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  • @kathy,

    Space Mirror
    Star Wars

    Right now we're on SW, with less than an hour before changing to Space. Monday will be ABO.

    I hope you had a fun time with your little granddaughter! I love the sweet smell of babies.
  • Oops, sorry about that. I don't deserve the crown.
  • @kathy easy to be confused. Things were switched up when Star Wars was added back in.
  • Un-lurk
  • @SweetP Of course you deserve the crown!!!
  • Thanks @Sweetp and of course you deserve to wear the crown as @catsnbirds says! Plus the Crown chooses who wears it, is a sentient artifact after all :D
    And yeah @Karen68 I forgot about that switch up! Good excuse for my confusion lol!
    I saw you there @Ixan57, next time you 'un-lurk' you should grab a drink to bring back to the Lurkers Lounge heehee!
  • Kathy,j I give up on you xx
  • ???? @HunnyBunny what'd I do now :/
  • Demi Moore pulled off the GI Jane look much better then I :/
  • Is JD Button still in the Lurkers Lounge? Anyone found out who he is yet?
  • @DesperateDan I believe I saw J.D. Button in the dark corner of the Lurkers Lounge ! He doesn't speak often But when J.D. Button speaks , Everyone Listens...
  • @HunnyBunny still hasn't told me Why she's given up on me ¿ :( She's still loves me I hope? Just cuz I got confused over the challenge rotation¿ Hmm yeah she still loves me , I'm sure :D
  • I was confused too. @hunnybunny has not revealed whether she has given up on me as well. If she has, then I suggest @kathy, that we repair to the patio with a bucket of crispy pig ears, a carrot for Twiggy, and plot our next move.
  • @Kathy @DesperateDan I’m waiting on the Patio, for a crispy pig ear, a lick, and some special stock
    Sorry, Kathy, I skipped a page, my comment didn’t make sense
  • @BrianN please un-lurk, I see you every few days, peeking
  • @BrianN I’m adding a ditto to HunnyBunny’s comment above :-)
  • Come on @brianN, Twiggy will give you a free lick.
  • Let's All retire to the Patio , relax and have a drink, a lick, and crispy pig ears sounds good! Great idea @DesperateDan!
    @HunnyBunny I'm happy your not giving up on me!
    And I third the Un-Lurk @BrianN . Don't Make Us 'Listen' to J. D. Button when he speaks We will have to listen! Beacuse
    Everyone Does !
  • Hey Everybody Waaaaasssuppp???? Is a little chilly out today, I think I'll sit inside at the Lurkers Lounge with @J.D Button and BrianN. And if course @catsnbirds :D
  • Party time in the Lurkers Lounge. Even without an apostrophe. Winter's closing in but we don't care if we have broken out the special stock.
  • Does the Lurkers Lounge have a jukebox?
  • Pinball machine?
  • Very comfy chairs?. Much more comfy than @asher's?
  • I'm gonna give the challenge a try today, anybody up for it?
  • Ohh yeah @DesperateDan the Lurkers Lounge has all that, and a pool table, and it leads out to the Aviary as well as the back patio! And very comfy chairs :D
    I'm having no luck with the challenge, even with @comex666 video :(
    Plenty of time though, R&R , and the 3 P's as taught to us by the Wise and Wonderful @wrw01 :D
  • Tough today. Up to second on the day but way off the pace.
    Let's have some World Party.
    He's Welsh you know @hunnybunny
  • Good Song @DesperateDan you know I'm no good matching songs with artists and vice versa, I always liked this one, but didn't know who did it, now I know :)
  • Today’s Quiz
    Name the ten Welsh singers / bands to have a number one hit in the U.K.
    No cheating
    I bet you don’t get the first one
    Sorry only for @DesperateDan @BrianN and @Tompuss should the last two be lurking
  • Wow @kathy, I was only playing that about 2 hours before you put it on. A song about climate change from over 30 years ago.
  • Ok @hunnybunny, very difficult. Without cheating, here are a few suggestions. Tom Jones, Mary Hopkin, Manics(?), Shaking Stevens, Duffy(?), Stereophonics (?), Harry Secombe(?)

    Not Catatonia, Super Furry Animals,

    That's 3 at worst but maybe not much more. Probably more No. 1 albums in here.
  • Oh, Shirley Bassey.
  • Reports of my death were somewhat exaggerated. Have been pottering about the nest but mostly checking out walk through videos.Have recently popped into BP to check on you all, the wheels are turning slowly, but you have a nice vibe going on without me. How dare you! I'm fine, thanks for your kind comments and PM's. I'm not a delicate flower, nor have I been offended or upset by anyone here, nor am I stewing in my own juice.So stop beating yourself up @kathy, that's my job.
    Hope you're all well. Bfn.
  • No challenge for me today Rio, yuk..
    Hey @BrianN good to know your still about, though sightings have been reported lol!! ;)
  • @brianN get up to that bar and get me a drink
  • Oh @DesperateDan you missed my favourite diva bonny Tyler and the lassie with the chassis Shirley bassy
  • @HunnyBunny was the girl with space. Ballad of Tom Jones (I never throw my knickers ar you) Welsh. And no googling
  • @ixan57, I did get the girl from Tiger Bay but really cross I missed Bonnie Tyler.
    I guess we are going to have to do a Scottish version of this next.
    Up for it, @Briann?
    And @hunnybunny, we need the answers at some point please.
  • Well, Bonnie Tyler, Tom Jones, Stereophonics, Manics, Mary Hopkins, Shakin’ Stevens, Shirley Bassey, Duffy
    Not Super Furry Animals, I drink in the pub with one of them, never made number one
  • Clues to the last two

    A hole at Augusta, the Golf Course (The leader singer lived around the corner from me, and owned an identical BMW, which will not help)

    His song is telling someone he loves her, I think when dying after a motorcycle accident. I reckon from 1957

    I’m not cheating either
  • Lovely to see @BrianN back
  • Year i was born probably wrong, tell Laura i love her Ricky valance? But don't think he is Welsh
  • Amen Corner? Not a hole but a series of holes. I think RV must be Welsh.

    I think we did really well.
  • Easy to confuse Ricky Valence with Richie Valens who died in the plane crash with Buddy Holly.
  • Exactly right!

    Set the next Quiz @DesperateDan @Ixan57
    @BrianN your “Only Connect” was too hard
  • Ricky Valance was born in Ynysddu (which is very good Welsh place name!) and the hit was 1960, so Ian right on the dates
  • Just for fun

  • I had a Google and it threw up Dave Edmunds in 1970 as well with the Xmas no 1 hit "I hear you knocking". Definitely Welsh. So that seems to make 11.
  • Too many Scottish bands/artists made no 1.Didn't Goldie Lookin Chain do it with 'Guns don' t kill'? From Newport I believe.
  • So, name me a number 1 single that is a palindrome, by a band whose name is also a palindrome.
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