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  • Heather Bird

    RENEGADES #143223 are you looking to win battles and lots of loot?



    ‘We have 2 spots for 450 and up players…

    We have 1 spot for daily active over 250FP

    lots of clan boxes for team players!!!

    Swine flu

    Swine flu crew  lots of loot and awesome clan. We complete all events and compete in all battles.  Great clan.

    Heather Bird

    We have a couple OPEN SPOTS, please DM if you would like to join, Clan is closed for now. LOOKING FOR 550-700 PLUS no cheaters please.


    Clan Power 23078

    Diamond League


    Renegades #143223

    Phoenix Sparrow

    Looking for 600+ fp active players with high star rank to join us in ABNest3 !


    Looking for daily players, every tournament….


    I’m interested.  My SR is only 40 I just started playing a month or so ago, FP is around 460, I was one of the top players at one point in another AB game, evolution, but gave it up a couple months ago.  Enjoying growing my team here now

    Heather Bird

    Awesome Darkfact glad to have you!!!


    Heather…how do teams cheat? Tell me what to be on the lookout for!

    Falcon Falcon

    Hello fellow birds and pig smashers.  I’m a co-leader of the Diggers Mob clan.  We currently have 40 of 50 members.  We had to let some go that did not play in the clan battles and daily events (I think they quit playing the game overall).  Anyhow if you’re looking to join a clan that is pretty solid (we’ve won the last several clan battles, even being short on players), look us up!

    Here’s our clan info:

    Screen showing our current clan power.  With the right additions we could be at the next level (Amethyst is 15,000).

    How our clan did in the last battle.


    CLAN: Daily Birds

    Location: US

    Search ID: #168771

    Looking for active/casual.

    The Godfeather

    Are there still any open slots for Swine Flu Crew?

    I currently have 303 flock power but am active everyday so growing stronger quickly!

    My current clan are lovely ppl & always win clan battles but never achieve the higher prizes in regular events.

    Im keen to learn & progress with an active clan & will always participate in all events.

    Heather Bird

    @mscreant sending you an awesome player oxox grow that team girl!!!!


    Hi I am looking for co leaders to fight in clan battles #159935. Also,if you want to merge your clan. FP 255,  star rank 32 in diamond league.


    Hello Pork-bustin’ Cohorts!

    I’m the leader of the I Like PigButts clan. We have been an active group, but it seems that many members of the clan have decided to enjoy the warm summer weather rather than compete in the challenges. Sadly, I have had to remove members who have been inactive for a while. We had never lost a clan battle, but suddenly last week we had miserable attendance and lost our first one. So now I’m looking to rebuild–we want another long winning streak! We’re eager to have active flingers, so come aboard! I’ve just cleared twenty spots, and we’re an Azure clan with all those openings.

    Clan: I Like PigButts

    Clan Number: #67028


    Hi All.  I’m the leader of clan Strangely Brown #19409. We are a friendly clan with members with flock powers from the 50’s to the 500’s.  If you would like to join, all that we ask is that you compete in clan battles and if you can’t (because real life is a thing) then let us know in the clan chat.  The clan location says UK but we have members from all over so there is always someone around to chat with.

    Clan info


    Just have to say tha ILikePigButts is the greatest name of all time. And I cannot lie!


    Ann here, I’m a Co-Leader of Pig Crushers. Our Clan is an Amethyst ranking, soon to enter Diamond rank. We have a few openings for some fellow Canadian players with a minimum FP of 500. We’re a friendly bunch and everyone must play all events. Come join us, we’d love to have you.


    Phoenix Sparrow

    Looking for high 600+ & 700+ fp players with high star rank to join us in ABNest3 !
    All events get complete, Most of the Battles are wins.

    Falcon Falcon

    Do the other clans get many recruits from this thread?  I was wondering what kind of luck they were having.

    Heather Bird

    @falconfalcon YES!!!!! I have gotten some awesome loyal birds from the Nest. It is FB group that seems to have the clan jumpers and flakes.


    Renegades #143223


    We are looking for 2 players with 550 to 700 plus FP

    no cheaters please


    DM me here on the nest or fly over to request!!


    @heatherbird I sent a request to join. I play daily and am looking for a good clan to roll with.


    Hey guys sorta new to the game but not new to clan based games .Looking for a home to grind clan events and grow .Let me know if you need a daily grinder . FP currently 107 .


    Come on let’s rake in some bacon!  Join my clan 450+ flock power preferred, 100 fp minimum. Most active members will be promoted to leaders.
    NoFrillPigGrill clan


    Killer Rabbits needs daily players, I need an additional co-leader…..just kicked 1/2 the clan for freeloading…rebuild mode

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