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  • heaven kid

    how to ‘ Win 3 with Thunderbird and Cleric” ?
    this one is very difficult


    @heavenkid I don’t exactly see how winning with Thunderbird and Cleric is hard…just equip “Reborn” if you have it, and Chuck will probably survive even if the enemy goes first. It may need some strategy, but in my opinion, that is easier than using “Sea Dog and Spies”(I get that objective once in a while, and I still don’t have Sea Dog. :P)


    @heavenkid I use the same tactics as the drone even several weeks ago. Just look in that thread for some ideas.


    @heavenkid You’ll have an easier time if you fight birds that have a group attack like Chuck or Spies since the Thunderbird’s Rage of Thunder will do a lot more damage and the Cleric’s Healing Shield will heal a lot more.

    Daniel Normington

    A major concern for me here…
    Is the coin-toss at the start of the PvP battles rigged?
    Today’s battles, I had nearly all “tails” (enemy begins), which always throws out my strategy for a burton because it depends on my having three birds active from the get-go!

    After facing yet more overpowered teams that I could barely defeat, I was down to one banner – and just now I was trying to continue play to see if I had an earthly of beating my remaining objective: knock out three birds with a single attack (worth 3,000). Since I’ve been facing nothing but overpowered teams of birds with ludicrous HP this week, I’ve been finding this impossible to achieve! There’s no way in hell!
    By the time I’ve tenderised such a team to be vulnerable enough, the bird I want to lay down the final-strike (e.g. Bomb’s rage-explode, the Blue Spies’ smoke bomb or Wizard Chuck’s lighting strike) has always been gang-banged and KOed!
    And worse still, if there was a chance of it being possible, the coin-toss being rigged in the opposing team’s favour completely spoilt it!

    Just now, I tried to take on a team that I ought to have been able to defeat – but I lost my last banner… all because the bloody coin-toss went in their favour, and I just couldn’t recover from the bad start! It just ain’t fair, Rovio!


    Coin Toss: Not fair?

    — This was discussed at some length in this thread.


    @daniel-normington-12 I’ve completed the knockout 3 birds with one attack with Spies and I even did it with the Paladin, but it is easiest way to complete this is to use Captain or Wizard and details on how to easily complete it are posted several times in this thread.

    Note: You don’t always get credit when completing ths objective with the Wizard’s Speed of Light attack so I strongly recommend using a Whipped Up Captain’s Explode.

    Daniel Normington

    I know, I’ve been able to do that “knock out 3 birds with one attack” in the past with the attacks you mentioned… but usually with weaker enemy teams… and usually when I get to go first to manipulate the fight as I would rather have it.
    Yesterday, I was getting nothing but overly-strong teams with over 1,000HP per bird and bad coin-tosses, so that wasn’t possible for me.


    “Win 2 Arena Battles without healing your own birds once.”

    Am I doing something wrong here?
    I don’t have a banner with Healing.
    I don’t have any revive or something that gives health.

    And it’s still not working…

    <Nevermind. I had Paper and Rock equipped with Bomb>


    @strategia55 — Got a screen of your lineup? maybe one of us can spot what you’re missing.


    I found it. Thanks.


    once again, i hope i’m asking this in the right place!

    this happened to me last thursday, and i thought maybe i was just crazy, but it happened again last night, so i know i’m not crazy anymore!

    has anyone had their objectives reset multiple times in one day?

    as i mentioned- last thursday, my objectives reset (chicago-area, they reset at 3pm). my children nap during this time, so i always play when they’re asleep- i finished my objectives and then didn’t play again until around 9pm that night- when i did, i had 3 new unchecked objectives- since one of them was using thunderbird, which i don’t have- it knocked me out of first place, and the top 3- and i was never able to regain my spot. :(

    so yesterday i was playing around 2:45 to finish up my sunday objective. at 3, the objectives switched over to monday- and i finished them quickly. i went out for the evening and didn’t play again between 4-11. when i came home and turned the game back on, i had 3 new objectives… however, unlike last week, this time has been advantageous- because i am in first place- for now.

    has this happened to anyone else?!


    @mcmellll this used to happen quite frequently during season one. It happens randomly due to server issues on rovio’s end. I haven’t heard anyone remark on it in quite a while. Luck of the draw.


    @mcmellll I haven’t had them reset an extra time, but it didn’t reset one time. Putting me far behind everyone that week. Maybe someone else got my objectives that day?


    Hi, Best of luck! to answer the ‘knock out 10 birds in an arena battle’ three different times:

    Try using Matilda Druid, Blues Rogue, and Bomb (I used Pirate).

    Go after all their most powerful birds first and take as many as you can.

    Avoid attacking their banner until later.

    *Important: Use Matilda to heal your own banner, even with the chili pepper, when your banner gets low. If they have Matilda, knock her out often.

    You want the battle to last a long time..if all their birds are knocked out at same time, avoid attacking banner until you are closer to knocking out the 10th bird.

    On my banner, I had the one that looks like RED bird with lots of lines around him. It often knocks out their birds while they are knocking out yours.


    Is there an trick to getting 3 stars easily? I’m having difficulty with this one.

    Angry Johnny

    @marioandsonic Beat at least 6 opponent birds and take down their banner quickly. Also heal your own banner if it takes a beating.


    @admins — It’s great that you are editing the main post to include the best strategies. There is also another thread that has a lot of good strategies (these are all suggested by others):

    I’ve been keeping track of some of the more difficult objectives and strategies. Here is my list:

    • Win without healing

    What daily objectives do you hate the most?

    No healing objective
Cleric/Moon Priestess (you have a pratically zero chance of completing the objective using this).
 Hocus Pocus items (if no healing for bird) 
Vampiric Crest if it says no healing for banner. 
Matilda’s Medicine rage attack
, Sugar Rush set
    You are allowed to:
 Revive normally after 3 turns.
 Use revival items. 
Earn a Vitality boost from a banner item.

    What daily objectives do you hate the most?

    When I have a no heal objective, I normally go with a strategy where I go hard at the banner, similar to what I have described above for the objective “defeat banner without knocking out an enemy bird”. Follow the advice on not using items that cause healing as described previously. You also have to avoid the Save Me set for Marksmen as revival from this set is considered as healing. You can take the Plushies item for the bonus health it offers, but you need to choose a weapon other than The Sling.
    • Win without healing your own banner (also see above)

    What daily objectives do you hate the most?

    Win twice without healing the banner once – DO NOT deploy Paladin, Bomb don’t equip Sugar Rush Set, and do not apply healing to the banner, and don’t install Vampire emblem on the banner.
    • Win 3 battles without defeating an opponent’s bird

    What daily objectives do you hate the most?

    For the “win battle without knocking out any birds”, I go with samurai with protector’s aura, bard with nightmare, and Sea Dog with scissors. Samurai does nothing but shield, Bard and Sea Dog do all the fighting. Birds are pretty protected, and I use the chili on Matilda to heal. Takes a while, but it’s pretty reliable.
    • Win 3 arena battles and knock out 10 birds per battle

    What daily objectives do you hate the most?

    The simple solution is to not use too many weapons or birds that can damage everything and add a good healer to your group like Rainbird. Also the Blessed set [for banner] really helps a lot, but if you don’t have that use a Sweet flag. Another tip is that fighting an enemy group that has a Druid makes this easier since it will often heal. The Rainbird heals too, but not as often.
    • Win battles and knock out 3 birds while they are attacking your banner.
    MV: Used Paladin, Bard, and Thunderbird with thorns, even though very low


    @marioandsonic You need 45000 points for 3 stars. Winning gives you 15000 points for breaking the banner. Your banner gives 30000 points when at full health, and scales down based on the % of health it’s missing at the end of a battle. Every KO’d enemy gives 2000 points. You will either need healing to keep your banner near full, or you need to KO enemies.

    I get 3 stars easiest with a Tank ‘N Spank set. Blessed banner set, Time Leap emblem, Rainbird w/ Reborn set, Druid w/ Sweet set, Rogues w/ Save Me set. You have a lot of heals and armor-ignoring damage. Golden Chili owners should start battles by giving the chili to Chuck to immediately spread degen. After that, have Chuck heal until the enemy KOs him (Chuck will rarely survive a full match – the enemy will KO him on the second or third turn). The other two should spread degen and maintain heals/buffs.


    I have an alternate strategy for win without knocking out opponent birds – Mighty set with rage block, Skulkers with Save me, Cap’n with sugar rush, and Samurai with Grand Slam.

    Even if you lose the toss, AI will usually attack skulkers, and Save Me should allow them to survive

    First turn Skulkers apply weak spot to opponent banner
    Cap’n buffs Samurai
    Rage Chili to Samurai

    Continue attacking opponent banner, keeping weak spot applied and rebuffing Samurai as needed with Cap’n.


    @burbman For that strategy, it’s better to give Samurai the Steel sword and Golden Hammer offhand because you don’t need to stun the banner. Using these two items gives Red Might for a 10% damage buff and Crits which can affect his chili attack. It looks something like this:

    Epic: Golden Pig Strategy

    Also keep in mind that not everyone has the Golden Chili. In that case, stick with Samurai/Cannoneer/Marksmen.


    I have an objective that says to win battles during the enemies turn… How do I go about doing that?


    Hi @melissamhurlbut I’ve found that the best way to ‘Win Battles During the Enemy’s Turn’ is to use the ‘Venomous’ Arena Trio of Druid/Rouges/Rainbird — as their secondary damage is applied at the beginning of the enemy’s turn. Good luck!

    Daniel Normington

    Also, if you have any damaging team benefits, this can help too.
    If you happen to have the Vengeful, this causes explosive damage any time a bird is KOed on your team.
    And Retaliate deal damage to the enemy team every time the banner is attacked.

    More than once, I’ve won a battle because an idiotic team kill themselves by KOing a hurt bird, when their banner is nearly destroyed.


    @melissamhurlbut Easiest is to use the degen team A.K.A. Tank ‘N Spank. Degen damage is dealt during the enemy’s turn, which should give you the win if the degen kills it and not direct damage. Blessed banner set, Time Leap emblem, Rainbird w/ Reborn set, Druid w/ Sweet set, Rogues w/ Save Me set. You have a lot of heals and armor-ignoring damage. Golden Chili owners should start battles by giving the chili to Chuck to immediately spread degen. After that, have Chuck heal until the enemy KOs him (Chuck will rarely survive a full match – the enemy will KO him on the second or third turn). The other two should spread degen and maintain heals/buffs.

    Another more risky method involves Rogues, Mage/Thunderbird, and a filler (Matilda is usually a great choice), with a Retaliate emblem on the banner. This involves forcing the enemies to attack the banner with Chuck’s and Blues’ buff on the banner, and having the enemies KO to recoil damage. If the enemy has Spies and/or Chuck, go with Thunderbird & Cleric. If the enemy has no AoE, go with Mage & Princess. If the enemy has dispels, do NOT use this method. However, this is the primary method for accomplishing the objective of KO enemies while they’re attacking your banner.

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