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  • Mighty Red

    @partshade Exactly. That’s how I managed to level up my whole flock to Diamond (during the soft launch).


    @mighty-red-1 Hmm I think I’ll try this. You always seem to find great tips for the AB games :D.


    Do upgraded birds get more powerful ? I just got my whole flock to bronze( some are very close to silver) . I have played with my birds when they were in no league and in bronze. And I am slowly noticing that they get more powerful as they go to the next league. Does that actually happen or is it only my score that increases

    Also do the stages in the arena end ? Is there a score or stage where you cannot pass it. If there is what stage or score is it . My best score is ~790k and I have never seen anyone past 980k.


    @ultimate1 Yes birds do more damage as they level up. As an example when I first got Matilda she was pretty weak. Now that she’s bronze she hits decently hard. Also when you get the Blues and Chuck to silver they become absolute bulldozers to ice or wood.

    Nope the arena is infinite. You can get scores in the millions if you have enough birds to do it. The reason you only see scores at 980k and below is probably because your at an early stage. Once you get to silver or gold league you’ll likely see higher scores.


    Help! How do I get an avatar for the arena? Fortunately I am so awesomely cool that I don’t needed one for ego points but it sure would be nice to find myself in the sea of red birds.

    I can’t believe I wasn’t able to find this out on the Internet. Is this a Facebook thing?


    @gelfling Yes this is a Facebook thing. Your FB profile pic is your game pic.


    @partshade – thanks for letting me know. So I did connect a FB account to my AB2 account. I haven’t been to the arena yet, looking forward to being able to find my smiling gelfling face. Thanks!

    Mighty Red

    If anyone wants to see what the Diamond league is all about, here’s my video of it. Just to be clear, I achieved Diamond league legitimately, because I’ve been playing the game since May.


    I cannot access Arena since this morning. It says to check my connection and try again. Problem is I know for sure my connection is on and other programs (including Epic that wouldn’t start at all without it) work OK. Is it just me, or AB2’s server is unresponsive today?


    They’ve just added unavoidable adds and broke the arena. What a stupid piece of software. What a stupid company. I will uninstall it, too.


    I can’t seem to connect to the tournament either. Is this problem happening on all platforms? I play on an Android tablet.


    Bad piggies

    Getting the same error on my iPhone


    I’m having the same problem too. great job Rovio.


    I’ve been having the same problem since late last night too. Just checking in to see if anyone else is having the same problem.

    Netto JM

    Now I know that we have others with the same problem, what I want to know now is if exist others who DON’T have the same problem.

    I need these terrencio’s feather, I did a great score for that: https://www.angrybirdsnest.com/members/netto-jm/album/picture/15975/


    @mighty-red-1 Seriously. I thought they’re gonna award things better than 1 or 2 feathers in Diamond since they’ve no use at all – you can’t level them further. I’ve 3 birds upgraded to Diamond now (4 today if the game lets me enter arena), and I don’t feel I want to upgrade anymore. :(


    So I’m not the only one getting the Connection Error with the arena? Good to know, I guess.


    I’m also having connection problems


    Hi everyone, I am new to this forum. I checked it to see if anyone was having the same problem getting into the arena. Re: check connection and try again. Very frustrating. I hope they don’t come back with a “reinstall your game solution”


    I am having the same issue. I’ve submitted a ticket through the Rovio website. Maybe others who have this issue could do the same so they know its not just an isolated incident?


    Same for me since this morning, probably an issue from Rovio…?
    Wait and see ?


    Per Rovio:


    I couldn’t get into the arena all day yesterday and this morning. Just tried, 11 am eastern time zone, still getting Connection Error.


    @sal9 @sparty83 — Tried a hard close followed by hard power off on iPad2 at 8:11 AM PDT. Still can’t get into arena. For whatever reason, the hard close did not get rid of all the apps; they were still there following hard power down. Will try again, but not good. Oh yes, my internet connection is fine.
    [Edit 8:24 AM PDT]: Success! (Sort of) Tried another hard close, wait a min, hard power-off, wait a minute, restart device, wait a min, restart arena. I could see my FB friends on the map. For the fun of it (basically to give AB2 some time) I opened a level and closed it; then opened the arena and got the same “connection failed” message, but when I clicked “retry” I actually got in to arena.


    I still can’t get into arena. I’m on an Android tablet. I shut it down completely, cleared the cache, and still nothing.

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