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  • Dear all,

    I have to share with you one special story, which came to my mind today when I saw Eagle Boot Camp leaderboard.

    You can see that the leader is Tom Corso. Also see his profile below.

    And, if you don’t know it yet, Tom Corso is a cheater.

    How do I know it?

    – He has star rank of 38 – very low for maxed out birds

    – Just 3 weeks ago he was a member of my clan and he used to have Flock Power below 200.


    Now, two possibilities rise:

    1) He bougth large ammount of gems (I don’t want to extrapolate but he should buy gems for around 100k-200k $) – maybe he used a bitcoin? :)

    2) He is a cheater.


    And now, a question for ROVIO:

    How your precious and precise algorithms spotting cheaters work if they didn’t catch that obvious cheater Tom_Corso?

    And what happends with a whole bunch of honest players who were banned for nothing (using more than one device)?


    P.S. I didn’t report him, we will see how far can he go :)


    Kind regards :)

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  • Chucky

    As long as he has purchased any gem pack recently (even the smallest amount) Rovio seem to give those players an exemption from any ban. They seem to only ban cheaters that don’t actually spend any money at all.

    I agree that it is IMPOSSIBLE to be full rank by star level 38, but again as long as he has purchased anything recently then Rovio do not seem to ban those players.

    Long story short, if you are going to cheat make sure you buy a small gem pack every now and again just so they don’t ban you as well.


    That’s exactly what I said in other topic a few days back, I’ve seen a lot of players with suspiciously low star rank and Rovio doesn’t seem to care about them, too bad we can’t see in what league they are, that would give us more hints about if they are cheaters or not.



    Edit: I checked the top players of bootcamp just for curious and that guy is still there, really disappointing.


    I would like to move this “unfair” mind to a more positive direction- If you got the same power level, can you score a higher point than this person, Tom Corso?

    Do a simple math, then you would find, instead of complaining, which Rovio doesn’t care at all, we should think how come the highly skilled score to be achieve.

    I know some persons who are very good at judgement on the strategy of bird selection, control, and timing. That’s what I would like to learn.


    One would do well to study the ultimate in repeatability, clan battles. My clan Illuminati now post opening bird selection and other details to improve our scores. But overall there’s a huge variation – luck – involved.


    Might have used MMM


    Here you go,

    the obvious cheater, his clan and league :)


    Russian TOP clan was the biggest and powerful clan i’ve ever been it was having 28000 clan power with 15 max level glitchers in it and their leader was not playing with most of their co leaders until then that clan is banned they opened a new clan and all the glitchers are in the new clan again lol…this is only a cell phone game so my expectations about it to be fair is at minimum as they do noting about that top 100 players having full hat set in the scoreboard.


    Do all You guys have report button? Cause I’m not able to report anyone, I think from the beginning, when it’s been available. Anyway, recently AB2 became very unplayable game and frustrating. They always messed with that app (remember two diffrent ToF modes?) but now – glitchers in boot, few weeks ago diffrent times in common chest (for long time I had 3hrs timer), banning honest players and the creme de la creme – arena mode. Rovio stop playing with gamers and just stop supporting AB2. Oh, wait. They even don’t read players’ suggestions.


    lol i play from pc bluestacks and never had a report button from the start…bored of this game anyway it’s boring to play against hundreds of glitchers at max level in the boot camp it’s a battle of glitchers although i’m at max level too i’ll glitch the game to the end as long as normal players get the top 5 places not glitchers.


    Next two cheaters, no.1 and no.3 in clan battle ranking. Those two are getting 510 points in clan battle. Their clan is leading by 723. If they were banned and their scores were erased the battle would even up a little bit.

    I reported them but Rovio, again and again does nothing.

    And their astonishing star level of 8.


    Wow, that is unbelievable! Can’t believe Rovio has not acted on that FP with such a low star rank! If they were in our clan battle, I’d ask everyone in my clan to do a report!

    Airplane Lover

    Here is a possibility: they might not play the levels but play the DC, KPP and MEBC. You never know who is a cheater or not, but look at the possibilities and try to find out if they are cheating or not.


    P.S. It might not work


    My birds are all in the high 80’s / low 90’s,  flock power about 670 and my star rank is just 36. I haven’t cheated at all –  I just haven’t played the arena or map very much to get that many stars for star rank. So, please be careful who you report.


    @birdpower, your SR is 36, not 8! There is a large difference. In a clan I used to be in, there was a player who was SR 20 and had FP in the 600s. I believe he was genuine because I used to screenshot his profile each week. His SR remained at 20 (so obviously didn’t play in the arena) and his FP only slowly creeped up, so if he was hacking feathers he was doing it at a very slow rate. But to have a FP in the 500s with SR 8 is most likely due to hacking. And bear in mind that the original post was over 2 years ago, when the max FP was 700

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