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  • TheGoldenBird

    Hello, I’m a level 65 (Cave 18) Angry Bird Epic Player
    My Facebook account is named Golden Bird Rules (spaces)
    I usually use Samurai, Lightning Bird, Pirate, Tricksters, and Druid
    I will accept any request
    Have a nice day

    Abreu Lima

    Addd me on FB abreu lima amost active all days

    Abreu Lima

    Abreu lima bird


    Add Me please !!

    Mighty Red

    Hi everyone. I’d like to get some friends that have high level birds with strong set items since my friend list with strong birds is very short, making my progress slow in the caves (just finished Cave 20). If you’re at least level 70, your bird mastery is high and have relatively strong set items for your birds, please send me a PM with your Facebook name.

    I’m level 75 at the moment of writing this. I don’t no-life when it comes to AB Epic, nor do I do in-app purchases in the game, so all my birds’ mastery varies from level 48 to 59, and my set items vary from level 62 to 72.


    I’m playing . level 74 and all classes level 63 and more.
    PM me to add only if ur level 70 or more please


    i had some friends in my list, but read here to log out of FB then log out of Rovio account and sign in again. I did that and lost all my friends!!!


    Hi all! First post, but I’ve been reading for a while here.

    I’ve been playing since release (L80, most masteries 60-70, decent set items) and I’m looking for some friends to add now. Already contacted a few players on this forum, but feel free to send me a PM with your ID if you’re interested as well.



    First time on the forum. I’m looking for Facebook friends the ACTUALLY still play and respond. I’ve been playing since the beginning so my mastery is in the high 50’s and I’m currently level 76.
    Please message me and I will friend you.


    I’m also a daily player. My Facebook is John Aulthouse. Add me if you like.


    Hey Guys,
    Just started playing a month ago. I’m at player level 47. Bird mastery between 25-30. I play everyday. Please add me as I need some help with the daily dungeons etc.
    FB name is Dooziexx Gaming. I will add anyone.


    Not sure how to PM you, but I’m interested in adding you on Facebook.


    I could really use some help with this game. PM me for facebook info. Thanks!


    Hi all. I’m a long time lurker and I’ve been playing this game for years. I’m level 80, all of my bird mastery is 64-71, and my gear is all set items, level 72+. Given how hungry this game has become for Friendship Essence recently I need to pump up my friends list. PM me to get my Facebook details or send me yours and I’ll add you.


    I’m at Max Level , Level 80

    Need some strong allies to work together with to get stronger together , PM me for Facebook Info , Thank you.


    hi i’m level 41 birds mastery 32 cave 13 and search some allies, PM me for FB info and thank you


    Hi everyone.

    I am looking for friends, I have only a few. 80 level mastery between 75 and 64

    I do not know how to send you a PM.

    Look for me in facebook as is Juan Antonio Martinez Caurin


    thank you



    @unlead Thanks for sending me a request for friendship but it’s no use. I have stopped playing Epic for a while. Sorry.

    Ancestral Bird

    Hi, I lost almost all of my Angry Birds EPIC friends.

    Facebook friendly


    Looking for some up to date people for some FB Friendly goodness. Pm me.


    FB friendly, though I may have to update my profile to make it public. I’m Concept_x in the game.


    You can add me on FBook without any problem. I’m @maxxmatt, there too.



    Level 80 here. Looking for People who want to team up who are or close to my level. PM me for my FB Link. Thanks for your help.

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