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  • So the 1.21.3/1.21.4 patch says “We’ve improved the matchmaking in live events”

    Has anyone noticed anything weird? I’ll have to take some screenshots when I start tomorrow, but the group I was placed in at the end became SUPER competitive. It’s as if I was put in a group of all snipers. I didn’t mind not coming in first since I only need accessories. But it seemed very weird. Normally I come in first place. I was in 2nd or 3rd for most of the comp and when I go check in the last 30-45 mins I’m down to 11th and everyone one is VERY tightly packed at the top with number one being DOUBLE everyone else at 22k. I start with about 8 hours for the competition to end. I’m trying to figure out if Rovio/Exient programmed the list to place me with equal snipers or if it dynamically replaced players from another list of 20.

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    Yes. Exactly the same experience for me. See the Bludgeon and Brawl thread for others as well. I posted my thoughts on the matter in that thread.

    time to bludgeon and brawl only for the uk?


    The new matchmaking is terrible. My guess is they probably group us by level now which means the higher your level, the harder the group is going to be.

    They continue to look for new ways to take the fun out of the competition. They should find ways to make us enjoy the game more, not discourage us from playing. They should use their time fixing Galvatron to make him useful instead of “fixing” things that aren’t broken.


    I noticed the same thing, first day of the event there was someone with 42k.

    I haven’t played this event often but its hard to even get near the top with just playing the recharges you get and bet most people are putting gems in to it.

    I’m not so fussed in this one as only accessories are needed

    Cynical Bird

    @lewie4 @gradientturtle7 @arceemega Please change this back to how it was/used to be. Matchmaking is NOT improved with this patch. So the target to get up to 100 token goal are HARD if not impossible and now this thing of putting us with all super competitive players. It’s almost like purposely wanting to mess with people that want to play the game.

    Cynical Bird

    Oh I forgot to add I got back to 2nd with 9 or so minutes to go and when I check again I got “rewards” for 4th thru whatever place gives only 300 tokens.

    “Improved the matchmaking in live events” It’s only for us user to spend money on gems for refills. This event i am playing to increase a bit the amount pigs for later usage especial to sort time at missions.


    @sickcyn Good luck, those cowards don’t dare show their faces here anymore.


    Speak as I find I’ve had P1 and a P3 with 4500+ and 3600+ on the Tab with the new game.
    The other Game is very high scoring indeed and I’ve only got to P10 and P11 with around 25000+ but I’m not bothered 1 bit as I only need 600 tokens as I got the rest and I’ll get that some time today and that will be me done.


    Has anyone noticed today that the competition levels are a little empty of blocks. Yesterday I could easily get a 1000 (before the bonus) on each level. Today I’m lucky to get 500. I feel like they issued a soft update overnight.

    Also has anyone noticed that the leader border is also 3×300 and not 5×300 as it was use to be for the 300 token winning places!?


    @narc Glass block days are always lower scoring because there is less glass than stone or wood in most structures. Which is also why the “Destroy 1250 Glass Blocks” daily quest is such a pain in the behind.


    My leaderboard is even worse today. I can’t even imagine what the leaderboard will be like for the dead end comp.


    Same with me. Not much point in playing this stupid game anymore


    Five in my group within 4000 tokens of each other. Gonna be close…

    Beach nodes followed by Plains node have had the most glass blocks in the past. Yep, not a lot of beach nodes today.

    2 Unicron runs today, both in Cobalt Valley. Had to score when shooting over / around cliffs & trees.


    Yeah, I used to finish no less than in the 300 level with moderate effort and very few recharges. This time out my greatest efforts have failed to raise me out of the 100 level two days straight.

    Just shut down the game if you don’t want us to play it anymore. I guess enough people are buying gems in the new ecosystem to make most of us irrelevant.


    I finished 1st and unlocked starscream. It appears @armourbender is on my leaderboard today


    I expect the competition to be pretty brutal in the deadend challenge if this is any indication. My experience there will likely determine my future with this game.

    I see a lot of development effort going into changing the game to collect more gems. But I see little effort going into developing new content to give me a reason to spend those gems. I would love to be proven wrong though!

    I am happy to pay money for a fun and rewarding experience. But this all just feels like an effort to make me pay more money for the same old thing.

    I WANT to stay around here. Quit making it so hard to do so!

    Cynical Bird

    I’m wondering if we’re getting matched up via our Level of upgraded bots, past performance of what place we came in, or past performance of our score.

    @gradientturtle7 @arceemega

    Please go back to the former matchmaking which was probably first come, first serve. Of whomever joined at the same time as us is how we were grouped. I don’t think there are/were bots, but if there were in the “old” system, they’d be used to fill the lower ranks, it was probably the 15-20th place folks. Now I am 99% sure there’s no bots and it’s all players and SUPER tryhards at that.

    Again the token targets are harder than ever to achieve (1 bot, 1 energonicon for bonus), and now these SUPER competitive groups. It ceases to be a game when it’s not fun.

    @20qmindreader it’s obvious now! Even we love this game and the franchise of it, but rovio still hates us and trying to make us leave the game! Seriously that moneymaking system is so damn obvious that they can’t hide it anymore!


    obviously their ranking is sorely lacking any logic. I am only using this to help with the daily quests so I did not start until hour 14 of challenge. All 4 of my runs were in pig city and I am currently sitting in 15th place, 5,000 points behind leader. If they are attempting to level the playing field then everyone in the group should have the same runs. Can’t imagine what it is going to be like when a new TF is offered.


    This is just another way to penalize us for having high power transformers. They forgot that this game is supposed to be fun for us not frustrating.


    I started a new game for my son, some time ago, so he would not mess with mine (he used up all my gems once).

    He is at level 100 now, and most TFs at level 6 or below. In this event he scored first place for the three first runs, without even playing every hour. He had almost double points from the second player.

    In my group, I have to spend gems constantly to not fall behind. I’m using 2~3 recharges constantly. The last run I used the 4th recharge to reach first.

    I hope they fix this. Experient players should have and advantage (more TFs, more upgrades, more energonicons) than newer players. I hope they fix this mechanic.


    Isn’t it interesting that almost the only thing that drags the rovio/exient guys out to make a comment is when someone accuses them of using bots for the competitions? A couple of dozen people have complained about various bugs and issues both here and on Facebook and nary a word from them. Say the word “BOT” and they come running to deny it. That seems like a very guilty reaction to me.

    Cynical Bird

    So not “playing” the game how it’s supposed to be played is the way to play it now it seems. Don’t upgrade, since they perform just like a fully upgraded version, your level stays low, you get put in with low/bad players, you have an easy competition group and you get first place. Totally makes sense. This is literally retarded. Mediocrity/apathy gets rewarded, being a fan you get crapped on.

    Change it back to grouping first come first serve.

    Cynical Bird

    @jasebree Seeing as your our resident number cruncher/super player (always getting 1st). Have you done any experimenting during this competition on as to how to continue to get first place or anything like that? Different time? Something, anything?

    This question also goes out to anyone else that may offer any insight.

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