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  • So what was yesterday@s level Dan you've piqued my curiosity and well done on beating yesterday's Challenge score today,you must be in runt double figures by now.
  • Sorry about the your farago @desperatedan did I crack you're mug.
  • Yes @hunnybunny I watched about 3 hours of it and I thought "I bet hunnybunny is watching this" and then I thought "I bet she posts that she is watching it". An excellent watch.
  • Cosmic Crystals 19.
    I spotted the error but I held myself back.
  • It seems you're becoming a little predictable @hunnybunny maybe you should try something outrageous like running through the streets of Penarth(sorry street of Penarth)in your underwear while being chased by a French chef of your choice?Suspect you wouldn't be running very fast.

    My choice would be Rachel Khoo(pronounced Cor!).Yes I know she's not French but she is always wittering on about the decade she spent in Paris and she must have a Michelin star up her sleeve.That'll do for me.
  • Had a peek at Cosmic Crystals @desperatedan and I suspect(to continue our cullinary theme) a little knife and forking was involved?
  • I think we have differing interpretations of "knife and forking".
  • Basically I was knife and forking on the day (by which I mean there was manual input) so that the doc couldn't moan if I posted up (in his view but not sweetp's view) the wrong sort of proof. When I gave up and went to bed I flipped it over to automatic R&R and it took over 12 hours and 1500 attempts to come up with the big score. Setting up a decent R&R in the first place can take an hour or two on some levels, so I do the hard yards. However, I only bother if I think the top score is vulnerable or if it's an Angry Birds level. So when I saw the doc had cracked it I thought "I'll have some of that". I started way too late to have a chance though.
  • I did have a little go and managed 101k with my naked fingers and fat eye not sure how I'd feel about getting scores in the manner you describe.Does it not bother you in terms of it's relative value?
  • Anyhow daddy joke alert.

    Elmer Fudd and Daffy Duck break into a distillery.Daffy says "Is this whisky?"
    Elmer replies "Yes but not as wisky as wobbing a bank."
  • Well, as I said, I'll try not to get scores or pups by the automatic R&R way with the exception of Angry Birds, where @asher and @steviep147 are the main protagonists and they both use similar type methods. Other than that I don't play other games (e.g. Seasons) so you don't have to worry about those tables apart from the odd Challenge level and I don't even play all of those. My view is that Angry Birds could vanish any day (e.g. I have been locked out for days now) and most people who ever cared have given up, so if not now then never.

    On that cheery note, need some rest now. Twiggy and I have walked 22 miles this weekend (much of it very hilly) and she still has plenty of energy.
  • Keep yer wig on @desperatedan if you can't beat 'em join 'em might be my motto when I do play ABO.

    Shame on you @ixan57.You're banned from the jukebox.
  • Strange that v7.9.1 is working fine still on my BS but I'd need some guidance even a tutorial to figure out how to R&R at some future time.
  • Gloriously appropriate that the first witness in the Trump porn star trial should be the wonderfully named David Pecker. I'm so enjoying this. On a totally non-political level, obviously.
  • I second the banning order, unless @ixan57 can redeem himself by coming up with something I really like.
  • It’s an awful song, sort of duck (more general bird) song
    But at least the lead singer is pretty

    My second most hated song (quiz time), a year later: has a herb in the groups name, and mentions family members?
  • The Bunnyman is distraught, The Bunnywoman last seen being chased down the road with a French Chef waving his very large Chopper…
  • Watching the Pompeii dig programme; fascinating
  • Three posts up made me laugh a lot. Bit worried about what happens to dogs in the pub at 6pm. And the hated song has got me struggling. For herbs I thought of Love Grows (Where my Rosemary Goes), but that was Edison Lighthouse, not a herb. I'm sure @brianN will get it.
    Tony Basil?
    Er...that's all.
  • Just watched The Crown Series 3 Episode 3 which was about the Aberfan disaster of 1966, which had a tragic link to Pompeii, in a way. If anyone has seen that episode, the first ten minutes is a very difficult watch.
  • I think I tapped into an intimate fantasy there Mrs Bunny.Btw what colour was his chopper? Mine was orange, had a big wheel at the back and a small one at the front and great for doing wheelies(don't think it would have worked the other way around).He probably just wanted you to have a shot of his chopper.

    As for your Herby thing,have you been smoking the stuff? Something by Skank Ananse maybe?
    Pol Pot by the Dead Kennedy's fits both your criteria... except it's the wrong way round...and it's actually called Holiday in Cambodia...and it's a good song.
    Bay Shitty Rollers?Hearing the word herbs spoken in a Scouse accent always makes me smile.

    Give me just a little more Thyme ...

  • PS you also are banned from the jukebox.
  • Why, it's no so bad. A perfect example from the short-lived bubblegum pop era. More of a museum curio really. And it's been remembered way beyond virtually everything of the modern era ever will.
  • It's crap!
  • But yes she is pretty.Not sure what she looks like now.Is she still alive?
  • Banned from Juke Box, again!
    The answer is:
  • Won the pub quiz tonight!
    Just me and him, against teams of up to six ( we obviously have no friends)
    At the end you get a “Who wants to be a Millionaire” type five questions, to win the Jackpot, currently £210
    Can you answer them?

    1. Which white berried fruit is used at Christmas to kiss under
    2. Which Cardiff theatre shares its name with an American General (shame on me, I took a 50/50)
    3. Which gangster was known as Scar Face
    4. Who is the patron saint of children
    5. Which sports brand is named after an African animal

    I crashed out at 4
  • I'm going to defend Chicory Tip. It's a catchy pop song and they look like nice clean-livin' boys.
  • Anyway, let's all get banned from the juke box with late 60s / early 70s candyfloss.
  • Sigh...
  • Yes, I can't get past 4, but 5 is easy (I phoned a friend from Penarth for 2).
  • Hmm, Rolling Stone out of kilter? They describe Taylor Swift's latest album as an instant classic. Many other critics describe it as an over indulgent mess. Not that I really care about Taylor Swift although I was impressed that one of her albums shares a title with a King Crimson classic (@brianN?).
  • Sorry Dan not a scooby.Just waiting for Taylor to break up with Travis so she can make more money by writing a song about it-poor tortured soul.Interestingly I think Rolling S and a few others put the same label on St Vincent album(self indulgent was a word bandied about.)

    As for your Quiz @hunnybunny,not surprised you got stuck on Q4 given your track record on the subject.
  • @Hunnybunny did you not have the option to phone a friend, @BrianN springs to mind.
  • Phone a fiend.
  • Did Taylor Swift have an album called Larks' Tongues in Aspic?
  • Sugar Sugar was the first single I ever bought!
  • You are getting mixed up with Ex-Partners' Choppers in Aspic (they were all chefs).

    Red, if anyone is still awake.
  • But have you still got it @hunnybunny?

    (I know you have, I'm just talking about the single).
  • Er...wot?...

    Anyway @hunnybee You shouldn't admit to that in public despite the fact that Dan is busy rewriting pop history.Look out for his thesis on Showaddywaddy being the seminal force that inspired British new wave.
    "Trocadero was the song that inspired me to pick up the cudgels of rock 'n' roll."Elvis Costello

    "The band's sense of style and panache informed my later stage persona."Bryan Ferry

    "They were so far ahead of the game I had to rethink my early albums and follow their lead."David Bowie
  • Speaking of chefs you know how my memory is going?Trying to recall the names of famous chefs named Gordon as a memory excercise.Just one so far- Gordon Bleu.I'll keep at it.
  • Worst album of the year?
    Has to be Beyoncé’s so called Country Music
    Carter something or other
    It’s bloody dreadful and the radio keeps playing it’s bloody tracks
  • If I’m banned from the Juke Box, Brian is banned from the BP stage as a stand up comedian
  • But you are playing the radio @hunnybunny, so don't blame Beyonce or the radio. Surely the problem is just Country Music. I would put it in Room 101.
  • I agree along with jazz/funk
  • HB I was going to tell a joke about time travel-but you didn't like it.
  • That’s virtually funny
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