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  • nemisispig

    Finally got into the event with just over 15 hours left to exchange tokens.


    OK Guys & Gals not been around for a few and like others on here I’m unable to get into the Token Exchange so I can’t do anything with my tokens grrrrrrr

    Michelle R Poe

    Does ABN ever respond or provide resolutions to issues? I hate that I in app purchased to help my boy get his character now money time and frustration for a kid. Said he should have just bought Jems for Clash. SMH.


    Im in south america amd even i cannot enter the challenge since yesterday.was close to the second acc. ??

    Mighty Red

    @michelle-r-poe We’re not reponsible for any issues this game is experiencing. However, remain calm – Rovio said they’re gonna provide compensations to all of us in response to the issue.



    Rovio has responded in this earlier post from yesterday. See the response below:


    I’m sorry it’s taken some time to update you on this issue – it began not long after most people had finished for the week, which was still fairly early in the day for the US timezones.

    The issue was caused by a DNS outage preventing the Angry Birds Transformers app from contacting our game servers, which we are currently investigating. The data update which was pushed out on Wednesday only contained changes for the special offer that began that day and is entirely unrelated.

    We are currently considering how best to compensate players for the issue – please be assured that we intend to reimburse any lost event tokens as best we can, and will extend the availability of the token exchange as necessary.

    I apologise any inconvenience caused, and thank you for your understanding.


    I just looked and the token exchange has NOT been extended, it will end in less than seven hours and those of us who lost tokens will have to make a choice before that time limit expires. Either we will have to exchange the tokens we have for coins or risk losing those tokens. Either Rovio needs to extend the token exchange now or give us some guidance on how they intend to “compensate players for the issue”.

    The original problem was bad enough without compounding it by inaction. I understand it’s the weekend, but Rovio made the decision to have the contest end on a weekend. In hindsight perhaps that wasn’t the best idea.

    Byron Washington

    I also had the same issue and was JUST 90 TOKENS from unlocking acid storm, so yeah…I’m pretty pissed!!! Ended up having to spend up all but 60 TOKENS on coins…I got a message today staying that they’re (ABTF admin) are looking to find a way to compensate us.

    I’m pissed bc I spent good money on crystals so I could keep playing and got robbed of a character.

    Dear admin: Wanna compensate me?!? Give me my friggin character. Need proof I’m tellin the truth, contact me and I’ll give you my info so you can dig me up on the server!!!


    My advice… do NOT spend your tokens. True, you may lose them all when the token exchange expires, but the upside to spending them is VERY small… just a few coins that you can easily get anytime from running some levels.

    Last time something like this happened was the C Minor challenge. The token exchange expired, and a few weeks later, they re-opened the competition. Those that saved their tokens were able to carry them forward into the extended competition.

    If you spend them now, you will likely have to start from scratch IF they re-open the competition.

    Last time, there was no notification of their plans prior to the token exchange closing. I expect it will be the same this time around. So whatever choice you make will be a gamble. But I personally will gamble on the side of getting to use my tokens later.

    I have no knowledge of what Rovio will choose to do here. I’m just giving some info about what happened last time around. So take it all with a grain of salt.

    Byron Washington

    I didn’t expect any sort of compensation, to be honest I didn’t see anything about them experiencing a glitch or acknowledging a glitch until after I’d spent everything, if they’d let me return the credits I exchanged my tokens for to get my character that’d be great…or…just award those playing with Acid Storm


    Was only able to get on to the acid storm event this afternoon when there was only token redeem time left. Great shame as I had been trying since it started.


    Where I was when everything went to pot. Not really seeing this help anything, but I wanted to see how posting pics worked here???

    Screenshot of Acid Event

    Edit: Ok that didn’t work


    By the time I could connect, event was over and I was in third place. Ended with 4830 tokens. Wasn’t even able get extra tokens by completing the missile challenge.


    Greetings from Germany!?
    I had, with my S5, the same probs.was around 3rd place and just needed 310 crashed 6 hours before game-over,which is 2 am here!spended plenty of crystals(more then 250) to stay in top,over I tried again and I could get back on-yesterday was dead.and now guess:pushed to rank 7!!??and the 200 won’t help anything, cause Acid Storm was the only reward for me in this event.. I’m really pissed, of course!!?? Now only 20 min left for the exchange,but I got nearly 3 Mio coins,so I don’t need more. So I’ll wait and hope tehy’ll expire the event in a few days and my tokens will be transferred. Btw: think over a better ending and starting time for us oversees ?


    Okay,well.. obviously I was to bad?
    Just said, that I here in Germany had the same probs. It crashed 6 hours before event end and I was in 3rd place and needed only 310 tokens.I would got another 100 for reaching a specific kill rate and then the 5 place would have been fine too. Yesterday I couldn’t get back on and now only can exchange. I don’t need coins, cause I got more then 3 Mio and Acid Storm was the only reward for me in this event. So I’ll wait and hope for a transfer and expiration of the event. By the way, event start/ end time is 2 am! A different time would be very welcomed!


    Dont know about you guys,but a window opened for me,giving me 1000 tokens for the whole situation…i did not personaly needed them,but hope that solved the last hours problems for everybody else….
    But my question is : what if everybody already spent their tokens because the did not see any news from robio and now they have 1000 more tokens to use…? What if they spent tokens for money because they thought that no more tokens could be granded and they lost the TF or his accessories…??


    Just got a news update that allowed me to get 1,000 tokens. Of course there is no way to used them since the exchange period is gone. Thank goodness I didn’t need them.


    @ph if you come out of the app and then go back in,there will be a new tokens exchange window, which at the moment has just over 1 day 5 hrs remaining.


    @ph I was rewarded 1000 tokens and the exchange was reopened. If yours isn’t, try contacting Rovio.


    While I appreciate Rovio giving players a 1000 token bump….. Atleast for me I was able to pick up the ABT and both accessories….. I have over 55 million coins…. I really do not need any more…. In my other topic I posted yesterday I would LOVE to see Rovio allow us devoted players the opportunity to “bank” our unused tokens for further compititions or other purchases……

    I hope this gets those who missed out getting what they needed to get this ABT….. Expecially those whom I see were playing for their children…..

    Just my thoughts……


    @nemisispig & @dr-doom

    Thanks, I rebooted the app and was able to see the exchanged.


    I was very pleased with Rovio stepping up and making this right for everyone. I got my tokens and was able to get the accessories I was hoping to get. :-)


    Same here. I was able to unlock Acid, but got no accessories. But not worried about them. Now if they would give another chance to unlock Rodimus Prime, I’d be a happy camper


    I was 100 short of 1000 tokens. Now with 1000 tokens, I got acid storm. Glad To Rovio did the right thing.

    Clayton Knight

    This sucks because I just got the 1000 coins too which I already had over 4000 to unlock Storm… I spent them not knowing… I’ll gladly give back the coins, I’m at 1.5M coins, please take some back….

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