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  • I’m curious as to how my arena tournament ended an hour ago & there are 3 “players/cheaters” who ALREADY have over 350 stars!!! I was 3rd in the last tournament & 0 minutes before it ended, 6 people jumped WAY AHEAD of me in points/stars…. These were people who weren’t even on the drop down list of players. How is this possible? One person’s ‘handle’ – for lack of a better word – was “Token”… I’m calling foul!!! This really seems to be rigged! Where’s the incentive to keep playing when stuff like this happens? Venting….

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    I am over 200 already and plan to be over 700 before the day is out. No cheats, simply a backlog of tickets I am using and continue to use every week. Maybe you have some cheaters but as best I can tell, Rovio usually catch them within a couple of days and reset their score to 1.


    Thanks!!! I think people in my league must be playing 24/7! Haha!


    By any chance was the full username, Token Hatcher?

    (if so that was me).


    Nope – I had two “Token” players & another named “Max Angerson”.


    I have one now @Bossy in diamond league … score went up over 1000 in a matter of a few hours, goes up in 100 and 200 increments in short periods of time.


    Changes name from Bossy to Bossy fierce now … what a loser.


    He could change into botty cheats.


    He shows up in the last hour trying to catch me … I start playing and with 20 minutes left to go he disappears from the arena … kept changing his name between @Bossy and @Bossy Fierce. I guess these guys know how to switch to an diamond arena where his current score puts him 1st … I really don’t know but it sucks for the people playing fair.



    Have you identified this cheater @Bossy and banned him from play?



    Not sure it’s cheating…like one of the posters above said, you can backlog tickets, especially when the free ones come up. I am currently at 200, 1st place, 2nd place person has 143 for now. It’s just constant playing and losing maybe 2-3 times per week. That’s how you rake in the stars and get these inflated numbers.


    I’m at 312 in first place at the moment. 2nd place is at 224. I won last week’s tourney at 849 which sounds like peanuts compared to some of you guys.


    When I see high scores in an arena, I don’t automatically think it’s cheating: cheaters tend to get reset to 1 star. If this hasn’t happened then most likely you’re dealing with someone who spends a ton of money or knows how to accumulate arena tix.

    Some Diamond leagues simply have gorillas in the arena dominating the boards. In my arena this week #1 was at 2500 now he’s reset to 1, and the new #1 is at 2000. Sounds like the commenter above hating on @bossy might just be a sore loser.

    Birdy Thrower

    I came second this week with 997 third had 832 but first place had 1427 or there abouts. It seems to level out after a few days, had last week off and collected tickets, won the week before with 1009 stars. Don’t automatically think cheaters, they seem to have blocked alot of those out over the last few weeks as was a joke.. often change my name as don’t want to use F,book name, and don’t like those on offer.. wish I could go back to my Red # 05!!!! Name the..


    This player is a CHEAT.

    They go by the name of Buster, but also Zoom and Max. Three name changes in a week doesn’t disguise a cheat.

    They jumped up over 800 points within an hour on Monday, no grinding away for this cheat.

    Since Tuesday they’ve only played twice, yes actually played, it’s amazing they know how to!

    If you come across this CHEAT, it’s pointless spending money trying to overtake them.


    Epic Buttstomp

    Before around 3 updates ago there was a feature in the arena that will Shuffle players among the many leaderboards starting middle of the week and do so at least once a day until the end of the weekly tournament. You may end up in the lopsided room but the shuffle will put you back in rooms with people in similar star pts as you. This used to solve these ticket spammers and multiple devices players by getting them out of your arena life.

    Whenever I run into oddball cheaters who load up all 5 spells and couple levels above me for birds, I just go in without spells and causally play the game. Let them waste the spells.

    I wonder what happened to that shuffle feature now!!?!?!

    Mancala Parakin

    @aeshna I encountered a Zoom (and whooped them) yesterday, with maxed-out birds yet starter spells. I’m not sure if they and Buster are the same person considering the silver slingshot and star level of 95. Of course, I could be wrong. That said, I feel these cheaters are creating sock accounts in addition to changing their names.
    Aaaaaand they're back!


    They are probably using the exploit I reported some months ago, Aeshna. A person can spend all the gems, and now pearls, they want and never lose any while keeping all the goodies. Welcome to my world. And at least two major updates since I reported it and it still isn’t fixed. In fact, it is worse because now it works on the new levels.

    Also don’t count on it being one person with many names. I think a lot of people have figured it out and shared it with their friends. I will give Rovio time for one more major update and if it isn’t fixed after that, well, everybody that visits this nest will know about it.

    This is the reason I do not come here often or post many comments. Especially when I read that Rovio doesn’t care about the cheaters.



    1. Really? when did they say that they didn’t care about the cheaters?

    2. What thread did you report this exploit on?


    Raizir, many people that post comments here say Rovio doesn’t care about cheaters. That is what I was talking about. I reported an exploit here months ago about an exploit. You will have to look to page 6 of this forum for my comment on the matter, a threat titled, “Ermahgerd endless gems”.

    On page 5 you will see another thread, “So long and thanks for all the fish”.

    On page 3 you will find my comment titled, “Mr. Hank, Friend Request”.

    Yes, I still play and come here from time to time. Occasionally post a comment if I think I can be of help. The past couple of days I have been much more active than I have been in months.

    As for reporting details, I did that through private messages as requested.


    Welcome to my world. Get Rovio to fix it.

    I have reported it to Rovio. Step it up. I want it fixed for the good of all. Enough said now?

    And notice I am nowhere near 1st in the arena? Not even with what I have. I do have a life outside AB2.


    Wow, the exploit I was talking about in the arena is obviously different to the one you know @captsternn as I don’t have those sorts of qty’s of gems or arena tickets.

    /am interested to know what you know?


    I know. I reported it and I want it fixed, Chucky.

    FYI, about 13K gems are honest. Many bought, many hoarded. The rest is all about the exploit.


    @chucky-2 I spent 250 dollars on gems in game and used them to get extra birds when I needed them on regular levels and DCs. Five weeks ago I figured out bug that let me spend gems and yet keep them. Since then I keep my saved gems and hoard more from chests, gifts and arena rewards.
    I am not sure if bug I exploit is the same @captsternn knows but it sure gives you benefits from your purchases.
    BTW I do not feel any sort of guilt for using this in game, I already paid more than it worths.


    Question, Cosmo, is did you report it in detail to Rovio as I did?

    I was not looking for a bug, exploit or cheat. I found it by accident. I empathize with the honest players here and everywhere else. I was one of them for the longest time. I hate this, it is not fair to them. I want these things fixed so the game can be fair and fun for everybody.


    @captsternn @cosmo2503 I am VERY interested in learning about this exploit as well (but I don’t know how to PM here). I just keep falling farther and farther behind, playing fairly.

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