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  • PJng

    Any bug on arena?
    This 2 days only me on board, starting no 2 all player named UNKNOWN with zero score,
    So i must get no 1 in next day.


    I haven’t been able to see any of my Facebook friends in the leaderboards within AB2, so I finally gave up and uninstalled/reinstalled the game (lost all progress).

    Now that I’ve restarted playing, I see the “Connect” (to FB) button on the leaderboards.

    Whenever I try to connect to FB, the game crashes. It doesn’t matter whether I’m already logged in to FB or try to sign in from AB2.

    I’m going to send a support request to Rovio and will tell you their reply when I get it.

    Anyone else experience this? If so, have you figured out how to connect to FB without it crashing?


    I cannot watch video to get free ticket on arena, when i tap on it,
    Just give me black screen, what i can do is force close game,
    Video after playing a level is working.


    I played the arena twice this morning and didn’t get the daily quest award for either “play the arena” or “pop 30 pigs.” Anyone else have this problem.


    @mvnla2: Always play a regular level first and then the four quest award lines should show up. Then go play the arena so you’ll get credit for it.


    @dmsral — I’ve been doing the same thing for weeks, if not months. The 4 quest awards are always there, I just didn’t get credit.


    This program is increasingly hard to use and unfriendly. I now have 3 lives with an hour recycle. It rarely gives me the gold Rob’s to give a chance in a losing level. And now the Dr Ken commercial crashes the program when I need only one more bird. I also hate the fact that it wastes birds.

    Happily there was a Rio update to get me something to do in the Angry Birds universe.


    Is there a way to bypass the “early bird” event announcement? It doesn’t react to the ‘X’ button and won’t go away. Restarting the game doesn’t help. I just installed the game for my daughter, and now she can’t play level 5. >:(


    @mvnla2: It’s very strange how some people get very different play experiences in AB2, especially the lives counts and times. I had a tough time getting the Facebook connection to tie in but that’s working fine now, but others still have problems. Now if I can just get ABT to work on my new iPhone.

    James Peden

    This has recently started happening to me around level 230. I have wasted birds and hard earned gems because of this glich.


    Since the update for Snotting hill I can’t access the Arena to play tournaments & when I get the option to watch a video to get a free bird, to finish a hard level or extra life it either takes a million years to load up or it doesn’t do it at all & the game just crashes.

    Playing on android & my wifi & internet connections are cool with everything else; anybody else experiencing this???

    Mac Zeff

    AB2 Levels 150 through 210. Eating a LOT of battery power. Game resets my tablet often.
    Thinking of pulling it off the tablet and giving up on it.


    Why did my name change to Red#7568.

    Jenny Singer

    regarding the good dinosaur promo, yesterday I did not get the option to watch a video for a free entry, so the “bonus” entry was not really a bonus. then today not only did I not have the option to watch a video for a try, I didn’t even get my regular try! I was given the “bonus” entry, and when I finished it said free entry in 2 hours 50 minutes… so instead of 3 tries I only got 1. :( is no one else having this problem?

    David Martin

    I had a really weird glitch occur today at the worst possible time. I was down to one bird with two pigs left on the final screen of a 5 or 6-stage level. That bird was the bomb. I detonated it within range of the two pigs, saw both of them pop, and a split second later the game pulled up the “No More Cards” screen. Never mind that there was still debris falling that could have potentially earned me enough points to get another card. I finished the freakin’ level and didn’t get credit for it!

    In general I’ve noticed that the game has a weird sense of timing when trying to detect whether everything has finished falling/breaking after you’ve either destroyed all the pigs or run out of birds. I feel like it should wait until all motion has stopped, period. Only exception should be if it’s perpetual motion like in that one boss level where the boss can keep flying through the portals and never hit anything, Pigsyland where the magician pig sometimes bounces straight up and down on a trampoline, or the Snotting Hill levels where a pig could get caught in the slime loop and never pop. Other than that, let me get all my points before you tell me I’ve lost.

    The “check your internet connection” bug has been annoying me too. As others have noted, it sometimes happens when my wifi signal is otherwise fine. If this indicates a problem on the other end with the Rovio server that is supposed to provide me with information, at least tell me that’s where the problem is instead of making me think it’s my problem. I’ve noticed that sometimes the menu screen can take forever to load up after finishing a level, and this is often because it’s trying to download that “special deal” for 340 gems that I get offered like 5 times a day. (On a related note, sometimes I’ll get to the menu screen and the icons and other options don’t show up because this notice fails to download, so I’m stuck on that screen and can’t select any levels. It’s really maddening when an offer I don’t care about anyway prevents me from playing the actual game.)

    Finally – and I’m not sure if this is even is a bug – I’ve noticed that sometimes in the random generation of levels, a piece will be missing from a structure and it will topple before I’ve even done anything. I’m not necessarily complaining about this. It’s like getting a free bird. But it is a bit odd that in some of those rare cases, I can clear an entire room without firing a bird, and I don’t get the “Strike” bonus when this happens – so it can be annoying during an attempt to three-star a level.


    David, you are absolutely right.
    I am curious what Rovio will say about this, if anything…


    Watch a movie to get another game/bird is a joke. 9 out of 10 times the game freeze.
    And most often when out of birds in the last scene.


    Previous report of new bug incorrect; removed.
    An old bug which seems to happen more frequently is that the first level you complete does not count toward your daily objectives.



    Some score bug happen on lvl 254.(Pigsyland Boss level no.2) I got 249k score which was over 2 stars limit, but was 1 star on score panel. After that the score is counted normally.


    3 times now I have purchased gems, was charged for them and then AB2 glitches and kicks me out and when I go back in there are no gems, I have also used gems to “continue” and then I get kicked out and it still takes my gems but I have to restart the level. Please tell me how I either get my money back or get my gems. This is really starting to piss me off!!


    @elizabritt — Contact Rovio support.You may also be able to get a refund from the place you purchased gems. Good Luck!


    This is the Bug in which King Pig gets stuck in the bottom of the water in Level 460.
    Had it happen to me too.

    The arena is a real mess. This is what happened to me: I started in the vanilla league, I ended up sencond. I won a silver medal and was promoted to the bronze league. So far so good. In the second week, I ended up first in the bronze league. After that, everything became weird: I found myself having six golden medals and one silver and I was promoted to the diamond league for no reason. Now I ended up first in the diamond league and everything has worked fine (one gloden medal was added and I stayed in the diamond league for the next week). Though now I have noticed that if I click on other players’ rows in my same league they are reported to be playing on different leagues, which just does not make sense.
    I mean, I was lucky with these bugs, but it is not that much fun playing like this.
    Anyone had similar problems?


    @bankler — I thought this had been fixed, but it just happened again: If I play the arena before doing anything else, I don’t get credit on the awards list for playing the arena, for popping birds, or for getting stars.


    Level 267 has glitch in first room. If birds bounce from a trampoline like shown in the screenshot below, it activates their special ability itself. Game thinks that it hits a wall or something. Sometimes this happens in other levels with trampolines, too.

    Trampoline glitch

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