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    I feel like the no healing birds objective is still bugged. Ive tried all suggestions and theories in this thread and still no luck. It’s a shame it costs me 3000 points when I’ve clearly completed the objective multiple times.


    @mindset83 – I have been able to achieve that one without any issue. Make sure that you do not have one of the revive sets, any hocus pocus items, or any healing provided by the banner. You can still achieve the objective if your birds wait their three turns after getting knocked out. Not sure how strong your birds are, but I did it this morning with Wizard-Twin Lightning, Sea Dog-Pickpocket, and Spies-Artillery Strike. I was using the vengeance banner.


    Well your strategy worked burbman. I think I figured out my problem but for now I’ll stick with what you’ve done. Thanks for the help!


    Just a quick note. We’ve edited the OP to list out some of the more confusing objectives that we’ve seen so far.

    Thanks again to @cosmo2503; this should be a very useful thread!


    @victor I have put my reply here to keep it with similar objective related issues. You asked how to accomplish the objective of “defeat an opponent without knocking out any of the opponent birds”.

    You need a set of birds that can do a lot of damage to a single target. For this start with Marksmen. If you have the Plushies set, then use this as it will allow him to get off an attack even if you lose the coin flip. The second bird should be samurai – he has a lot of health and his multiple attacks gain you the most benefit from Marksmen’s volley attack. The last bird can be Canoneer – preferably with the golden gun – or Priestess. She can be valuable if you want to do any healing, and preferably arm her with the Sweet set. Give her the chilli when you want to heal everyone and your banner. The best weapons are obviously those that cause a critical strike.

    The last thing is to avoid opponents with shroud on their banner. You just don’t want to risk missing your attack on the banner with Marksmen’s attack.


    To answer this Task….“Knock out 5 opponent birds with rage attack”: Note that this does not have to be done all in one battle. If you win the battle, the number of birds you KO’ed using the Rage Attack are incremented accordingly.

    I would like to Thank @KillerKea for your help. I followed it and I used Bomb(Captain Class), Blues (Skulkers Class) and I changed here and used Red (Paladin Class) instead of Chuck and I also used The Golden Rage Chilli. Here is how I managed to win this Daily Objective.
    I used the Captain Bomb’s Whip On as advised, Then Skulker Blue to hit The strongest of the opponents Birds because it leaves a weak spot. Then I Used Red Paladin to hit the second strongest bird and As you recommend using Captain Bomb’s explode on the now weaken opponent’s Birds…I used the Golden Rage Chilli on Bomb, I made him explode and since all the enemy birds’ health were low enough the Enhanced Explode Knocked Out all 3 birds. I kept repeating the same game play plan for 10 more battles with the same result…WIN.


    I can’t figure out what is meant by, or how to accomplish, this one:
    “Win arena battles and knock out 3 birds with a single attack 2 times!”


    @chur8708 This objective will increment by one if you both WIN and “knock out three birds with a single attack”. We recommend either Chuck or Bomb’s Rage Attack to knock out 3 birds. If you can accomplish this twice, you earn the objective. It’s certainly a hard one.

    @amslimfordy, chuck’s lightning attack does not count. It has to be a single strike. I’ve had many occasions where chuck’s rage attack knocked out all birds, but it never counts towards the objective. The only way I can think of is bomb’s rage. It goes as follows:

    Make sure you pack some birds which you can use to get specific damage onto a single opponent (do not use set items with chain attack or anything similar). Also make sure to bring bomb.

    If you have the golden chili, don’t use it at the start. Instead, use all your normal attacks to bring every opponent below the health you need to let bomb’s explosion take them out. You really do need to deal a predictable amount of damage which is why chain attacks don’t work for this one.

    After you’ve taken every opponent bird below the health required, detonate bomb and voila.

    Make sure you take into account any protective measures by the opponent. Also, you’ll be fighting for survival at the same time.

    If you’re really stuck with this one, go for the computer generated opponents (first post in cheaters). They are a bit easier on you especially when you lose the coin toss. Since the last update, the computer generated opponents are more focused on the flag and buffing in the first turn (when you lose the toss). This is actually an advantage for this objective, since you don’t risk accidentally knocking out one opponent.


    @chur8708 @mingkee27

    A lot of people misinterpret what that objective means thinking it has to be done in one battle, but it can be done in 2 different battles.

    I usually use bomb’s explode with Skulker’s weak spot to help, but I’ve done this with Chuck many times. It only doesn’t count if the 3 birds are not knocked out with the first 3 attacks. For example, if you are using Rogues and the third bird dies from the secondary damage caused by the sticky goo it doesn’t count. If you are using a Sea Dog and the third bird dies from the 4th attack from the Sea Dog’s gang up, it doesn’t count. I think someone mentioned that if you knockout all three birds and the banner at the same time it doesn’t count.

    @killerkea, I could be mistaken, but I think this may have been changed with the update. I had serious trouble earlier this week with this objective. I tried it several times with chuck’s speed of light attack (without seadog), but it never counted towards the objective…

    Has anyone else had this one since the update? Can anyone confirm whether or not Chuck’s speed of light attack (chili!) still works for the objective “take out 3 birds in a single attack”?


    I did not complete this objective with Chuck in the 1.2.4 or 1.2.5 update, but I do remember making a case a long time ago on situations when Chuck’s Speed of Light attack didn’t work. It is much easier to complete this objective with Bomb then Chuck, but I’ll try it with Chuck the next time I get it.


    I also found that I can’t complete the “Knock out three birds with one attack” objectives using Chuck’s speed of light attack since the update. I’m fairly certain that it’s been changed, but I’m not positive of it.


    Something I did was using Frenzy on the banner to KO birds at around 100-200 health. It didn’t count for some reason, yet later it incremented TWICE as I use Bomb’s rage attack. I don’t remember if I actually did it twice or it was lag.


    I completed wins without healing with Samurai with Titan set,Princess with Nightmare set,Marksmen with Allerity set,and Mighty set today.This combo is very risky that I had to notice the health of my banner.The first win is a close one, my oppenment had Wizard who could wipe out my Marksmen at full health at once.All my birds were knocked out and the banner has less than 10% health when I won,and the banner was knocked out by Titan’s another stun and Nightmare.


    Any suggestions for win battles using princess? When I see her as an opponent, I always think, how stupid can you be to play with princess.

    @mvnla2, Anything that protect the banner (knight/ronin) and ensures maximum damage when an opponent attacks the banner (thunderbird/Rogues). Also, heal the banner often. If you like it to be over a bit quicker but want to take more risk, go with both thunderbird and rogues.

    Anytime I get princess as an opponent, I get annoyed since my preferred gameplay is interfered with.

    Oh yeah, also include banner items which cause damage when attacking the banner.

    Finally, make sure you win the coin toss, otherwise it’ll all be quite useless… ;)


    @larry — Thanks for the suggestion, but I saw it after I finished the 5 wins with princess using @Killerkea’s strat posted in the other thread.
    I had reasonable luck winning the coin toss, but managed to win even when I didn’t. I did, however, reject about half the opponents offered.

    Daniel Normington

    Here’s a weird one here.
    Starting from midnight tonight, I’ve been given an objective worth 3,000 that says “Knock out 3 birds while they are attacking your banner”

    What does that even mean? That’s not physically possible! O_o


    @daniel-normington-12 Use Princess Rogues and Mage. Put Shock Shield and Cupcake Trap on banner. Make sure that the birds can only attack your banner using Princess or Rogues. Only attack the opponents banner and not their birds.

    Daniel Normington

    Wow, thanks!
    It worked, but heck of a gamble there. I needed to get myself a team that wasn’t too strong (Class 3-4 birds, as opposed to something silly like Class 6-7) and also that didn’t have a Druid Matilda who would spend every turn healing her team! One such team totally curbstomped my second banner with that underhand strategy. (I’d lost one banner today in previous combats)

    I was fortunate as well, actually. I just spun a Retaliate emblem on a free Golden Pig Machine, so at a cost of a few HP I was able to add that to the harmful effects of Rogue Blue’s and Mage Chuck’s traps.


    Glad I could help!


    Thanks for the help Partshade. Worked perfectly….


    @drobbinsjr The answer was provided by @partshade three posts above yours.


    Thank you very much for this clue ;) I was desperate :-)

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