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  • Watching live on BBC. Takes me back to Cornwall 1999, when I was there for totality.
  • We were on the beach. There were a lot of very confused seagulls.
  • @catsnbirds thanks!

    We’re getting 99% as well. Although it’s a shame it’s partly cloudy. But it’s getting a bit darker than it should be for 3pm.
  • @karen68 We totally (yes, intentional pun) lucked out - no clouds, just sun! The backyard birds acted like it was evening and they were having their last get together of the day in the yard.
  • I seem to remember that even at 99% it is still reasonably light. The last 1% is like a cliff edge when someone just flicks the off switch. If was gloomy and cloudy and you didn't know there was an eclipse, I don't even think you would notice very much up to 90%. But good for you @catsnbirds, we had total cloud so never saw the sun at all, just had the darkness, which was still awesome.
  • BBC4 showed the 1974 Eurovision in its entirety yesterday (from Brighton, ABBA winning). I watched the scoring at the end. It was very odd. It was pretty much all done in ham-fisted French. Each jury allotted 10 points in whatever proportion they wanted to the competing countries. The UK gave Sweden nul points. Maybe on the technicality that Napoleon didn't actually surrender at Waterloo?
  • You’re lucky @catsnbirds. We had barely any sun peeking through the clouds so we couldn’t see much. And not pitch dark but definitely darker.
  • Dan, I traced The Bunnyman back to about 1699, and his “uncle”, as we call him, is easy to find on an ancestral research site. I got them about ten miles apart! Surely related…
    Watched the Total Eclipse, and sang along with Bonny Tyler…
    Remind me to tell Swansea stories…

    Most importantly: the Tuesday Night Quiz!
    We just play together, most are teams of six
    We could play with André (adopted from Belize as a baby, fab body, takes lines in the loo) but he appears with a different woman every week, so getting the name wrong…

    Anyway, we came third, which is good
    But for the second time in three weeks, we won “Play your Cards Rights” I’m sure you remember it
    £33 and £30
    Nearly paid the bar bill
  • I have my T-shirt and mug from the Apostrophe Protection Society now. If I could upload photos I would.
  • I'm not going to stop! Idiots on Pointless. Need to name a city south of Edinburgh? The plonker chose Dundee. Okay, fair enough when you don't live locally, but when you live in Paisley...(@brianN and @ixan57 will appreciate)

    And just had "I want to break free" for a Queen hit with 3 words or less. This is making my day.
  • Yes we remember it @hunnybunny.Never could fathom the relevance of his fruity catchphrase "You get nothing for a pear not in this game."
    Can't remember if it went out on a Friday night or a Saturday night.Maybe EE can help.
  • Seems they're not sure...

    Go on admit it, you've missed my sparkling repartee . Been visiting me old mum in the valley that time forgot(Tyne Valley).Went down with the sniffles and came back with typhoid or something.Thankfully nothing passed on to mum though she's as tough as an old boot, still hasn't had COVID yet.
  • Pity Northeast didn't bat on as he would've joined Lara and Ponsford as the only batters with 2 first class scores over 400.Still you have to be happy with the highest ever FC score at Lords.
  • You do feel the different types of ball are having an effect here. You sound very confident he would have got 65 more. He probably batted too long already.
  • Greatly confused over the sequence of Challenges again. Why is it Space two days in a row?
  • You also have to factor in it was a div 2 game.However it wouldn't have taken him long to either get the runs or get out and he probably won't get another chance to do that .Also it was always likely to be a draw.

    Must admit I haven't been paying attention to the Challenge lately .My sponsor at Angry birds Anonymous says I'm doing well.
  • Gaaaahh, to coin a phrase. Space three days in row. The World has gone mad.
  • The final front ear.Bet the Doc is fizzing,at least it's not SW...
  • They say a Geordie accent and pop music don't agree.I beg to differ.
  • So guys what are your all time favourite songs?One only.
  • Ok maybe two.
  • Fourth day in a row with a Space Challenge!
  • To make things easier for me, these are my two favourite songs from the 21st century.

    No idea how I could pick stuff from the 20th century as well.
  • Lost in Space.Sure Sglouk is behind it.

    Thanks for your offerings @desperatedan enjoyed them both.Something very wistful about the Bells and LEG are surely overdue for another appearance on Later .
  • What about the rest of you guys?@catsnbirds I'm thinking Beatles.Didn't you used to pretend to be Paul McCartney way before transgender became a thing?Or did I just make that up?
    Don't know what I'm thinking for you @ixan500 but I'm sure it isn't Disco Duck.
    Bunny Ella Fitzgerald?
    Karen I know you're a Bowie fan.
  • Loved The Undertones

    My first up is Bowie

    And my second, not Ella, but this, currently used in an ad
  • The Bunnyman goes to Tesco today, to buy the ingredients for the Sunday Chicken Dinner, whilst I’m preparing my Rhubarb and Orange Cake. It’s bloody delicious!
    Guess what he failed to buy?
  • Space. Again!
  • Watching an old Tipping Point:
    “Which sea borders Romania, Ukraine, Georgia and Moldova?”
    “I’ll pass”
    “The Arctic Sea”
    “I would have said the same”
    I give up…
  • A lot to catch up on.
    re Geordie vocals, try most Lindisfarne.
    Undertones fantastic, obviously, but my favourite is You've Got my Number, which is in a similar teenage angst vein.
    Similarly Bowie, but I would choose Heroes, personally.
    Did he forget the chicken? I guess it was Sunday rhubarb dinner instead.
    And geography in quiz shows. Always good fun. Someone recently in House of Games had no idea where London was on a map of the UK. And someone who did still managed to locate it in Hertfordshire.

    I will try to eke out two 20th century great songs. The well is bottomless.
  • Musically, @hunnybunny, you seem old for your years.
  • @BrianN Can’t believe you remembered the Beatles reminiscing - yes, in junior high I was Paul when we pretended to play their songs.
    However, favorite song of all time for me is Disturbed singing The Sounds of Silence. Mesmerizing!
  • @BrianN go push a pineapple and while you're at it shake a tree
  • Call me fussy but why in Series 3, Episode 1 of The Crown are the trees in full summer leaf for Winston Churchill's funeral, when it actually took place in January?
  • Thanks for sharing Birdlings some cracking tunes and I feel like I have a window into your souls.Except for you @ixan57,stop hiding and give us a proper tune.I'm pretty sure Black Lace are not your favourite band.I reckon there's a James Taylor classic lurking.
  • Not enough provincial accents in pop music in my view so good to hear Let's Eat Grandma bigging up that East Anglian burr.Not quite The Wurzels but that's a relief.

    Favourite song sung in a Welsh accent @hunnybunny?Bread of Heaven and anything by Max Boyce not allowed.

    Think everyone has a favourite Bowie song but I can't get past Rebel Rebel .Best guitar riff in the history of pop.
  • PS didn't you get the memo @karen68 ?
  • Having at look at today's Challenge and first impressions?Yet another Classic level you've creamed the life out of @desperatedan.Bad boy!In your bed!
  • Getting seriously worried about my mental state(quiet at the back!)You're aware of my recent brain farts(getting Karen's handle wrong-asking for badges I already have etc.Think I can top the Bunnyman and his chickenless shopping trip.

    Got back from work and had my shower as usual then as I was getting dressed couldn't find my watch.Remembered it was in my trouser pocket at one point so had a look in the washing basket,no sign.Nothing downstairs so had a proper rummage in the washing basket,still nada.Not in the bedroom.Just about to have a look in the car when I noticed it on my wrist!The carehome is calling.
  • @BrianN two birds with the one stone, song and your brain facts. No memory.
  • Did you just choose that song because of the title @ixan57?If so it doesn't count.

    Yours Adolph 'Pop' Hitler.
  • Gaaaahhhhh!!!!!!!! 115874 I swear there was nothing left.Close but no jings my memory...what do you call those things?Cylindrical,full of tobacco wrapped in leaves...rolled on the thighs of Cuban Nubians...hang on my mind's gone somewhere else now...what was I on about?Who am I?..."Nurse!"...
  • Indeed, the chicken! Love Heroes too.
    Brian was right about my love of Ella.
    Now watching Pompeii, the new dig. Visited years ago, all the treasures shut behind gates, very disappointing, but the phallic symbols indicating the way to the brothel, and very descriptive paintings of what was available made the day!
  • I suppose they didn't have brochures back then.I think French brothels have Gallic symbols.Anyway @ixan57 you've given me a great idea:pop songs with colours in the title(we haven't done that before have we?You know what my memory is like.)

    I'll kick off with Girl in Amber by Nick Cave.No googling except for colours ,for instance if you can't think of a colour beginning with B (you may be retarded and should immediately audition for Pointless) you may google it.
  • Saw Back to Black today. Enjoyed

    Favourite Amy song, anyone?

    Not featured in the film, they cut out bits of her life…
  • Mr Blue Sky
    Blue Bayou
  • Posted the Back to Black before Brian question!
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