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    To @smartboy :


    OK, so this is basically the order of usage by the other player, not the exact order of the cards when they played. You need to remember that it isn’t live… you see what spells the other person will use before you get to chose… and the other person doesn’t ever revive with gems or a video. They may have revived, but this will simply come up as another card. I hope this makes sense to you!


    Rovio has the control which opponent (video) you play against.  You have no control yourself.  In the past few weeks, the arena has been programmed to only be able to win with the help of gems.  Opponents that you think you have defeated with the last bird will jump 5 million points with Blues on stonewalls, haha!  In the end, you are brought up to the opponent’s result except for a few points to be able to win with gems.  If you are better than your opponent at the beginning or have a clear lead, the power of birds suddenly fails or a micro pig remains at each level.  A perfidious strategy from Rovio and a total mess up of winning chances in the arena if you are not willing to spend gems.


    super streak week usually make arena become much more harder , even at the first round.

    I don’t think our opponent playing in same rooms type like us , since usually some birds can score strike in impossible situation like Kochschwein said above

    in the end , it’s about luck


    The game is now just a fruit machine – skill levels totally outweighed by the luck element.


    I play very rarely now., and when I do soo get fed up.


    If you think you’re getting a fair rng in the arena you are kidding yourself.  I quit the arena for that reason.  I didn’t play for 7 or 8 months and started getting a 15 minute feather frenzy for streak rewards as a test group.  This will be the only reason I’ll play arena going forward


    I use them to get double feathers for a battle and clan events, and it’s one of the best innovations I’ve seen in the game since I started playing.  It’s just disgraceful that Rovio only allows certain players to benefit from it.  Because that’s completely fair pfft


    I think Rovio is struggling financially.

    I have played level 1 of the Arena 4 times today and lost all 4. The “best” defeat was by 10 million points and the worst by about 20 million. Level 1. Yes, level 1. And I’m not a bad player and didn’t make any mistakes in three of those games.

    Oh and the daily challenge for the last two days has been impossible.

    Oh and Rovio, I don’t spend money on the game so don’t rely on me for cash.



    I completely agree with whatever jezza said. It’s been 3 days now I couldn’t pass level 1. Today is the worst. Two times I’ve played today, both of them I was paired with slightly better flock power, just around 10 points. That’s alright I’m using one magic card, just in case. Both times on the very first room I spent 4 cards to clear the room and my opponent has already had twice as much points, spent only one card.

    Couldn’t care less. Just grab the free ticket and leave.


    The first 3 levels, especially #1, used to be a gimme. Not anymore. If I want to win, I take 3-4 spells into each round, no matter what fp the opponent has. If I get hopelessly behind after a few flings, I just quit and save the spells for another time.

    beaky blinder

    I am trying to make everyone aware of matching opponents in the fight in the arena. My opponents FP was even with mine about 800 with Stella x3 included. My opponents Stella x3 was 225 ( in blue).

    The fight stage of the arena had Stella 675 ( in blue) trippled again for the tournament. This was my second fight as the first was the same.

    I have screen shot the evidence but do not know how to show everyone. Watch you’re opponents as we all wonder how some of these unexplained incredible scores come from.


    No more videos?




    arena is error now , always return to home screen




    it’s a scam, try this for two or three times:
    get in arena with an opponent
    shoot your birds not to the object, and loose the game quicly
    you opponents get in fast mode, it’s a computer

    Or this:
    get in arena with no extra’s and you get a easy game
    get in arena with extra’s and you get a heavy game

    or this:
    look at the flogscore of your opponent and remember that
    get in fight and count each flogscore for his/her birds
    it gets higher than you saw starting

    the only thing this games is good for, is out money for Rovio


    Playing Arena is a waste of time, nerves and gems or spells. Do not fool yourself thinking that you will play with someone. It will be just rovio and as it wants.


    Rovio is being really stingy with stars right now.  Also, I should be scoring way higher than I am.  I’ll clear a room that is mostly stone with one bird/spell and get a ridiculously low score.  🖕🏼


    I am finding that I can make it to level 5, after that, it matches me up with players whose birds are 4 to 6 levels higher than my birds.. Impossible to win against them with even odds, let alone using spells to make up the difference. Their multiplier will cause them to win no matter what, unless you spend a LOT of gems.

    Sorry but in my book that makes this game SUCK.  Not fair at all.



    Yep, once again, Lop sided match ups in arena. I went thru 5 of these lopsided match ups and finally got tired of wasting Gems. Took the one I had and just launched my birds into space, knowing I could not win. The challenger wins by their multiplier number alone so why bother?


    Dearg mor

    @birdbrained How come you dont have the extra birds? I thought they were mandatory


    I have all 4.. I just don’t use them much.. Found out I do better without them than with them.



    I think he is playing on windows platform


    yeah, I am on win-10.


    Dearg mor

    Is it just me, or is arena even more crapsack than usual? Usually, in the diamond league, you need to score at least 500 stars to be in the top 3, at least from my experience. However, lately, Its been hard for me to not get demoted, even after scoring at least 300 stars, let alone being on the top 3. Maybe its because i had a player in the last weekly league score over 1500 stars. WHAT. THE. ACTUAL. HELL. You would need 150 tickets, each scoring 10 stars, to achieve that, though that is nearly impossible to execute. I could only conclude that that guy cheated, and reported him, but I am guessing that since Rovio is a corrupt organisation that doesnt give a f and only cares about money, they let them slide.


    Screw the arena, and screw Rovio for not banning this obvious cheater


    Nope, its not you. I have noticed it too. They match me up with people who should wipe me off the map and I win.. match me up with someone I should wipe off the map and I lose.  Somethings going on..



    Im glad to know it isn’t just me lol


    I consistently score between 1000 and 1500 and no I don’t cheat or score a 10 out of 10 each time. What I do is never win past the 4th battle. That way for every five rounds I’m only spending 2 tickets. Obviously it doesn’t go my way every time. But a good amount of the time. I use the 1000 gems I win every week to buy 35 ticket. I also purchase the $10 pack which gives you 70 gems a day for the month. Plus there’s the gems from completing daily quests and treasure chests. All of which I spend on arena tickets. Now I might add that I am also a disabled vet that sits home all day everyday playing this game and have become very good over the last year. With that being said, I’ve also spent $20 on gems to get rid of  people that are creep’n up on me.As far as the matching us up with players we shouldn’t be, yes. There’s been a few battle lately that I’ve lost by 40-50m or vise versa. Not sure what’s up with that.

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