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  • @desperatedan, that's way too easy.

    Really enjoyed the Dr Who chatter from an earlier page. Was I lurking or did I get a lift in the TARDIS off Jodie again?
    Favourite Dr is a generational thing. Mine was always Tom Baker. He had a 600 ft scarf for goodness sake. Also when faced with decisions where the future of the Universe was at stake(shall I cut the green or the blue wire? mmm.?)His disposition was serene, like a man who had to choose between a custard cream and a bourbon to go with his tea. (custard cream obviously).
    Agree with whoever said cyber men were most scary. Daleks always seemed like exotic dustbins with acne and a toilet plunger stuck on their heads. Before they 'learned to fly' you just had to stand at the top of a flight of stairs to beat them.
    I know @desperatedan you're a fan of both Dr Who and Viz. You'll like this. Others of a nervous disposition will not.
  • Although I lost interest during the Colin Baker/Sylvester McCoy era the reboot from Eccleston onwards has been superb. Matt Smith edges it by a fez. Plus he had Karen Gillan as an assistant. Hot as Hellllll and a great actress. Although he did introduce himself by dipping a fish finger into custard and describing it as yummy. Definitely an alien.

  • Well I've been away for a few weeks and I'm still talking to myself. Anyone heard the mystery voice from the ether?
  • Yes, Matt Smith did rock his fez. Hmmm, did the TARDIS transport The Doctor’s fez here to the BP!?!
  • If anyone is interested in helping
  • @brianN's suggestion must be discounted on the grounds that Tom Baker is not Welsh and it was a number two.

    See what I did there?

    Anyway, this was a number one and it was a cover of a Karl Wallinger (I.e. World Party) song. So half Welsh?
  • The BP really kicking in on today's Challenge. @karen68 in Superb Owl mood.
  • @HunnyBunny the clue was very easy for Ricky Valance. Would never have thought he was Welsh. But our great Scottish comedian Billy connelly more than out classed him.
  • Well Dan, that Tom Baker joke was a real stinker. Since no one else mentioned it better reveal the answer to your palindromic pop poser was Abba with S. O. S. Can only think of one other palindromic pop group with a UK No 1.Anyone else got it?
  • I hate Space, well done @Karen and @desperateDan
    Couldn’t improve
  • And on the ten Welsh number ones, yep, definitely Dave Edmonds
    I just remembered the others from Tenable (a British Quiz Show, hosted by Warwick Davis, an Ewok and Professor Flitwit, if you know Star Wars and Harry Potter)
    They often get things wrong...
  • Did you get that from Tenable as well? I think Alan Partridge said it better. Well done HB.
  • Of course, the very first palindrome was spoken in Garden of Eden. "Madam, I'm Adam".
  • Did someone mention Dave Edmonds?
  • I suppose you're all wondering what I've been up to this last few weeks?
    "No! Go away, you're persona non gratta round here!"
    Aw shut up, you know I'm going to tell you anyway. Pal of mine said "Now that you're not spending time with those wasters at the BP maybe you could come up with something to help my golf game. It's really stressing me out just now."
    "I'll see what I can do."
    This is what I came up with...

    Did think about changing the colour and calling it redball. As it is not only does it have wings, but GPS coordinates. As long as no-one sees the remote control in your pocket stress free golf results.
    Haven't cleared it with the R & A yet.
  • I also came up with the cure for the common cold...
    No idea who that clown is.
    It also works for hay fever...
    Not sure this guy has grasped the concept.
  • There is a storm coming, but I'm off to sleep now.
    Bit of a naff video but one of my favourite songs of this century
  • So, here's the quiz, linked to the last song. Australian acts that had UK number ones up to 2000. I think there are about 8.
  • Just had a quick look at the challenge today. By his own admission it took asher 5 days to get a score 2k below top score. Feeling lucky punk?

    I'll get the ball rolling with @desperatedan's quiz. Kylie, Olivia Newton-John, Men at Work, INXS,? The Seekers. I think I know a few others but will wait for someone else to have a go.
  • Just Popping to say hi :)
    I'm out of the loop on this quiz, as I said prior not good with songs and artists,I did know the palindrome 'Madam I'm Adam ' though I failed to guess cuz I didn't know it was a song :/
  • @brianN the guy with bubble may not have cracked hay fever or the common cold, but he certainly knows how to shut you out of The Bloated Pig!
    I disagree with Olivia, she was born in Cambridge, so technically not Australian
  • Natalie Imbruglia Torn 1999
  • Just some admin to catch up on...
    @kathy, Madam I'm Adam was not a song, it was just a palindrome.
    @hunnybunny, ONJ does qualify as Australian, although maybe only 50%. And Torn was one of those great singles that didn't make it to number one, kept off the top by Barbie Girl
    @brianN, one of your answers is wrong and I think you know which. And you are correct about the Challenge. But if you read the comments there was another score 6k higher that was disqualified, so maybe it's possible.

    There's a couple of obvious ones missing.
  • Now here's a thing. ONJ's mother was Welsh. Does that qualify her for both lists?
  • Jason Donovan must be right
  • Danii
    But probably not
  • John Farnham?
    I think he’s an Aussie
  • Hey @hunnybunny, did you ever see Warwick Davies in Life's too Short? Ricky Gervais was in it. It was a mocumentary and it shows what can happen when little people are given a little power. A hoot! (did you just hear an owl?)
  • @desperatedan I'll throw in Holly Valance and are we still allowed to mention Rolf Harris? There's also a rusty old synapse in my brain that says Frank Ifield was an Aussie. He yodelled and reach eye wateringly high notes. Also reached no. 1 with I remember you.
  • Ifield half Aussie so I'll take it. Holly Valance post 2000. Yes, Rolf Harris.
  • If anyone ever yodelled to bagpipes that would be my perfect storm of misery. Having said that, I did once see Frank Ifield yodelling in the flesh. And he did live in my home town, Harpenden.
  • As did Eric Morecombe.
  • These facts don't come for free you know. I will have to start charging.
  • I think admin should check out the top score holder in today's challenge level. She looks extremely suspicious. As does the score.
  • Hey, I want my money back! I paid 200 coins to open that Piggywood Studios Challenge level and it's a right turkey. No offence @sweetp.
  • Yep, that Bunny looks very suspicious, she can’t even remember the level, thought it was the one where Matilda carcass just fell to the right and took out everything, but obviously not...
  • And @DesperateDan was John Farnham or whatever his name was, correct?
  • I'm seeing lots of sharks but no turkeys @desperatedan. It takes some skill to get the boulder over to the far side, but then it's the usual Piggywood Studios fallout lottery.
  • John Farnham is Austalian and has had a whole of Aussie number ones but not over here as far as I know @hunnybunny.
  • Well, you got about 8, which was what I said the answer was. However, there are a few more. Peter Andre, anyone? Joe Dolce is half Australian. Gina G.
  • None taken @DesperateDan. Happy flinging!
  • Smart shooting @brianN. Two up for the BP. Interested to know what you had after 2 birds. I don't think this should be discounted as a glitch because it happens so frequently, I.e. it's there for everyone, not a one in a 1000 fluke.
  • Perhaps glitch is the wrong word. I think for my top score it was only about 45/50k after bird 2,but the boat remained intact until after shot 3.My highest score after 2 birds was about 75k.Quite a bit of variation.
  • This was a bit of an 80's phenomenon, though not exclusively. How many bands can you think of that have the same word twice in their name? I'll give you one of my favourite groups :Everything Everything.
    There are a couple that have the same word 3 times in their name. Today's weather brings to mind one of them.
  • Talk Talk, who also had a single Talk Talk (very good band by the way- check out their later material)
    The The.
    Duran Duran.
    The Go Gos
    Wet Wet Wet
    Yeah Yeah Yeahs
    Giles, Giles and Fripp ( bit obscure)
    Sigue Sigue Sputnik
    Z Z Top ?
    Stephen Tin Tin Duffy
  • OK @desperatedan, give someone else a chance. Still a few others.
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