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  • Moros17

    Android user. Game FB is Cmo Wan, feel free to add. Daily player.


    My GC username is smuckfuzzer


    Feel free to add me to Game Center. My GC is cpevors


    Hi I’m looking for friends on EPIC

    My GC username is – XCLON3X

    please add me will be much appreciated thanks :)


    Hi there, I’m looking for friends to open some gates and beat those annoying dungeons :D
    GC: Oz-kun
    And I’m Facebook friendly too, so drop me a message and I’ll add you on Fb.

    I’ll also make sure to send Essences daily and answer all gate-requests ;)


    My friends request in the game is stuck on loading. I’ve accepted those who send me a link. If you Send me a link for Facebook via PM , I’ll add you. I’ve added 2 so far. Daily player on Level 34. Thanks


    I’m Facebook friendly. Looking for help on AB Epic. Message me with FB info. Thanks!


    I’m Facebook friendly as well. Message me for FB info. Thanks!


    hi people please add me on GC username Amageeza

    piggy smoosher

    THANK YOU EVERYONE for your friend requests! I now find I cannot connect w Facebook and haven’t found a solution yet. If anyone has a remedy please let me know.


    Facebook friendly, in profile or message me!


    feel free to add me on facebook, my facebook link is in my profile


    I posted my GC username, and then realized you need facebook friends for the gates and stuff.

    If you want to be facebooks friends, send me a message


    Facebook link in profile.


    Please add via FB. Links in profile. Thanks.


    hi i have my fb url in my profile.

    i’m facebook friendly


    Why do none of my GC friends appear when I play EPIC and ask for the gates to be open/borrow someone’s bird…

    Is this all Facebook based or are they working to fix this? As it doesn’t even let me request anything


    I only can get facebook to work, barely.


    My facebook link is in my profile. Add me up :)


    Hi! My FB info is in my profile, please feel free to add me.

    Spunky McCheese

    Hi, my GC Name is Spunky McCheese – Feel free to add me!


    My GC is SanityzEnd. I’m on daily


    I have no Facebook friends playing ABEpic so I’m Facebook friendly. Send me a message here with your FB-info and I will add you.


    My GC is Imperonism
    I’m a daily player, please add me! :D
    This is my facebook: Imperonism Nest


    Please add me as I am new and struggling my GC is Lfcwozza thanks

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