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  • Talk Talk we're good so we're The The, Matt Johnson still making music.
  • Your honour, I have no idea how that apostrophe got there.
  • Hey peoples,, dealing with a Nor' Easter here, still getting over bronchitis..again..
    Just saying Hi :)
  • 75 mph wind gusts !
    @gumby How is Quincy?
    Wild ocean here ●●
  • Hey @kathy, not having a stab at my scintillating quiz?
  • Mind you @desperatedan's just about cleaned up.
  • Give my regards to Quincy. Does he still do autopsies? I feel another storm coming, I'm off to sleep.
  • Wow @BrianN , that is an old reference! Dr. Quincy, M.E. Mid 1970’s through the early 80’s. Forgot it existed until you referenced it :-)
  • Got any more dirty jokes @hunnybunny?
  • Oh gosh, I almost forgot the sublime Half Man, Half Biscuit. What was I thinking?
  • Yes I think he retired a while back @catsnbirds.

    You even hoovered up the biscuit crumbs @desperatedan.
    Red Lorry Yellow Lorry
    Was Not Was
    Bow Wow Wow
    Soul II Soul
    I think we're done here.
  • Oh Tom Tom Club.
  • Hey folks! No @BrianN m not participating in your very scintillating quiz, beacuse I I'm not knowledgeable about songs and artists especially foreign musicians:/ but I'm lurking and following along ,:D
  • Btw @Sunshine I did see your note on the previous page ;) I'm curtrently out of work though now but I'll do what I can.
  • Hey @kathy, you should do your own quiz. I can see it now, no one will have a clue what ur on about, there'd be no rules. Anarchy in the US. Sounds like great fun.
  • @DesperateDan you want a dirty joke ...

    A very attractive blonde see a notice in a pet shop
    “Fanny licking frog for sale £25”
    She is intrigued
    So walks in
    “I’m interested in the fanny licking frog”
    The guy behind the counter says “Bonjour”
  • @Kathy, Fanny here is not your arse, guess you can work it out
  • Easy quiz
    The ten states of America that have two words
    No cheating
    But there’s five of one, four of one, lone one
  • By strange coincidence my son has been bending my ear about frogs this evening. Glass frogs, blue poison dart frogs, tomato frogs, goliath frogs. He never mentioned the fanny licking frog. As he's only 9 I'm quite pleased about that.

    I'm just missing one state.
  • Lol @HunnyBunny yeah I got the Fanny licking frog I think..
    How a challenge to my state knowledge.. guys I think I can do this!! Give me a chance¿
  • Ok.. I'm thinking, I got 6 of 10 so far.. long 7 oh yeah I got 10!! Wow I'm better then I have myself credit for.. I won't burst them out in case someone else wants to try.
    And No @BrianN I didn't cheat 8-)~
  • And yeah @BrianN about my own quiz, your right, is be the only one who'd know what I was talking about heeheeehee , ya got me there! :D
  • The 4 are New, the 5 go different ways well..2 by 2 then one goes the other way, and the one is well stands on is own :)
  • @kathy
    Post first
    And win
  • New York, New Jersey, New Hampshire, New Mexico
    North Carolina South Carolina, North Dakota South Dakota West Virginia
    Rhode Island
  • Today’s challenge was an absolute pig
    I cleared everything off the platform, 10k off my top score, and 10k off the puppy
  • Not fair my tablet slow lol Roflmao!!
    Good one @HunnBunny !
  • @kathy is awarded today’s top prize
    Unlimited beer and crispy Pizza
  • I didn't try it @Hunnbunny .. what was it?
  • I have a quiz.
    What 4 NBA basketball teams in the U. S. Have only 4 letters to their Team name. Not including their city or state name.
  • Woot!! Thanks I won, OB enough for all!!
  • OB please serve Kathy the unlimited
  • Yep, Kathy, Walter
    No idea on yours
  • Lol walter .. Roger that typo!! Fixed.. hahaha
  • I'll leave it up for the boys to guess when they get in at some point..
  • Takes a beer and a slice of pizza, and goes back to the Lurkers Lounge
    Thanks @Hunnybunny :)
  • Miami Heat? Just popped into my mind
  • Yep that's one @Hunnbunny :)
  • Well I got the 10 States then realised the answers had already been posted. I think West Virginia is the tricky one. But I can't do basketball. Not a real sport surely? (Takes cover).
  • That was the one I didnt get. Basketball is one of the few sports that doesn't interest me, however Ham Dunk is another matter. Utah Jazz and Brooklyn Nets come to mind.
  • @hunnybunny gave me an idea for a pop quiz. It doesn't involve frogs. How many US states can we think of that are either mentioned by name or have one of their cities in a song title? They can be from any era or genre, they don't have to be chart songs. Example. 24 hours from Tulsa by Gene Pitney would be fine for Oklahoma.
    I'm not pernickety, for instance Dakota by Stereophonics would OK. Obviously if you know a song title that references North or South Dakota even better. No googling till we get stuck. How many states can we get through? Obviously some states throw up a lot more songs than others eg California and it's various cities so if you have an offering that's different to one already mentioned bring it in.
    The Google exception would be for geographical purposes, ie you may know a song with a city in it's title but not which state it's in.It's OK to check that out. It's also fine if you don't know the artist. More rules than Germany. Game?
  • Let's take this slowly...

    For Kansas, I go with Wichita Lineman by Glen Campbell.
    For Pennsylvania I go with Philadelphia Freedom by Elton John.

    48 to go
  • For some reason I've got Georgia on my mind, Ray Charles.
    46 to go (Inc Oklahoma).
  • Btw Glen Campbell was a fantastic guitarist as well as singer/songwriter. Witchiita Lineman is a good example of his work. He also provides us with another song in our quest.
  • This song popped into my head in connection with the quiz but doesn't qualify sadly.
  • Who's Walter? Is he pals with J D Button? Nite all.
  • Well ain't that odd. As soon as you launched the quiz and said there were American towns but no frogs in it, of course I immediately thought "Hot dog, jumping frog, Albuquerque" and was sad it would not qualify. Gotta remind you that Jimmy Webb wrote the immortal Wichita Lineman. In fact we better have it on.
    Gosh, that's good. Even J.D. Button had a tear in his eye.
    Walter is his gopher, I think.
  • Glen Campbell is a rich source here. He has at least 2 other well known songs that could make this list. I will just say Texas and Arizona.
  • @kathy, sorry, didn't mean to ignore you. We must clear up your quiz. You are having a rough time by the sounds of it, what with work and health. We haven't forgotten you.
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