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    This topic is intended to be the one place where discussions about mastery points occur. I have combined all the information currently available that I know about. Please let me know if I missed anything.

    Some information about racking up Snoutlings is also included. Please scroll down to get there.

    Useful links for experience and maximum damage:

    Angry Birds Epic Guide To Experience Stars (Updated 2/1/2021)

    Maximum Damage Teams

    Mastery Points Required to Level Up

    Currently, we are working the new table out. With v2.1, it seems that all rank-up requirements have once again been tweaked, which makes this entire table obsolete again. I apologise for the inconvenience! Blame Rovio.

    *Level 1 to level 2:
    *Level 2 to level 3:
    *Level 3 to level 4:
    *Level 4 to level 5:
    *Level 5 to level 6:
    *Level 6 to level 7:
    *Level 7 to level 8:
    *Level 8 to level 9:
    *Level 9 to level 10:
    *Level 10 to level 11:
    *Level 11 to level 12:
    *Level 12 to level 13:
    *Level 13 to level 14:
    *Level 14 to level 15:
    *Level 15 to level 16:
    *Level 16 to level 17:
    *Level 17 to level 18:
    *Level 18 to level 19:
    *Level 19 to level 20:
    *Level 20 to level 21:
    *Level 21 to level 22:
    *Level 22 to level 23:
    *Level 23 to level 24:
    *Level 24 to level 25:
    *Level 25 to level 26:
    *Level 26 to level 27:
    *Level 27 to level 28:
    *Level 28 to level 29:
    *Level 29 to level 30:
    *Level 30 to level 31:
    *Level 31 to level 32:
    *Level 32 to level 33:
    *Level 33 to level 34:
    *Level 34 to level 35:
    *Level 35 to level 36:
    *Level 36 to level 37:
    *Level 37 to level 38:
    *Level 38 to level 39:
    *Level 39 to level 40:
    *Level 40 to level 41:
    *Level 41 to level 42:
    *Level 42 to level 43:
    *Level 43 to level 44:
    *Level 44 to level 45:
    *Level 45 to level 46:
    *Level 46 to level 47:
    *Level 47 to level 48:
    *Level 48 to level 49:
    *Level 49 to level 50:
    *Level 50 to level 51:
    *Level 51 to level 52:
    *Level 52 to level 53:
    *Level 53 to level 54:
    *Level 54 to level 55:
    *Level 55 to level 56:
    *Level 56 to level 57:
    *Level 57 to level 58:
    *Level 58 to level 59:
    *Level 59 to level 60:
    *Level 60 to level 61:
    *Level 61 to level 62:
    *Level 62 to level 63:
    *Level 63 to level 64:
    *Level 64 to level 65:
    *Level 65 to level 66:
    *Level 66 to level 67: 9835
    *Level 67 to level 68:
    *Level 68 to level 69:
    *Level 69 to level 70:
    *Level 70 to level 71: 10500
    *Level 71 to level 72: 10650
    *Level 72 to level 73: 10720 (please verify)
    *Level 73 to level 74:
    *Level 74 to level 75:
    *Level 75 to level 76:
    *Level 76 to level 77:
    *Level 77 to level 78:
    *Level 78 to level 79:
    *Level 79 to level 80:

    Mastery is obtained from the Mighty Eagle Dojo, playing levels, and playing events.

    Here is how the pig level and the Mastery obtained correspond:
    Mastery corresponding to pig level
    Additionally, for every other enemy that is on the screen when the pig is defeated, 1 bonus Mastery point is added.
    If the defeated enemy is a very strong enemy, there’s a 33% chance that the received amount of Mastery will be doubled.
    Following pigs drop double Mastery with a 33% chance (exceptions where noted):
    – Boss-types (Prince Porky, Wizpig etc.) (King Pig has a 100% chance to drop double Mastery; and the small Ninja boss in Thursday’s dungeon only drops single Mastery)
    – Brute-types (Brawler, Big Pirate etc.) (100% chance to drop Mastery, except for the standard Brute)
    – Knight-types (Cactus Knight, Shogun etc.)
    – Shaman-types (Ice Shaman, Witch Doctor etc.)
    – Moustache-types (Foreman Pig, Big Boss etc.)
    – Wizard-types (Lightning Pig, Frost Pig etc.)
    – “Big” versions of normal pigs (Banshee, Corporal etc.) (Rogue Leaders only drop single Mastery)

    Strategies for upgrading mastery

    Farming snoutlings for Dojo offerings by far the best and fastest way to rank up your birds. The preferred strategy is to have enough snoutlings to buy all snoutling offers at the Dojo whether the offer is on your priority list or not. This will use a minimum of over 2000 per day.

    The currently best places to farm Snoutlings are:
    1. The Daily Dungeons.
    The Snoutling reward maxes out at 310 Snoutlings for the Normal dungeon and 500 Snoutlings for the Elite dungeon. Make sure to do a daily run!
    2. Mouth Pool.
    This level is located on the Pig Head Mountain behind a Friendship Gate. It consists of 10 waves (which is the highest amount of waves in any level in the game), the first 9 each featuring a Mage pig that will run away after 3 turns. If you defeat it before it runs away, it will yield 10 Snoutlings, which is the highest reward for defeating a pig in the entire game. Together with the other pigs in this level, you will easily gain ~110 Snoutlings per run. If you bring along a team of Lightning Bird, Skulkers and Piggy McCool, this number can increase to 300 and more! Simply keep using Lightning Bird’s and Skulkers’ secondary effects on McCool.
    IMPORTANT: For all players that started with the game in v2.0.0 or later: Make sure to clear Mouth Pool as soon as possible. The sooner you clear the level, the easier it will be for you to defeat the Mage pig before it runs away.
    3. The PvP Arena.
    The better you rank on the leaderboard, the more Snoutlings you will receive. (For those that don’t like the Arena, starting just a few minutes before the end of the week will get you a high chance for a high Snoutling price for a minimum of work.)
    4. Events.
    The better you rank on the leaderboard, the more Snoutlings you will receive.
    5. Castles and Chronicle Cave levels.
    They used to be better for Snoutlings but got nerfed in recent updates.
    6. The Daily Calendar.
    As a log-in bonus, you will receive Snoutlings on each 1st, 8th, 15th, 22nd and 29th of a month, for a total of 925 Snoutlings per month (except for a non-leap February, where you will only receive 425 Snouts).
    Wealthy Rogues.
    These are rare pigs that can appear in any level except for a few Castle levels and Boss levels. Defeat it for 50 Snoutlings!

    It is not recommended to spend Lucky Coins on Mastery. If you still want to do so at the Dojo, never spend it on 15 LC upgrades. This simply is not economical. If you have a lot of LC’s and you don’t wish to go through the effort of farming, you can consider spending LC’s on 1000 mastery for all.
    The recommended way to spend LC’s is in combination with snoutlings to get your birds to rank 70 really fast: First you should make sure you have a good supply of snoutlings, then spend the LCs on re-rolls (5 LC) after all snoutling offers are depleted. That way you gain an average of 3000 mastery for 5 LC and 450-600 snoutlings (depending on the discount).
    If you have farmed a lot of snoutlings, and you do not have all classes yet, you can consider ranking up all your existing birds to rank 15 first. You will notice that when you have only one class (or classes for only one bird, at that) which has not reached rank 70, the snoutling offer will never disappear (there are only 3 possible offers left) so you can buy the remaining mastery all in one go. Then when you buy a new class, you can instantly upgrade to rank 70 by buying a few hundred Snoutling offers in a row.

    When you already have a class for your bird and are getting a new one, you will notice it does not start off at rank 1. That is a bonus introduced in v1.5.3 and equals half the Mastery rank of your highest-ranked class for the same bird. So if you have a Knight at rank 10 and are purchasing Samurai, it will be rank 5 from the start. Use this to your advantage to save a lot of Snoutlings.

    Best places to get Mastery points (listed in order of best to worst):

    1. Mighty Eagle Dojo
    The Mighty Eagle Dojo becomes available after retrieving the magical sword from your alter ego in the old nesting burrows. The Dojo offers mastery points in exchange for snoutlings or lucky coins. A discount is applied to snoutling offers based on the amount of collected daily stamp cards (maxes out at -30%).
    The Dojo has a new selection of 3 offers 3 hours after you bought something. Its offerings are either 500 mastery for one class (100 snoutlings minus discount), 500 mastery for all classes for one bird (15 LC), or 1000 mastery for all classes (75 LC).
    When you buy an item it is immediately replaced by another item. A good strategy is to choose the item highest on your priority list, since you might get another. Eventually the 3 items offered will all require Lucky Coins, and you probably won’t have enough unless you are willing to spend lots of real money. On average the dojo offers about 6 snoutling offers per visit (66% chance per slot). The actual number of snoutling offers you get normally ranges from 0 to ~16.
    Since Lucky Coins are more difficult to gain in good quantities, it is preferable to stick to the Snoutling offers.

    2. Events
    As of 1.4.8, there are three different types of events each giving different Mastery rewards:
    Mini Campaigns which are set in a separate overworld and are usually places to gather new classes or class upgrades. Upon finishing it, you have the chance to obtain up to 6,000 Mastery for all birds and additional Mastery for single birds which is the biggest amount of Mastery you can earn at once in the game.
    World Boss events where a very strong boss will raid the island! By defeating it, you collect points for your team made up of 14 other players, which is facing another team with 15 players. The team that has more points in the end will get double rewards on the reward wheel! If your team wins, you can obtain up to 5,000 Mastery for all birds and additional Mastery for single birds; if your team loses, you can get up to 2,500 Mastery for all birds and additional Mastery for single birds.
    Invasion events where many pigs of a certain type will appear on the island. Battle them to collect points for the leaderboard. When the invasion ends, you can obtain up to 1,500 Mastery for all birds and additional Mastery for single birds.

    3. Caves
    The next best source for Mastery are the Chronicle Caves (given that either your birds are strong enough, or you have a lot of friends you can use). Note that you can only use caves to level up two of your birds, since the third bird has to be an ally. If you plan to grind, utilising auto-play is recommended.
    I’d recommend any 5-wave level from Cave 9 or 13-5 for a bigger Mastery output, or 4-5 if you want a slightly quicker game or if you have weaker birds.
    These cave levels are also quite good to grind for Snoutlings! But the best source for Snoutlings is currently Mouth Pool, probably.

    4. Castles
    Castles are the next best source for mastery points after Events and Caves.

    ’s table below gives the potential points from each castle. Note that, because pigs drop mastery at a rate of ~33%, you will only receive 33% of this potential, on average. Getting reliable results for mastery / min will really require automated runs.

    (This table below might be outdated as of v2.0, needs further research)
    AB Epic castle mastery analysis 2.png

    • The best for wave 1 is Cobalt Pig Castle; ties with SRC for second for 4 & 5 waves
    • The best for 4 waves is King Pig’s Castle; 4 waves of KPC is the same as SRC and CPC for 5 waves. Wave 5 of KPC has Prince Porky, who ignores high damage, while for everyone else, you want high damage. Note that King Pig has 100% chance of dropping double mastery in last wave.
    • WizPig’s Castle: Very low mastery

    To sum it up – if you prefer complete runs of a level (preferably on auto-play), KPC is your best bet. If you don’t mind restarting the level after you cleared one wave, go for CPC.

    5. Dungeons
    Dungeons only give mastery to 2 of your birds, since you have to borrow a friend’s bird or Piggy McCool.
    You can attend a dungeon once per day for free; if you want to have another go you will have to spend LC’s.
    Since pigs in dungeons give the same amount of mastery that you can also collect in castles, this makes it not so much of a good source.
    Pigs will not drop more Mastery if you play a dungeon on Elite difficulty! Only the Snoutling output and the difficulty are increased.

    6. Other Battles
    Battles other than castle, caves, and events also give you increases in mastery. So while you are farming for resources, or for snoutlings to buy more mastery, you will be increasing your mastery.
    The best non-castle, non-dungeon, non-cave, non-event level for Mastery is probably Eastern Sea-6.

    7. The Daily Calendar
    As of v2.0.0, on the 10th day of each month you will receive 500 Mastery for all unlocked bird classes, and 1,000 Mastery for all unlocked bird classes on the 24th day of each month.

    8. Chests
    As of v2.0.1, the golden chests that are studded with red jewels, which can be found waiting at the end of each Friendship Gate, as well as those found at the 5th level of each Chronicle Cave, can contain a random amount of Mastery for all unlocked bird classes (so far, values of 200, 750 and 1,000 have been confirmed).
    Additionally, regular (brown) chests, which are scattered across the island waiting after certain levels, can also yield Mastery (so far, the value of 125 has been confirmed).
    This can help for newbies to quickly rank up their birds, but unlike all other methods to acquire Mastery that are listed here, the supply is limited as the chests do not replenish.

    Information obtained from posts from the following nesters:


    , @larry, @KillerKea, 
@TomC, @toothgnasher, @greatleo, @Eric2203, @ambarton24, @kennymcc, @datguygamer, @poptimus, @toolow, @burbman, @ckd1, @fant and many others!

    Additionally, HUGE thanks to the user MVNLA2 for originally starting this topic up!

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  • MVNLA2

    @TomC — For Cave 9, Level 9, did you get 90 mastery for each of your birds, or was that the total for 2 birds?


    OK, here’s some data. I just did star reef castle 5 times. 3 times with double bonus I got 42 points per bird each time. Without, I got 44 the first time, 18 the second time.

    More research is indicated.


    Thanks @Jim151! Yeah, I agree this could be a real research project. Guess I will have to record how much experience bonus I have when I play.


    As a bit of info for you Slim told me that the highest level of Mastery is 10.


    @partshade — Thanks! I did see that comment, but unless it was someone from Rovio, which it could have been, but I don’t think @AMSlimfordy will say, we don’t know for sure.


    @mvnla2 For each bird on average, but only birds that actually attacked seem to have gotten mastery. So for Sea Dog since he gets to attack twice every other turn, he’s been getting a lot more mastery than my other birds.


    @tomc — Interesting — I just used my Paladin mastery level 7 and my Sea Dog mastery level 7 with borrowed Matilda. Paladin got a lot more mastery than Sea Dog. The disadvantage I see in trying to earn mastery using the more difficult caves is that you can’t play them on auto-play, and it takes quite a while to get through them. Cave 9 Level 9 has 10 waves, each of which is not easy.
    Another problem I was having is that the action got slower and slower the further I progressed into the battle until Epic crashed altogether. Fortunately, I think it saved most of my snoutlings and mastery.


    Got 72 mastery playing King Pig’s Castle, most I’ve gotten outside of the caves.


    Has anyone else been tracking how much mastery they get from the Golden Pig? Yesterday (day 7) and today (day 1) I got 0.

    Mighty Red

    @mvnla2 I don’t think it matters how much Mastery can be earned in the Golden Pig level because it’s not much. If you want to know where you can easily earn the most Mastery, then you have already answered that question – King Pig’s castle offers a lot of Mastery (~70). Cave 9 level 9 can give you slightly more Mastery, but you need a friend’s bird and the level itself is too time-demanding.


    The best way to get Mastery points is to buy them with snoutlings from the dojo every day. I have 12,000+ which will take a month to spend since I earn 200-300/day from the daily dungeon. If you run out of snoutlings, then just do Star Reef Castle to get 100+ each time.


    @Mighty-Red-1 and @KellerKea — Thanks for the response.
    I suppose my interest in the Golden Pig is somewhat academic. I started out wanting to understand where / how you get mastery points, and I’ve just kept documenting the data. I find it strange that some Golden Pig battles give no mastery points.
    I’ve got ~7K snoutlings, which is kept fairly constant by playing the daily dungeon. I was hoping to find someplace better to earn mastery. Right now I am saving LC to buy the 1000 pts for all, but my level 7’s are still a huge long way from level 8.
    I hope everyone will contribute once the next Event is released, because I never could figure out any logic to how much mastery you got from the various battles.


    @drobbinsjr — Did you spend real money to get to level 8? If not, what did you do?

    Mighty Red

    @mvnla2 Today I defeated a Day 1 Golden Pig and got 12 mastery (& 3 Snoutlings).


    Rank 9 to 10: 49999 mastery points


    I took advantage of the earlier replay of daily event to get al to level 5. Spent real money to get 6 level 7 masters. Played LC’s and several hours a day to get level 8’s. Have 100K coins and waiting for the daily change of the Dojo’s.


    Just got 12 offers of +500 mastery for various bird classes today.
    Thanks for the answer @drobbinsjr.


    Has anyone noticed if you have to wait for the mastery icons to drop in order to get them? I wasn’t sure if the old snoutling farming trick with the red chili and chuck for a stage that drops like 5-10 mastery could work.

    I tried but I am not seeing the changes in mastery unless I wait for it to drop.


    @aldoz How many lucky coins did you have to spend to get your birds all the way to mastery level 10?


    Seem to be seeing more mastery drop ins. Not sure if it’s just visual effect or if you are able to repeat over and over and still collect them. Seemed as though the last update stopped giving you mastery after 3 or so plays in a given area


    I see the mastery medals but it doesn’t give me any mastery whatsoever. Help! GAAAAHHH!


    @theanonymoussomeone The mastery medals in the event do not equate to actual mastery earned, BUT, you should see small ring like items dropped by enemies at the same time as they drop stars and snoutlings which do add small amounts of mastery to the birds in the current battle. Takes A LOT of battles to amount to much mastery, when compared to using the snoutlings won in the battle to just pay for upgrades in the dojo.


    So far today, I have gotten more mastery for battles in Cave 10, than playing the blue or purple levels of the P&D Event. I did get more for the one gold battle in the event.
    Totals so far, in order played:
    Purple: 36
    Blue: 72
    Purple: 18
    Blue: 18
    Gold: 144
    I find it very interesting and very confusing that I got more mastery from a blue level than the first purple. The second time for each I got 18.

    — The medals you get by spinning the wheel in the event are battle medals, which count towards you score for the entire event. You should be getting some mastery for each of the birds in each event battle, not to mention for any of the more difficult battles in the entire game.


    Hope others will provide data in an attempt to figure out what the logic is, if any determining the amount of mastery you get for event battles.


    @mvnla2 – my experience with mastery points is that they are awarded somewhat randomly, with a higher likelihood of receiving them with stronger opponents. My guess is that each class of pig has a range of mastery points that it can drop, and the game effectively uses a virtual roll of the dice to determine how much each time. Therefore longer battles with strong opponents will generally yield better results, but mastery can be obtained even by replaying the levels in South Beach over and over as well.

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