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  • @hunnybunny, about #20, don't be shy to use these resources around the field. They give lots of point and are killing also. Loved that level, all birds came along. Compare it with #20 at the river, that wasn't a walk in the park either, what do you think?
  • And about flinging - I was on a short trip to Germany, from thursday till today. Had awesome good weather. So in the morning, when it was not that warm, took a long walk through the local jungle (laugh) with my wife and dogs and later on the day it was flinging time. I also saw that this game uses a lot of battery charge, the Ipad turns hot (no, it was not in the sun). So once in a while switched the Ipads, charging the one, playing on the other. Fun. And, in the afternoon I was my own OB, serving black coffee, at evening cold german beer. Life is good, life is really good. Looking forward to my next holiday, August 2nd, for 3 weeks to Switzerland.
  • A quick fly by as I am editing the main post.... need to have a placeholder for the explanation of how to edit ones old forum notification settings :)
  • @bernersenn very jealous of your holidays. We tend to do sun, beach, one week. Or two weeks cruising, although you can see some amazing things (we love museums and art galleries) but of course you never get to Central Europe on a cruise boat! Visited Germany once on a cruise round the Baltic, and last went to Switzerland and Austria in 1979 backpacking.
    So many countries, so little time........

    edit - Mrs Bunny try river cruising thru Europe. Sad I'm talking to myself here...........

    OK I'll shut up now, better to talk to HWDNF about future holiday plans, rather than boring BP patrons to death
  • Hey @estar, this is a test just for you.
  • Jumps up and down!!!! YEAHHHHHHHHHHHH!!! the @mention without a dash worked for me @birdleader! So anyone wanting to @mentioning me here in the BP just use @estar :))))))))
  • Why didn't I think of losing the dash in the old forum section before. Now I can be called on the batphone as well without having to sift thru a 100 comments ;)
  • @estar try @mentiom me I'm a willing guinea pig
  • But I believe you already were able to get @mentioned right @HunnyBunny
    Or did you just follow the direction to turn them on?
  • Just turned them on.....
  • And it worked. Another thing I never knew about ABN
    Thanks @estar and thanks for the Beak videos
  • It took me a while to catch up on 750 comments I missed in the last week or so, but I think I finally did :)

    I edit the main post and put in the stuff you wanted right @kelani @kathy and @fenikus ?? If I missed anything or used the wrong words, let me know!
  • Aw @Hunnybunny, I hope you won't answer only batphone calls now. We still like calling you Mrs. Bunny.
  • @estar, it was clever to make "click here for directions" link into a post here. Killed two birds with one stone (oops, pardon the pun) -- this solves the problem of people like me who couldn't find current conversation.
  • You are welcome @HunnyBunny and I hope the videos will bring you on your way to the 3*...

    Ow and @all, please do not confuse my work for the walkthrough videos with my own videos... the objective with the walkthrough videos is to get them out and live ASP (that's the reason of me doing the first 30 and Slim the rest, I had to run out in the evening), no need for high scores, just record a repeatable the 3* limit play. Some turned out to be way above 3* limit, but some just slightly above. Something that my videos on my own YouTube never will be, slightly above 3* limit. But I must admit, I did like playing Beak Impact and I might even return for more :)
  • @fenikus Strangely enough HWDNF also calls me Mrs Bunny or Mrs Hunny
    But I have a deaf ear (real) and also a deaf ear to him, after all these years if marriage, what do you expect?
    So if I miss a comment, please forgive me, I just turned off the other one ;-)
  • Ermmmm well @fenikus not exactly... the directions will lead to this current page, but once we turn pages, people will be lost again... I checked and asked my husband if he knew, but there doesn't seem to be a code to link to the "last post".
    So maybe I will add another line telling people the current conversation can be found by hitting the last page #
  • @estar, I think @Hunnybunny did little more than just 3* the levels…have you checked out the Beak part 1 leaderboard?? She tore it up :-)
  • @estar 3* I'm way past that! keep up girl lol
  • TY feni ......
  • @estar, I know, but it's still clever. At least people will get off the front page and get into "thick of things" even if it's not the most current conversation. I came to BP front page three times before figuring out how to get to "live" talk and each time I was like "errmmm, okay, this is a pretty page, but now what?" LOL
  • I am sorry I am not like you top runners, I like to fling and want to have scores in the top, but all the running and chasing you all do is not my cup of tea...
    Your thanks for the videos confused me @hunnybunny But I should have guessed you didn't mean for your self, but just in general. As I know you to be a ermmm bunny with a bone when challenged ;)
  • Until @bernersenn came along. Now only to crack Beak #20 and I could be top again
    Then the rodent appears tomorrow, oh Lordy .....
  • Wabbit season opens tomorrow.
  • Mumsie dashes in - been out with friends- playing golf in morning but have to ice the cake first (only buttercream icing -nothing fancy) going for quick fix of nicotine and then bed - OB I need to pick you brain tomorrow about how to fling in Beak 2!! Mug of hot chocolate to go please
  • @estar sometimes I'm a bit like you (other than your amazing videos, of course) if we both concentrated on particular episodes we could be top.
  • @mumsie!! Great to see you pop in before you turn in!
  • @rat dutchie (aka bernersenn) hunting season opens tomorrow. Left me dead......
  • @HunnyBunny I think I have to disappoint you, I do have a huge desire to be great (read welllllll above average), but not the best. So I could never concentrate enough to end up in #1 place. But I do believe you have it in you, so you go girl and knock them socks of the guys :)
  • Thanks @estar
    Must dash, there's a rodent nipping at my heels
  • @estar Yay for your no-hyphen fix. Also your nifty bathroom. Great job. :) Now when people ask where you went on vacation, you can say where you both spent it, and get really strange looks. :)
  • @e-star page 1 looks great :) very good instructions on how to get to current conversation TY ((((hugs)))) And the toilet room looks awesome as well :D
    Hi everyone:)
    @bernersenn your very welcome for the vote is lonng overdue! And well deserved my friend:)
    OB I'll have a pig killer please:) ooh never mind I'll have a glass of Tang with ice and a shot of uhmm...hmm surprise me:)
  • Lol @kelani that would bring about some strange looks! !
  • Good idea those sliding doors, @estar a little imagination made all the difference.
  • @kelani hahahahah yup I can say I had my head in the toilet during the vacation LOL

    @kathy [[[hugggs]]] thanks and btw.. I know this will confuse your auto fill voodoo hoodoo phone, but in the BP please use my @mention name without a hyphen... BUT ONLY in the BP... on the rest of the site it is still with the hyphen... Can't (nor do I want to, cause I do think it takes away the meaning E pause Star) fix that.
  • And I'm now ashamed of paying my DIY / decorator man
    We used to do it all ourselves
  • Thanks @hunnybunny if one lives in a tiny tiny home (65 square meters !?? For most of you it could be the attic right Mister @Rat hahahaha) one has to be inventive and after 13 years we have learned a lot of nifty things. And on the plus side we now have a huge floor to ceiling cupboard to put stuff in :)
  • So just @estar in the bp and @e-star on the main site?
  • Don't be @hunnybunny I am sure if I had know a DIY guy we trusted and would endure my never ending changing the plan to perfect it, ow and a little less desire to buy the expensive Apple stuff, we would gladly pay the DYI guy ;)
  • @kathy Yup! You got it right. That way I can split the incoming email from the BP into comments and @mentions, so I can read the @mentions first to see if there is something that takes president.
  • And on that note.... I have to turn in for the night, have to report for duty again at work. You all have a fab Monday afternoon and evening!
  • @estar I thought my 140 square metres would make our US friends squeal with laughter. But when first married we too lived in a teeny, weeny flat. But it was fun :-)))))))
    And our US friends will fall about if they ever see my garden / courtyard / postage stamp. No place there for all that interesting wood, metal, tools, bought at auction, left by grandpa
    Just different this side of the pond
  • @hunnybunny *perk* did someone say wood and old tools? y'know if you are out of space for those. I'd be glad to store them here ;)

    Anyone else get a random friend request from @alyourpal
  • Speaking of gardens, mine just got washed away by the biggest 15 minute dumping of rain I've ever seen. It made the hurricanes seem like a drizzle.
  • Soory I got distracted Night night @estar
  • @kelani {please, no perking} I'll post my garden tomorrow. You will see that there is absolutely no place for even temporary storage.
  • And last random request was "Rod"
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