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  • JezzaH99

    Something very strange is happening with the Arena. Since Sunday morning I have lost 14 out of 16 round 1 games. And the other 2 I lost in round 2.

    I’m in Diamond League and are always in Diamond or Legendary league. My flock power is 704 and I’m quite good at this game. I’ve never had such a run.

    Everyone I play is 20 or more flock power than me.

    Am I bothered? No. Will I cheat? No. Will I pay? No. Life’s too short for any of that.

    But I am annoyed that Rovio seem to have picked me out for this treatment (or are others having this problem?) and made the game that much less enjoyable.


    Dearg mor

    Maybe its because of the recent hat event, since I have all of the set (and even upgraded a couple of burds) yet I am always pitted up against people who have a higher fp than me


    I rarely use the tickets.. The arena has become too unstable. I do it for the apples, then just shoot the birds off to lose a round and reset it..

    Another thing. win 10. game “pauses” mid flight and at various inconvenient times during rounds both on maps, and arena.  it just freezes for a moment, but its enough to throw off my timing.. getting tired of it.



    https://www.angrybirdsnest.com/wp-content/uploads/hm_bbpui/243186/06bkrdl66s8cl0n61c9stmscf4xyocs6.pngHello. I have one problem with arena play mode. When I try to enter in it, it shows me that the tournament already ended. Also, I press the check mark the border with the information appears to me again and again. Do anyone had this kind of problem too? Have you solved it? And how? Any advices are welcome, thank you very much.


    Changes are coming…”nice”. As a pessimist my take is that by making it more competitive it will require even more using of  gems to get anywhere. And as of now only thing that is happening is that in Daily quests they are taking my 20 gems away when I cannot get those 25 stars and denying me my 4 apples for today.


    Rovio love trying to break things that work. Maybe they should remember: If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it!

    They did the same thing with the MEBC…fortunately they changed that back to the way it was (and introduced the local leaderboards, which believe it or not, were a good idea). They also tried doing the same with the new hat sets, introducing stupid event coins but fortunately they have gone back to the way it used to be. Now they are doing the same with the Arena. Going on previous experiences, it will be a disaster.


    4 times today I’ve lost Arena games to a player with a lower score than me. One of them was by nearly 8m points.  Not sure how to explain that, but the new scoring mechanic makes it an egregious problem rather than merely irritating.

    I’m also really enjoying now being forced to upgrade birds that I will never use other than in the Arena. Day 1 has started with two birds that I’ve literally never used.

    I’m sure Rovio will say this has made it “more fun” for everyone. Everyone with a financial interest in Rovio, perhaps.



    thats been happening to me (win 10) for the last 2 weeks.



    We the Players…stop unfair gaming practices in programming designed to steal your money. Look at Rovio financial..hidden in new update Profits are down since Pandemic so new design is to take more of your hard earned money to support shareholder stocks by big greedy company. Not to improve gameplay, don’t he fooled. Game programming is skewed to stock holders thieves.

    20% Profit is the net dollars they gain after all expenses and taxes.

    Publicly Pressure ROVIO to comply with regulatory agencies licensing and oversight agencies. Make the game fair for all. Strength in Numbers. REPORT


    Gaming Control Board (GCB)


    Google Play Support


    What have Rovio done to the Arena? They claim to have made it “fairer” but all they have done is taken away any of the strategic elements. When to use/not use spells, when to lose on purpose etc. They had previously removed the option to use lower power hats (another stupis mod). They have removed apples from the arena and redistributed them in Daily and King Pig Challenges (while making them harder to win). Guess what Rovio, I will not spend gems in response to this dishonesty. I will simply let my hatchling die and not worry about apples. I will not spend any gems at all in future. I still have Angry Birds Space and Rio beckoning for me to return.


    Please relook at the Arena! The scoring makes no sense to me. I’m ahead by five mill, the opponents last bird is weaker by 10 points.  I loose! Their slingshot is weaker, also. This isn’t challenging, it’s frustrating.


    Exactly what happens to me, too. Last opponents last bird takes amazing points. It is not possible to win 5 times in a row altough I seem to be much stronger in points.


    Upgrade? Yeah, right.

    What a horrible rollout. I simply don’t get how I can perform fine in the old arena, even 1:1 without loading on spells, and yet here I can barely get past the first one.

    And the tallying of scores is suspicious at best. My apparent ‘equally matched’ opponent more often than not will paste me by adding like 9m points with one bird.

    I lose frequently. Going backwards. Tempted to invest in gems to replay. But then I realise *that’s the point*.


    Clan Active #8298 is looking for dedicated ACTIVE people to join us.

    We only have 2 rules.. Check in daily and do the Clan V Clan battle. That’s it. No other rules. No minimum points. Doing the point battles are optional, however the more people that do them, the greater the reward for all who do them.
    If you do not log in after 3 days you get kicked out. Fail to do a clan battle you get kicked out. Simple as that.

    So if you want to grow your flock power, and are willing to do the clan battles, look at Active clan.

    Otherwise there really is no reason to even be in a clan.



    Sure! I see no point not to do it. I’ll join!


    Wow! Been away from the game for quite a while and the arena sure has changed.

    I like the type of levels it has now. The old ones were repetitive and boring; hmm, the new ones seen repetitive too. But after all the complaining by players about having to spend money in the arena Rovio has made it so you can’t spend money except on replays where it’s pretty obvious how seldom that will help thus preventing me from bothering to spend even the sixty gems. For the two weeks I’ve been back I managed to win only one battle until the latest adventure. I actually enjoyed the arena before, mostly. Sure there were bad FP matches, but I enjoyed picking spells to take, winning it in the end with gems if needed when I was at the top half of the streak. I spent most of my gems there but also won a lot of gems there also.

    When I returned to the game I was in diamond league as that was where I was when I quit. But the matching up opponents by the points rather than FP seems weird, I noticed I was always quite a bit lower in the FP with no way to get help from my spells.

    Now, with the latest adventure, I really lucked out in TOF on auto and was given 4 hats and got Matilda’s had in the adventure. So with hats and upgrades I’ve been able to boost my FP from ~700 to ~900. So, finally won a streak with a couple of replays. So, 9 days of some great scores lol.

    But, where do I spend my gems now? In TOF? I pay real money to get the daily rewards and I’m just not a gambler so TOF will never tempt me with its outrageous increases to buy your way past each pig. (Yes, I will support a game which gives me hours of playtime daily with a relatively small amount of cash – only 50 cents a day and programmers deserve to eat too!).

    So for me, the net effect of the new arena is that I don’t need many gems anymore so may not have incentive to pay that monthly amount. Seems like a poor business decision Rovio.

    Anyways, another 8 days of great scores to enjoy, did great in clan battle, hoping for a great eagle run too.


    The more I play this arena the more I hate it. Doing the drop. What a lousy thing to have to do every few weeks.

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