My thoughts on the Acidstorm event

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  • Tomlad

    yeah i guess


    At this moment i can’t tel you that because i’m upgrading Acid Storm from the moment i got him. I got both accessories already but i didn’t run a node with him after level 1. I’m now upgrading to level 9.


    So, I just did some calculations. I’m currently at 4120 tokens. I’ve already gone past the 60 tokens mark, so if I get the 70, 80, 90, and 100 marks, I should have 4460. I’m currently at 2nd place, which would net me 4960. Just 40 short of getting the new character. Oh, and the guy currently in 1st has double the points I have right now, even after spending gems to reset my batteries twice.

    I still have no clue why we can’t buy tokens in exchange for coins or gems. It’s seems so stupid to me that I missed out on a character that I will probably never have the chance to get again all because the event doesn’t last one more day, or I can’t make up the different in coins or gems.

    I hate these events so much.


    I got him last night and got him up to L6, I just ran a normal node with Goldbrick and ended up with 15K+ after a video double.
    I got no add-ons and have not made my mind up if he’s any good as I can’t figure out what his Acid shots are doing lol. Maybe its because I’ve been up all night and am cross eyed, No i was not up playing this lol, Time with tell.

    On another note I really wish that Rovio would make it their number 1 job to sort out the difference’s on the number of items we are able to collect as in the last few events and this 1 they have been all over the shop.
    I just finished a 4 run event and this is what I got:—

    Forest 8
    Dessert 4 and 52
    Pig City 0

    If you are lucky to hit a few big nodes you are laughing all the way if not you don’t score many.


    Can confirm that both items do help out enormously


    I got Acid Storm and both accessories. He’s currently on his way to L9, but I did some runs without and with his accessories. At L8 and no accessories, he can one-shot kill a WMT. It is a different strategy playing with him since an entire tower isn’t destroyed immediately. One block is destroyed initially and you can see the rest of the tower burn down. So, you hit the tower and go on to the next target instead of repeatedly hitting it until it’s destroyed.

    With both accessories, you get +21% Damage. I guess you get a 1% bonus for having both. I didn’t notice any difference with the accessories, but I also didn’t see reduction in performance like with other TFs and their Damage accessories. I’ll have to see what he’s like at L15, but so far, he seems pretty decent.


    Connection bug is going to have a number of folks upset. I may be one of them.


    I just got home and the challenge is not working. Just spins and spins. No update on my iPad to do so what is going on? I worked hard all week and am close to 5000 but really want to know where I stand. I’ve no idea when the GMT cutoff is so am freaking out if i miss by a 100 or so.


    Well everyone I came first in the last comp so i got both accessories!! Yay me! I guess


    I see they fixed the connection issue after the event is over and even though they cost people chance at a transformer we may never be able to get again they decided to end it anyway.Good job going.This is how company loses players by not making up for their mistake that cost people.


    I would love to get play the event but you know the game wont allow me to connect to the event i tried on two different devices and tried for an hour.Thanks to someone messing up i wont be able to get the new person i been trying all week for good job rovio thanks for ruining the event for me.


    It’s still spinning for me. I wonder if it has anything to do with gem sale that popped up about that time.


    Yup … Can’t connect to exchange tokens … All that work for nothing? Grrrr …

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