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  • I'm drowning my sorrows having lost a pup due to, shall we say, technical problems. Anyway, the way to resolve it is to go back and claim the trophy, which I intend to do. But it is thirsty work.
  • Can I assure the patrons that I had no idea that was the end of the page due to the fact that we haven't turned one for about three weeks
  • After over 3000 pages, who really cares who finishes or turns a page?!? Fun seeing the crown developed for Kathy years ago, nice seeing the fez joined to the game. But, I’m just over it :-)
  • Me too, just feeling a bit defensive.
  • For Wandering Star and Phyllis:

    @SweetP, @hunnybunny Watched Dr Who from the first, with William Hartnell!

    Anyone remember The Quatermass Experiment?
    And Journey into Space on the radio?

    @hunnybunny and other Brits: Do you listen to Dead Ringers? Wonderful imitations!
    The Doctor often calls people on the phone, usually they don’t know what the heck he’s talking about. . . until the unique moment he calls astronomer Sir Patrick Moore and they understand each other perfectly:

    If this is lost on anyone here, it’s because you weren’t born in 1942!

  • Happy Thanksgiving to our neighbors north of us! Happy Thanksgiving Canada
  • There’s a fab cartoon, which I can’t post here
    A Dalek is knocking on the door of the Tardis
    Jodie Whitacker answers the door
    Dalek “is your husband home?”
  • @Everyone Waaaaasssuppp??? Lol
    You know @Catsnbirds your so right, it was fun in the beginning, and a surprise honestly even still when, and how often I'm the one who changed the page, But yeah it's run its course, had is day, no big deal anymore. Honestly 3000 pages later, who woulda thunk we'd still be open even!
    That being said @DesperateDan Wear that Crown proudly, and ermm idk what to tell you about the Fez lol! Cept' I'm happy it was created and I'm happy I don't have 2 headpieces on my head at the same time ;)
  • @Hunnybunny I don't get it lol, no surprise there!
  • Ah, @Hunnybunny , opportunities and choices have changed so much for women over the past 50+ years. Yet the referenced cartoon remains sadly contemporary.
  • @Catsnbirds @hunnybunny one of you is gonna have to let me in on the joke¿The surprise is looking me, but I imagine it's something politically incorrect of feministic¿
    If is the latter , I don't recall the rules posting anything about gender talk, of did that tell under politically incorrect¿
    Hey don't look at me, I didn't make the rules! That was @rdnzlrips82 lol!
  • Did I actually get Ripsys @name correct¿ Sad I couldn't get it correct even he was here.
    Idk where I read it, maybe on Twitter, that he was going through some tough times, I wish you well Ripsy
  • I think I'm gonna give the challenge a fling or 2..
    OB I'll have aPigKiller please and a bucket of crispy pig ears, and have the blues keep em' comin'
    Not the pig ears, but the drinks ;)
  • Haha, @hunnybunny. thanks for the chuckle!
    @tompuss, I just looked up William Hartnell. Boy, that was ages ago! Waay before my time, that's for sure. I didn't know the show started back in 1963!

    @kathy, you can probably find syndicated runs of the show on HBO Max. I don't know if you can watch past seasons on BBC America, but you might look for it there, too.

  • I would suggest that if @kathy got access to, and addicted to, Dr Who, we may never hear from her again. That said, the best place to start is the Eccleston reboot in 2005. Eccleston, Tennant and Smith represent the high point of the series. The problem with the earlier stuff, of which we have such golden memories (e.g. Pertwee, Tom Baker), is that if you see it now, the special effects are pants, which generally creates humour, not fear. And some of the acting is clunky.
  • Lol @DesperateDan you know me too well when it comes to binge worthy shows! :D
  • @kathy Dr Who has been a man since 1961(ish) there have been - I’m guessing - fifteen doctors. All men, other than Jodie Whittaker.
    The Daleks are Dr Who’s best ever enemy, they “Exterminate” humans, although the Doctor is a Time Lord, rather than a human
    So, the Dalek knocks on the door of the Tardis (Time and relative dimensions in space) by which the Doctor travels through time, and expects to see a man

    Bet that bored you to death...
  • My wife is terrified of the cybermen.
  • The Weeping Angels terrify me!
  • Yeah @Hunnbunny I still don't get it lol, but now I'm terrified to watch it! I'm already having frightening thoughts of Cybermen and Weeping Angels! They don't weep blood I hope @CatsnBirds ¿ I like scary shows and creepy things But!! When it comes to Angels, devil's Satan or evil, eerie things count me under Estar's booth , shivering in fear!
    *Said as I'm watching a creepy show called 'Chestnut Man" and the school choir is singing a creepy song that reminds me of Candyman ...... Arghhh I'm scaring myself lol!
  • Well OB what'd I do scare everyone away?
    I'm gonna have out in the Lurkers Lounge, I'll take a PigKiller and a bucket of crispy pig ears, have the blues send the PigKiller on a regular intervals every 20 minute, from now until the end of the challenge!
  • *hEAdeD fOr ThE sLinG*
  • Huh?? Was I flinging the wrong level, or is the Challenge messed up?
    I thought it was Abracabacon 1-6 ? Now it say 1hour left in Abracabacon 2-9 ????
    @Sweetp ?¿
  • *sigh* never mind, in seeing things
    Nighty Night Birdie friends..
    Still @StubbornBrianN huh¿?
    Oh well you make some Birdie friends that last a lifetime, and then you lose some..*shrug,*
    Last time I'll ask...
  • Never mind, none of us got anywhere a puppy score.
  • Yeah @DesperateDan I tried but.... I'm gonna try again today maybe?
    I always start to late that the trouble.
  • Don't think it's a promising one today. Sometimes I can smell a pup from the first fling. Today I can just smell a turkey.
  • Ohh @DesperateDan we Don't gather Birds here.. don't let OB hear you!
    I'm just opening the challenge now, I'll see what happens!
  • Well I made the improved list and the top 10 :)
    Just like @comex666 video
    Drinks on me :)
  • No go on the puppy , but @DesperateDan you'll be pleased to know I've discovered Streaming' on my TV I now have Peacock And Hulu :D that's streaming as opposed to Netflix which is just playing shows , ask me the difference? I have no clue?? Lol!!
    Nighty Night Birdie Friends ♡♡♡
  • Hey @kathy, you haven't lost your touch. There's some pups left in you yet.
  • Thanks @DesperateDan :D
    No flinging for me today, until later on maybe.
    Going to meet my new granddaughter before she grows up lol! She's already 15 days old! They grow so fast :(
  • Again, no hope of a pup, the top score is a miracle
  • @DesperateDan I didn't even attempt it! I lost so much progress in Rio is not even worth it anymore!
  • @Gumby it's not over yet! I didn't forget, I just was busy that, I went to see my granddaughter :D
    Happy Birthday
  • Twiggy available for birthday licks. Very reasonable rates, i.e. one carrot.
  • Awww I Love Twiggy , I didn't get birthday licks¿My birthday was 9 days ago, I want my licks lol!
    OB rustle me up some carrots! Strange treat for a pup, but to each their own!
    @DesperateDan your looking for for a puppy today 2nd place on the improved list!! Not Bad!
    I'm starting now, fingers crossed!
  • Yeah it's a tough one today! OB I'm gonna need some nourishment over in Tatoonie per, send the blues with Uhmmm.. hmm I guess I'll have a PigKiller for starters and some crispy pig ears !
  • Quiet Day.. still trying for a puppy! But I can't get above 66k :/
  • Call off the chase @kathy, this one is way too hard. For some reason none of us can get anywhere near top 10 even.
  • Yep @DeseperateDan thanks, the chase is called lol! I can't get past 66k! Dumb stormtroopers!
    Let's hope tomorrow is a better one, should be what Seasons?
    Oh I beseech the All Knowing Oracle @Karen68 , I forget the order of the challenge?
    Is it
    Star Wars
    Space Mirror
  • That's totally wrong, cuz yesterday was Space, the day before was Rio .. sooo
    Space ,
    Star Wars
    Space Mirror
  • Now you've lost Seasons. All I know, ABO comes round every 5th day. In between, the pattern seems to vary.
  • Lol @DesperateDan I'm just guessing obviously, The All Knowing Oracle of the Nest will know :D
  • I knew I was missing one :8~
  • Twiggy enjoyed her carrot.
  • I enjoyed the licks from Twiggy :D
  • Sooo
    Star Wars
    Space Mirror
  • No that's wrong..
    Yesterday was Space , the day before was Rio.
    So going backwards
    Space Mirror
    Star Wars

    Soo tomorrow will be Space Mirror , then Monday AbO¿
    I give up...
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