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  • Didn't know that fact about Witchiita Lineman, if you plucked that off the top of your head I pluck the hat off mine and doff it. I was though referring to his guitar work on this one. He was a great session musician working for the likes of the Beach Boys(they provide a few entries for California).
    By the time I get to Phoenix (Arizona)

    Idk you make a quiz tailor made for our American friends and they just don't bother.
  • Hi @kathy, my American friend. Hope you're feeling a little better. When you said you weren't working I thought you meant you were off due to illness, surely the DOD haven't dispensed with your services?
    Didn't google but had to go back to Ham Dunk for your final basketball team. Phoenix is popular this morning. The Suns.
  • I'm afraid I do know an awful lot of useless facts about music. Well, useless up to a point, until someone like you sets a quiz like this.

    Think that's 44 States to go.
  • Nice team work on the basketball quiz :)
    I got Massachusetts by the BeeGees ? We didn't get the yet right?
  • Yeah @BrianN I'm out of work better of illness , the big 'C' been doing Chemo had 2 sessions so far, is going ok.
  • How about Teneseee as I'm Please come to Boston by Dave Logins.
    Shall we play the songs also¿That song has a few cities mentioned
  • Am I getting the gist of this one¿
  • Another Tennessee song 'All the way from Memphis' matt the hoople
  • Carolina on my mind.. James Taylor
  • You really are getting the gist of it @kathy. Impressive. I'm assuming the gov. are keeping your job open till you get better? Bronchitis and chemotherapy. No wonder you're feeling like shite(as @hunnybunny so delicately put it).
  • 41 to go by my reckoning. I'm holding you responsible for Illinois and Michigan's @catsnbirds. Not too difficult?
  • Gotta have a bit of Mott
    From Herefordshire, where I lived for 10 years.
  • Can I have Nebraska by Springsteen please? I knew it was the album title, but I had to check it was a song as well, which it is.
  • Are you counting Carolina as 1 or 2 @brianN?
  • Can't think of anything specific to North or South Carolina unless someone comes up with something we'll count it as 2.2 also for Dakota, Stereophonics?
    Sweet home Alabama. Not sure who did that one.
    Sweet Rhode Island Red. Tina Turner.
    Wanted to get The Fall in with L. A. (California) I'm sure we could come up with a dozen each for this state.
  • Not that great on remembering songs/titles, but I can do the two I was assigned:
    For Michigan = America by Simon and Garfunkel (“Michigan seems like a dream to me now…”)
    For Illinois = Illinois by Dan Fogelburg
  • Wasn't there song North to alaska
  • @catsnbirds, don't think @brianN will allow Michigan because the name of the song is America, not Michigan. Could be wrong but that would make it bit easy because I think there is a song that just runs through all 50 states so why are we bothering?

    Sweet Home Alabama was Lynerd Skynerd, however you spell it.

    I'll throw in Nevada, All the Way to Reno by REM.
    And @ixan57 is quite correct. That got a tricky one out the way.
  • The blue ridge mountains of Virginia Laural and Hardy
  • Really sorry @ixan57, that song is On the Trail of the Lonesome Pine
  • Hey, I am doing @brianN's job here.
  • Midnight Train To Georgia
    And you have to sing The Pips...
  • Hotel California
  • New York City by The Darts
  • Well done with Dan Fogelberg track. Dan's right about Michigan answer, you do have Detroit though, cities within the state can be used as long as it's in the title.
    That song mentioning all 50 states is called Delaware. I'm havin' it.
    Viva Las Vegas(Nevada again)
    Another Elvis offering Blue Hawaii.
  • Need a break from the quiz? Here's something for the weekend.
  • Wow e are in a roll! I don't understand why Michigan didn't count? Is a state right¿?
    Ohh ohh there a song OHIO! I don't know by who? Crosby still and Nash OHIO
  • Then there's Ohio by the pretenders..
  • Ohh never mind I get about Michigan..
  • Is someone keeping track¿ Lol..
  • Sorry, ignored the name in the title rule! So, Panic in Detroit by David Bowie.
  • What rule applies to name in title? I missed that part, it can be of if can't be¿
  • Okay I don't know the name of this, but it mentions the Florida keys.. aruba jamaica, so I want to take ya.. ohh forget it I'll lol it up
  • @Gumby Waaaaasssuppp??? Jump in anytime here, your good at music ;)
  • Black Keys, Ohio. From same town as Devo, Akron.
    Just when I thought you had the hang of it. State or city in the state, as long as it's mentioned in the song title. Nice one @catsnbirds.
  • Albuquerque (New Mexico) Neil Young.
    We must be close to halfway.
  • Louisiana, John Fogarty New Orleans
  • K @BrianN. I regrouped I gete gist of it, I just got over excited lol ;)
  • Rocky Mountain High Colorado , by John Denver who's name also happens to be in the state name in the song :)
  • R. Dean Taylor Indiana wants me
  • How I'm showing my age... I hope d someone kept a list lol!
    We could probably go round again with no repeats? We could go around the world? Too much¿?yeah too much.. I'm taking a break for the night, curious, maybe tomorrow when I'm bored I'll write these down. A big a maybe.. as in maybe tomorrow I'll finish unpacking boxes from when we moved in 2yeats ago, or maybe I'll do my taxes finally llol
  • Oh Atlanta, Little Feat, but that's a repeat. Come on @brianN, keep up, how are we doing?
  • This might not count but for Pennsylvania, Nazareth
  • Okay that one Didn't count because it's not mentioned in the name of the song, I get it, still a good song though:) just double checking myself
  • Nor is Colorado in the title of Rocky mountain high. I do have Get out of Denver by Bob Seger.
    Chatanooga choo choo.( Tennesseee)
    We've done well so far. I'll do a spot check and official count tomorrow am.
  • Don't panic, we already have Pennsylvania.
  • No problem @DesperateDan at least we are having fun :)
  • We might need to extend to include titles of albums and artists themselves if we really get bogged down. But I will hold fire on that.
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