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  • Kayle850

    Needing a clan… I’m a new player with 98 fp in 3 days average spending is 5 bucks a day so far…


    The least-boring clan in the world just opened a new playground—Breaking Beaks² is here! With two clans in one chat room, there’s nothing quite like it. We invite energetic players to apply now at to become a part of our culture.

    –It’s a game. If you’re not laughing every day, you’re not doing it right. We’ll show you how.


    We care more about your enthusiasm than your FP. But if you speak softly, that’s okay. Just carry a big stick!


    Man what happened? Was it my avatar again?


    Want a better clan experience? We can take a small group in to our active and fun group. Message Jet S. Jones on Facebook to talk details. Earn rewards, win battles, meet some awesome people!

    Swine flu

    Swine flu crew still looking for some actual daily players. Awesome diamond clan and we complete all events.  Win most battles. And have a great time doing it.

    Swine flu crew #122011


    Riverboat crew looking for players that will actually stay and play the daily and clan battles, and not players just wanting the gems for joining and then never play.

    We are not particular about FP and star rank but some experience helps.


    Swine Flu Crew, my husband just requested to join your crew and I would like to join also. His name is Smash Fearsome and mine is Phantom Aquila. We look forward to being a part of an active clan!


    RiverboatCrew clan #39220 is looking for players that will join, stay, and play!

    Swine flu

    Swine flu crew. Amazing diamond clan. Complete all events. Win most battles. Couple older players quit the game and we need to replace them. Minimum scores 3 6 and 9. Please be a daily active player.


    Swine flu crew #122011. Join us. Win and be a part of an amazing clan.


    Driehaus Rebels (#208373) currently have ~10 spots open for 300+ FP players.  We are a diamond clan with a 3/6 point minimum for all events.  We have maxed out points for every event since we began our clan a few weeks ago.

    If you are friendly and an active player that meets the above criteria, we would love for you to join.


    Sacrificial Ham, Diamond Clan, Top 100 MEBC for many seasons in a row, is looking for a few new members. Really great group of people with zero drama. We’ll take any FP as long as you can handle our 3-6-9 minimums. We would love to help you grow with diamond rewards!

    Jeff Bartels

    Turbo Birds (#216031), a diamond level top 250 MEBC clan, is looking for several active daily players.

    We enjoy the game through teamwork and communications.  We have a very lively, friendly Clan Chat and are very welcoming to new members.  We even get a Scottish Slang Word of the Week every Friday!

    Request minimum 100 FP in order to have gained experience to be able to meet clan event point contributions.

    Daily play, MEBC, participate in all Clan Battles, and 3/6/9 point contributions in clan events expected.  We don’t have strict “under-participation” rules, but we expect clan winnings to be reinvested for the good of the clan.  All we ask for is communication in the Clan Chat when life, etc prevents meeting minimums.

    Corvus Rex

    So big question:

    I opened AB2 yesterday to participate in a clan event and saw that I wasn’t in a clan any longer.  No warning, no email….nothing but the choice of joining or starting a clan.   This is a shame as my last clan was

    So what are the odds that I was somehow kicked out or that there was a glitch that somehow bumped me out?

    I’m a daily player with good star power, flock power, and competing at the Legendary level of the Arena consistently.  Not sure how I’ve get the boot without notice, but I’m not ruling it out.



    you might fail to get enough points, according to your ex-clan rules, on last event, my guess.

    Corvus Rex

    Thanks @yue-zhang – I never really thought to see if there were league requirements in points.  All I know is we always won our events by a wide margin, I scored very well in the beginning finishing top 10 and top 5, but my last 2 events in a row were average.  Maybe that was it, but that seems awfully premature.


    O well.

    Heather Bird

    @mbittenbender what is your FP we have room for a daily player


    Renegades #143223


    Corvus rex,

    Appears you were kicked from your previous Clan. You do not receive a warning or a notice, you just are no longer a member. Unfortunately, this is how Rovio chose to handle the kick situation. Generally if someone is kicked they should have some idea that they are not meeting minimum requirements but in your case it sounds like you think you were doing the right things.

    I am the leader of a successful daimond clan in the top 200 of the MEBC. I would more than welcome a daily player that can meet the minimum of 3 points in 200 Point events and 6 points in the 400 & 600 point events.

    If you want to join my clan and join us in collecting tons of rewards, send a request when you can. We only have 5 openings and they may fill up fast. If you are interested, mail me your ab2 name and FP. That way I will recognize you when I see your request and accept it ASAP.

    Our team name is: Down To Flock! Clan #183032. Team FP ~26,000 with 44-45 teammates. We participate and all CVC battles, team events, play MEBC daily, and have a outside chat site to avoid the profanity filter. No one is required to join the outside chat, it is just an option.

    We look forward to seeing you soon,

    Gary, leader Down To Flock! #183032 [email protected]



    Two weeks ago me and my friend Rsalk Damn started a clan with just 2 players. Since then we found some motivated and skillful players! We are with 11 now and going strong. Just finished the 400 point event, proud of my team :) !!

    We would love to invite motivated players who can and will make our clan one of the best! Looking for a friendly environment with high fp players? First Squadron, #215649

    Collect as long as you can ;)




    I just noticed that one of our ex-members has joined your clan, so this is a headup for you.

    Falcon Eagle, joined our clan and stayed for around 2 days. He left during clan battle and said nothing….possibly after colected the clan event reward- he did complete the minimum required points so I have no doubt on this.

    However, left during battle is not a good thing, though effect is little based on his performance, 15,051,791, FP 572, the most poor performer in our clan.



    Hi Corvus Rex,

    I am the leader of the clan that kicked you.  We have a 3 point minimum in all events, incredibly reasonable for a Diamond clan.  You only put up 1 point in events, yet you are Legendary League in arena, your level 2 or 3 hatchling was fed, and you had most of the hats from the latest adventure.  I changed our in-game banner to grab your attention about our 3 point minimum, I posted multiple times on the in-game chat asking you to check in, I looked for you on FB, but since you didn’t join our group page or chat, I had no way to contact you.  We do not kick prematurely and you were not kicked prematurely.


    FeatherLove:  122101

    FeatherLove (#122101) is looking for members.  Only requirement is to play the clan battles and to have fun!  No minimum FP required.  Happy slinging!


    @johnkayser, love that picture of Chuck. :D

    Swine flu

    Swine flu crew lloking for a few active daily players.  Diamond clan. Top 300 in mebc. Finish all events. Make minimums and win with us.  SWINE FLU CREW #122011


    He blew through our clan a few days ago too.🤨


    International Diamond clan is looking for daily players. Participate in all clan battles and 3/6/9 point contributions in 200/400/600 clan events expected.

    Participate and have fun

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