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  • ShinyZek

    Hi good afternoon

    Just started a clan and looking for players to join

    100% chill. No extreme requirements, no pressure.

    Only requirement is that y’all – Please– stay active so the clan stays a fun place 🙂


    Air Force Boom! (#15115), a diamond clan with 30k+ flock power looking for active daily players. All events mandatory 3 points preferred,1 point minimum. Must play clan battle timely. 17-1 winning streak.

    500+ FP preferred but FP not a bar for high yield active player.

    Currently 44/50 players, when you join introduce in chat and say Blast sent you!!




    12th Kitty

    I’m the leader of Cat Birds #420090 we are currently amethyst rank, and is looking for more active birds. We don’t have point minimums but we would like you to play the clan vs clan battles and the regular clan battles. We are a new team that has won 21 straight battles out of 21 battles that we so far played. Just send a request to join if there isn’t room we can kick someone who hasn’t played for 30 days or more. We accept all levels of birds.


    Are you bummed out by pandemic fatigue? Yes, us too. Come spend some time with Equinox, a fairly new clan. We are a small group of motivated players, open, friendly and supportive. We welcome active players with min FP 100. Participation in clan battles is mandatory, but there are no other requirements. We win most of our battles, the last 5 consecutively. Our motto is “Have fun, fight hard”. If that sounds like you, come over and see us!

    Name: equinox

    Clan ID: 416939

    Clan members: 13/50

    Current clan FP: 9913 (varies – sometimes over 10000, sometimes just under)

    Azure/emerald league



    BoomStick Squad #35134 (USA, but all are welcome)
    Updated December 19, 2020
    Just want to pop pigs and be free of pressure?
    We are rebuilding and will welcome a few beginners.
    So far, during the rebuilding, we have won 34 of 35 battles at Amethyst level.
    For beginners, everything is optional.
    If you search for BoomStick Squad using the #35134, you must use the # symbol. The clan is usually Open. If Closed or Full, please contact buzz @ birdlover . com.


    Come join Legendary Birds #173694! All FP welcome!

    We only ask that you participate in ALL clan events.

    Come check us out! #173694

    12th Kitty

    the Cat Birds is looking for more active players. No min fp, but you must play the clan battles and cvc battles (especially). Please send request and one of the co leaders or I will let you in or make room for you. Cat Birds #420090 we are also an emerald/amethyst level. 


    We are recruiting new players, please check us out!  We only ask that you play the clan battles and all FP welcome! Legendary Birds #173694



    Join pur clan! #443626 ’DreamTeam’ in Sweden. 😁


    Thundercats #263346 is positive, supportive clan – great leadership and NO bullies – We finish all events, and our CVC is around 90% – Our current ranking is #121, as we recently lost some key members who retired from playing the game, and we are looking for some skilled slingers to get back into the Top 100.  Try us out for awhile, I think you will stay.


    We had a lot not participating so had to do a clean up. Looking for players that like to WIN!

    FP doesn’t matter but  daily participation does! We are a polite and respectful clan so please check us out!



    Sneaky B

    Active Flyers (formed with players of the Clan European birds) is looking for new and Active players. Any player with FP 250 or more is welcome.

    Discord: https://discord.GG/69ByG6n8NS


    Our leader quit, named someone else to leader.. they gave it up, turned it over to me.
    Last 2 battles, other team barely showed up. Last battle 28 out of 48 of mine did it, and only 2 of theirs did. Its beginning to be a trend. Im kicking out anyone who does not do the clan battle now. No sense in having people in a clan that won’t do anything but take up space..

    Lotta people leaving the game, I think. Arena is a joke, so are the main maps now.



    Air Force Boom! (#15115), a diamond clan with 28k+ flock power looking for active daily players. All events mandatory 3 points preferred,1 point minimum. Must play clan battle timely.

    500+ FP preferred but FP not a bar for high yield active player. Currently 37/50, we win most battles.


    Hey, campers!  A few months ago, we stopped getting new members.  No idea why. We’re a small team of eight, but ALL of us show up for events, and we almost always win.  We’re looking to grow.  We ask only that members take part — you won’t get booted for a low score!  We’re a TEAM!  Join us!

    Vexed Mad Fowl



    This is birdbrain, leader of Equinox. We are a fairly small clan of 14 members, looking to grow. Over the past couple of months, we have won all but 2 of our clan battles, with 100% participation in every battle. Even when we lose, it’s not for lack of determination and effort.  If you want to play with us and you have min FP 100, come visit. We are open, friendly and supportive. We expect every member to fight in CvC battles.

    We’re also open to a merge with small clans looking to grow. Another small clan joined us a while back, and it’s worked very well. Everyone wants to win and is willing to do the work. “Have fun, fight hard” is our motto.

    Clan name: Equinox

    Clan ID: 416939

    Clan members: 14/50

    Current clan FP: 12256

    Emerald league


    Hi all. Our clan is Flockofseagulls

    We’re 35/50 but need another clear out soon so should be plenty of spaces. Any flock power welcome all we ask is participation! We focus on battles mainly with no minimums for clan events. Every battle is entered. and recently we’ve had about 15-20 taking part. Help us grow! Also looking for an experienced co leader.

    Clan power currently 6500 (will vary after clear out)

    Azure Level.



    Hihi,wir sind ein recht junger Clan für aktive Spieler.

    Aktiv bedeutet mehrmalige Teilnahme am Klankampf.

    Wenn wir genug Spieler sind, werden auch die Events gemeinsam geknackt. Underperformer können wir nicht mit durchziehen. Wir bewerten nach % nicht nach Scharkraft.

    Clanname: Fest+ Flauschig

    Clan-ID: #446049


    Active clan, 8298.

    Simple rule: Do the clan battles or bye bye birdy.  Been cleaning house lately of non players, have plenty of room for people who WILL and WANT to win clan battles.

    I am leader by default. And yes, I kick non players after each clan battle.


    Hi! We are a family-like community of Angry Birds 2 fanatics and are currently looking to add some like-minded players. We win almost all of our Clan vs Clan battles and complete the 200, 400 and 600 events all while only asking for a 3pt minimum!

    Our requirements are:

    – Daily participation (MEBC & clan events)

    – Friendly

    – Discord chat

    Our clan was founded to offer people around the world a community without pressure and drama.

    We finish every event and we even made it to the MEBC top100 without any pressure!

    Our communication happens mainly outside of the game through Discord. To join us please go to and get to know our friendly members.

    We are looking forward to get to know you!


    COME CHECK OUT Legendary Birds #173694! We need ACTIVE Daily players for Great Rewards! 


    Hey you! Yeah YOU!  Pigs on a Plane is ready for take off so come aboard!  We feature an open bar and DJ on the upper deck. Seeking skilled players 500FP+. 3/6/9 mins.  Must join our FB (Pigs on a Plane Clan Base).  Knock on the clan door if it’s closed and we will welcome you with a smile.  Clan #179837

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