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  • Nightcrawler

    @jamairoqui I agree that mythic weakened healing should get a buff


    @jamairoqui Makes sense that MWH gets a buff. Let’s hope Rovio don’t choose to weaken the non-mythic version instead.

    BTW, MRS reduces 60% instead of 70%. Typo or has it been revised?


    @toolow You are right. I misread the numbers. 60/40 for MRS/RS.


    8x GPM and 2x GAPM later, I got 9 set items and 2 banner set items. Non of them are what I regularly used. :(


    @toolow I feel your pain. My 5xRR did not go as well as I’d hoped. And I spent a hell of a lot more LCs than you did… sigh. We’re such suckers…. :-/


    I spin GPM a lot, this morning… got almost any set item at L82. In the end I realized how few times some weapons are played. Maybe It could bè considered redundant upgrade and power up them all’. I will use my shards on:
    – Red, Dragon set
    – Chuck, Lightning & Manager set
    – Matilda, Endless Song set
    – Bomb, Finisher set
    – The Blues, Beep Robot set
    – Banner, Valiant set and diminished healing mythic or time Jump mythic

    how would you procede with the “Ancient” feature? Will you start powering up with shards only “Ancient L82”?


    @maxxmatt good heavens you have a lot of shards. I think Ancients are few and far between. I was lucky to get one from a free go. Now it cost 30 LC and no guarantee that you get an Ancient.


    oh well, if I had that many pesky shards, I would have not been in need of optimizing anyone of my future enchantment moves, at all’ . :-( Unluckily, I own only 36 shards, coming from Arena prizes and the ones that I Will sum up by destroying old weapons sets.

    From this strict point of view, would It Be better to try at least the free spin in the Ancient wheel and start powering up that single weapon, nor continue slowly rising the Power of the new L82 items coming from today Rainbow Riot?

    With my “old” L71/L72 weapons sets, I reached the “peek” of an average of L5 for a single weapon set each family Bird. not too much, in the end.

    I d Like to try, the best optimizing available with so few resources at the moment, and that why I Ask your opinion in the best Plan, before acting for its own realization


    That was a waste of LC. I used 152 which came to 5 sets of 10 spins (@27 LC) plus 6 single spins. I only got 5 set items which really was only 4 because the bar got filled up in the process. This 5X chance claim is another lie by Rovio. At least I didn’t spend any money on these LCs.


    It’s not necessarily a lie. Five times of a minute chance is still minute.


    @maxxmatt my apologies. The number of sets you said you would use you shards on plus the banner and two Mythics suggested to me that you had plenty. It takes 55 shards to fully enchant 1 item.

    I personally have invested in shards in the past. I chose to buy shards rather than spend my LC on the possibility of getting a Valiant set. Instead I enchanted my existing weapons and banner. It’s a decision I do not regret.

    I am now in a similar position to you in that I can fully enchant two sets or partially enchant more. I am not sure what to do. Once your strength increase you face stronger opponents. For me it will make no difference since all my opponents are level 80 and 95% are also mastery 80. They are all very much stronger than me so I assume they have enchanted level 80 weapons also. If you have LC to buy mastery on day one you can probabably spin and enchant the weapons.

    I don’t think you are in the same position so you should consider what will happen if you increase your power.

    As for Ancient weapons they are only available by crafting, I think, so if you want them you have to consider the cost. It could be anything since there is no guarantee what you will craft. It may not be Ancient. So you will have to respin. I think someone mentioned that gets more and more costly. If you can afford it you can try. There is no right or wrong way to spend your coins it’s down to personal choice.

    It always comes back to the same thing your opponents will be matched to your power.

    I hope this is of use.


    thanks for your hints. I Like a lot to hear/read your experience because, lately, reading this forum, seems to me that anyone could afford/make/enchant/gain/upgrade almost anything anytime anyhow with ease… It was a bit unrealistic, IMHO, thanks for this wind of normality :-)

    I can plan to achieve a maximum of 30-40 shards from Arena monthly and 8 from calendar, too. If I’m optimistic, I can almost bring to L10 one among my weapons each month. 12 weapons in an year and…only a single set each Bird. according to this plan, bad luck and Unlucky Arena results Will slow down the entire process even more.

    I Will test my luck on “Ancient” forge at least once, free spin for weapons and banner. then, hoping to bè lucky, I could bet and lose not more than 20LC in respins. Why try this, Will you Ask me? according to the First player results you Will gain a casual special weapon with 10% of additional Attack/defence. It would be the only way to, finally, start powering a single weapon from its own maximum value available, isn’t It? with this idea in my mind, i would try at least a single hit and take the chance of be able to own the (current) max level max feature weapon.

    on the other hand, you (and @burbman among the others) are completely right in investing in mastery First and then weapons. while the latter can become obsolete, mastery Will remainder for you for a longer time. It weights more, on growing porpouses. for this reason, I’m trying to full the gap between level and mastery ad soon as I can, bit the entire process is exhausting.

    back to work, now. work, not game. ;-)


    So last night I went and did the 5x rainbow riot until I got all of the bird equipment items I wanted, the last of which was completing the Dragon set on the 55th set item. D’oh. At least it’s nice that you don’t get any dupes when spinning consecutively.

    So then I decided I’d have a few goes at the Arena machine for once, having already received the Valiant Tapestry since hitting level 80 I thought I might complete the upgraded set, since my Valiant Head was still level 60. Ended up getting it after burning about 300 coins, and only afterwards realized that it was the automatic set item for completing the rainbow bar, so it was barely better than a level 70 item thanks to still being in Stone League. D’oh.

    So I finally went ahead and used the free Ancient Relict to see if I could get lucky with the free craft, whiffed on getting an ancient item and ended up with a dupe of something I already had. Having spent enough coins already, I did not re-spin, and checked the Arena relict to find that you only get to use EITHER once for free. D’oh.


    in the end, I tried free spin for that pesky Ancient Weapon.
    I got It …but not for free: 20% went up to 40℅ and then to 60%.
    I did It with the porpouse of knowing the “enemy” as well as I can, before re-trying It again in the future.

    I catched Primordial Axe. L82. Ancient. It started directly from an E5 equivalent level of enchantment and could be rised up to L10 affording at 40 shards plus +5450 snoutlings. In the end, you are swapping shards and snoutlings costs into LCs ones. I’ll do the math after dinner while playing, but I suspect that a normal L82/E5 weapon has the same caratteristics of a just forged L82 Ancient Weapon.

    They tried to monetize, in a pirotecnic way, the enchantment process, once slow and shards/snoutlings based, now Quick but with a path full of LCs spent.


    There is another offer at GPM and GPAM of 5xRainbowRiot for 8 hours.
    Any ideas? Is It recurring any similar event like TinkerTitan?



    @maxxmatt I’m wondering about this as well. Didn’t we just have 5xRR? Like last week I think?


    ancient weapons need more special weapons to be fed and forged, as much as LCs.
    I suppose that, in order to enhance the ancient weapons “money engine”, they are letting you to dispose of more special weapons than usual.

    Quite a smart move from their side, I think.

    Actually I’m short of LCs, so this additional Riot would be too pauper to bè tried.
    I LL wait for the next one, at least.

    I M planning to try to:
    – collect some more LCs
    – spin special weapons in the mensile
    – try at least another two or three ancient forge


    I quickly finished ranking up to L80, then I did a 10x roll.

    And guess what?
    One of the two set items I got actually completed my Ballista set that I’ve been craving for for so long!!!!!

    Now give me the remaining part of Twin Lightning and I can die happily.


    Way to go, Congrats! I got two from 10x roll but they are duplicates, have no matching items, and are what I don’t use.

    Sorry, I’ve got to say this: I would have the complete set already if I’m such a cheat as alleged; I don’t even have enough LC to make another roll. Yeah, those 600k snoutings are really useful now. So useful that people would cheat to get even more of it.


    I thought this was of the worst 5x rainbow riots I’ve had in ages. I did 50 rolls and only got 3 set items, one of which was guaranteed.

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