after I run 3 nodes and crash every time right as I am about to enter the astrotrain, and two of the 3 stole my tokens, one records my score. You owe me 150 plus points and I cannot spend more gems only to have you buggy comp steal my progress, fix this and pay me back!!!


    I wonder what proportion of the “big spenders” in these events have accumulated their gem stashes through farming, and how many have spent real cash on them.

    In any case, I wouldn’t be surprised if amounts of gems used in the Acid Storm event to be much higher than usual due to the availability of gems as a token prize in the Heatwave event.


    This is worse than the glass from yesterday. It’s gold bricks and there are at the most 8 a node. I’ll continue doing the challenge but it’s really starting to look like a way for you to have to constantly recharge with gems to hit max. I’ve noticed the amount of bricks needed to get more tokens gets a lot wider. I’d rather just pay for the bot and use tokens for accessories. I was hoping for a positive change in challenge but this is a step in the wrong direction.


    @optimuspig Honest answer: farmed to recover the 30 gems I spent in the challenge. Finished 3rd with 860 tokens, and did not play during the last 2+ hours of the event. Leader had opted to go big with a 600 point lead when I last played (I was in 2nd when I stopped due to real life stuff).

    Gems won in the previous event did not have an impact on my spending gems.


    True, Today’s Gold Blocks challenge does not have a lot of scoring targets. However, the token levels, have been adjusted. 4 gold blocks gave 10 tokens, 20 gave 20 tokens, with 35 giving 30 tokens. First 4 runs with these results:
    Falls- 9 block, 9 points, + 10 tokens
    Pig city- 5 blocks, 5 points total 14 points
    Desert- 7 blocks, 7 points, total 21 points, +20 tokens
    Desert- 5 blocks, 5 points total 26 points

    Standings: 3rd in cohort, 1 point behind 2nd, 5 out of 1st, leading 4th by 1 point, 5th by 2 points. I am not spending gems for recharge at this time; i am waiting to see if anyone wants to get into a spending spree.


    I didn’t get that lucky with some of my runs. Staying near the top isn’t as bad, it’s getting the max tokens through runs.


    Event Day 1 Glass Blocks:–

    Pig City had very few to collect and in my runs the highest I collected was 25, the other runs 18-22. Not a place to get IMHO.

    Colbot Valley the runs here got me between 50-85

    The beach and Forest gave me the best rewards of 100-185

    I still had to use 10 gems to reach 550 tokens and was unable to get above 6th place.

    Event Day 2 Coin blocks:—-

    Finding them is not turning out to be easy at all and have a 2 runs that didn’t have 1 block to collect (Pig City & Colbot Valley) and as nothing else counts then its crazy.

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