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  • Birdbrained

    Don’t want to do clan battles? – keep looking as we are NOT the clan for you.

    Clan Active #8298

    Well, looks like I found myself leader of this clan. Previous leader job changed, so I got put in charge. We are an “active” clan with one rule: Do the Clan Vs Clan battles or out you go.  Simple as that.

    New peeps can’t do the current CvC battle so they don’t have to worry about getting kicked.

    Points battles are optional.

    BUT, if you are on the list for the CvC battle and you fail to do it, you get kicked out of the nest so to say.  We want ACTIVE players. There is no other reason to even be in a clan if you don’t do the CvC battles.

    Check us out. 1 simple rule. Do ’em or bye bye birdy!


    Wing It

    Clan: POP! (US)  Search Number 3242

    Members: 27/50

    Clan requirements – Members must play all events.

    Rating Azure

    Flock power – 8078

    Hi, we are looking for daily active members who will help lead our clan to victory! Whether you’re a new player looking for a clan or are an old-time pig popping veteran, we need your help.


    Already a member? Join our Facebook –

    OC clan art

    top shooter ron

    Looking for Canadian players to join our clan.
    We are The Warriors #392539, currently 19/50 active and fun players.
    You must be in Canada, FP of at least 300, play all clan battles.

    No other minimums.


    Looking to rebuild our clan after most merged to another. We will make the first few that mention this post Co-leaders. Come join to make our clan great again! 


    We just need 1 more player to be able to start a clan battle. If you are in a clan that hasn’t been playing in the battles please try ours out TODAY

    Legendary Birds  #173694 and we will even make you a CO-LEADER!! 


    I’m birdbrain, leader of Equinox. We’re a small clan with a great win record, 3 losses since November. I guesstimate that at about 25-30 battles. We have 14 members and would like to grow the clan so everyone has better rewards. We’re currently at Emerald level. We require 100% participation in CvC battles, but there is no other pressure.

    We ask for min FP of 100. We have nothing against newbies, we would just like them to have some experience before joining us. Our two newbie members have more than doubled their FP since joining in December.

    We’re friendly, no sniping or bad vibes. Come see us!

    Clan name: Equinox

    Clad ID:  #416839

    Clan type: Open

    Members: 14/50

    Clan FP: 11591 (emerald level)


    Hi! We are a family-like community of Angry Birds 2 fanatics and are currently looking to add some like-minded players. We win almost all of our Clan vs Clan battles and complete the 200, 400 and 600 events all while only asking for a 3pt minimum!

    Our requirements are:

    – Daily participation (MEBC & clan events)

    – Friendly

    – Discord chat

    Our clan was founded to offer people around the world a community without pressure and drama.

    We finish every event and we even made it to the MEBC top100 without any pressure!

    Our communication happens mainly outside of the game through Discord. To join us please go to and get to know our friendly members.

    We are looking forward to get to know you!


    Hi, If anyone is looking to join a clan then try PastySmashers #453438

    It’s a new clan so anyone is welcome.






    12th Kitty

    Cat Birds #420090 just cleaned up the nest and is looking for active birds. We are currently 38-6 since are clan formed. We are an emerald team. We just ask you to play the clan battles especially the cvc battles. No min points or flock power. Just send a request and I or the other co-leaders will let you in.


    RISING PHOENIX #283178

    Hello everyone! Are you looking for an active and constant battling clan? If so this clan is for you. We have no flock power requirements, but we do ask that you please play every event and try and play every day. So what are you waiting for? Join and help us now :)


    Are there any smaller groups looking to merge clans?  We have had a core group of players for over 2 years, and have seen our numbers dwindle the last few months.  We currently have 23 members ranging from 1400 to 850 with a 24400 total flock power.  We are all active daily players who participate in every battle, play mebc, and use the 3/6/9 rule for clan events.  If anyone is interested please contact me here or send an emissary to come visit us @ Turbo Birds (#216031).


    Are you open to merging INTO another clan?  We have 32 members, 3/6/9 rules, 33271 CP.  In existence 2 1/2 years.  Active FB and Messenger channels.  You sound reasonable and your clan would be a great fit with ours.  Assuming we have a similar philosophy, we’d accept 1 or 2 new co-leads.  Not everyone always makes it over to a new clan so we probably would not overflow even though 32 + 23. :) Message was left in your clan chat too.


    Our clan is structured a bit differently. We only require each player to participate in all free plays, no matter the type. Anyone is free to spend away, but cannot fault others for not doing the same. If you do not participate without notice, you get kicked; if you post that you will not be able to play a given battle, you stay. When there is a disaster – my Texas peeps have been MIA for 2 weeks – no kicks. We do not win every clan v clan battle, but, we do seem to have a lot of fun. Basically, my clan is for those who cannot spend much but still want the clan experience.

    Killer Rabbits


    Looking for some new recruits to fill out the rest of our clan. Want to win battles, collect feathers and legendary chests and grow your flock power? Come join the Flamebyrds. We are a very active clan, and expect participation in every clan battle and event.

    You play… you stay!

    Clan ID = 347341

    12th Kitty

    Cat Birds #420090 is looking for active players any size.There’s no min points in battles but must play the clan battles especially the cvc battles. If you have to miss the cvc battle please post on the board. Just request to get in, we have a lot of room.


    My fp is 722. I just left a clan because they started to skip playing battles and lost the past 7 since a lot of others have also left the clan. I joined a new clan that said they were in it for the fun and no minimal requirement but they dropped me an hour after I joined.🙄  Looking for a new clan is a pain.  All I keep getting is a message that the clan has too many requests.  Now I’m debating whether to join a new clan or find another game. Between the new arena and now the clan issue I’m thinking this may be a good time for me to break free from the game.


    Come join FeatherLove!  Soon to be winners of 11 clan battles in a row and 31 out of the last 32!  No minimums on events, but battles are required.  Come join the fun and help us keep winning!


    @cbadr I’m the leader of clan equinox. We play all battles, and have a fairly good winning record. We have merged with 2 other clans, the last just recently. We’re still getting used to the larger clan.

    We are 25 active players who have had 100% participation (with one exception) since November. The one exception was during the winter storm which shut major parts of Texas down, and people were without water, heat or power. One person couldn’t call in.

    Look us up. Clan name is equinox, #416839, clan power 20677 (diamond level). Our only requirement is that all must participate in CvC battles and have min fp of 100.


    Do you have space for six players?  We’re looking for a new home, but as the retiring leader, I’d like to be sure all members are welcome.


    @Alexikopf we have room for you!

    We are a great community of many nationalities and we would love to welcome your crew. We use Discord as our communication platform.

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