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  • You know I'm not one for stirring @hunnybunny? Can't find my wooden spoon anywhere.
  • Yes, as I said @birdleader, @CG358 has recently put down a whole load of impressive Classics scores in Poached Eggs so deleting their account makes not much sense to me. Also, it's odd having their scores (sometimes the leading score) still sitting there with a blank space instead of a name. That might be all, but the coincidence is suspicious, in my mind.
  • No good trying that @brianN, she's from Surrey, as far as I remember. Or Hampshire.
  • @birdleader, could you please check into @desperateDan 's comments (previous page, half-way down) about missing usernames.

    We've been getting some weird things going on, trying to clean up all of the spammers that have recently been added to the Nest. There are hundreds of them!
  • Strange..
    Listening to Van Morrison, all is good
  • 2024 Six Nations. 10 of the 15 matches had a 4 point margin or closer.
    2023 Six Nations. None of the 15 matches were that close.
    It's been crazy this year.

    BBC commentary on Italy/Wales was just as crazy when they kept saying that Italy had got the wooden spoon at the end of the match. Duh?
  • Finally found my crate of old CDs that I had "lost". No Van Morrison (I have a vinyl copy of Astral Weeks) but did listen to the debut Supertramp album which is a forgotten prog masterpiece, nothing like the tinkly piano stuff later. Even the forgotten stuff from the early 1970s is ten times better than modern s**t.

    I think you could choose any one of 1969, 1970, 1971, 1972 and argue they were the greatest ever years for music, in sheer depth of classic albums.
  • Now listening to Sounds of the Seventies whilst watching the destruction of part of Iceland by lava…
    And 1972 for me
  • You just love watching Iceland being destroyed @hunnybunny.Hoping Putin invades Iceland next?If he wins the election of course.

    See our deleted friends are back.Good work @birdleader.
  • Piggy Farm was clearly preparing the ground for Jurassic Pork.I'm off to Piggywood Studios for some proper bird physics.
  • I wonder what it is like being deleted for a day. Does your whole flinging life flash before you? Do you see a ghostly apparition of Matilda beckoning to you from the end of a long tunnel? Do you have craving for bacon? We should be told!
  • Footballers, eh? Why do they keep taking their shirts off? Another yellow card promoted to red today for taking it off. Only to reveal another one underneath. What happens if you take one off then another. Is that two yellows? We should be told!
  • If it's just the one yellow then why not just take everything off to get your money's worth. Footballers need to produce a good tackle.
  • Footballers are notoriously stupid ,in fact they might almost have me believing in evolution, there's something Cro-Magnon about them .That said I've never been a fan of that stupid rule of getting booked for an act of communion with the fans in a moment of sheer exhuberance it is ,let's be honest,arse.

    Reminds of that line in Kicker Conspiracy:
    Under Marble Millichip the FA broods
    On how flair can be punished.
  • Brian, visited Iceland, wouldn’t want Puitin (mysteriously elected til 2030) to nuke it
    Rather Iceland explodes and takes the rest of this miserable warring world with it
    Better than being nuked one country at a time
    Perhaps move to Vanuatu, I think, hopefully no one would waste a bomb…
  • I think you should be safe in Penarth.
  • WW2 decimated bits of Penarth, Germans trying to blow up Cardiff Docks, and dropping unused bombs. There are unusual new houses in a rows of Victorian, Edwardian, etc,, etc
    But a nuking of London and we will all be dead or dying, unfortunately
  • Part of the levelling up scheme.Anyway I was carrying a pot of green paint round the back of the house,tripped and sent it all over the gable end.Think I might try and pass it off as a Banksy
  • No chance
  • @HunnyBunny until you have seen @BrianN 's green throwing up skills i would make no comment
  • I'm a big fan of Banksy and would rather look at his grafitti than listen to the hot air coming out of COP 28 but you have to admit that wasn't his best work.

    The romantic in me hopes his true identity is never revealed.Of course several names have been bandied about and an upcoming court case may expose him but it's remarkable he's remained incognito for so long.
  • As you know I'm not big on quiz shows but saw Pointless the other day and there were two contenders for your favourite quiz @desperatedan.Two thick Geordies(is there any other kind?)
    Q1: Heavenly body often seen as a streak of light(six letters begins with M)
    "I'll go for Comet Alexander."
    Q2:Roman equivalent of the Greek god Hercules(eight letters begins with H)
    "I'm pretty sure it's Hermes"

    Apart from being thick Geordies guess what else they had in common?Both police officers...
  • Ah, Brian, I saw that
    Priceless Pointless
  • Tick in bingo box for the doc saying "RNG" for the Challenge today.
    If he is right, how come it's @asher at the top again?
    You make your own luck.
  • Yep you don't get many of those to the pound @hunnybunny.Sure the good folk of the Welsh Constabulary are of a much higher calibre.

    Hello Dan ,nice of you to join us.
  • The boy did well in the school play this week.Nailed his lines as a sarcastic newspaper editor(no rehearsal required for the sarcastic bit) .They all seemed to be having a good time with it which is a credit to them and the teachers.
  • Good win for Wales last night and though I think Poland will be better than Finland home advantage should be enough to get your boys to the Euros.Be great to have 3 of the 4 home countries there.
  • Honest I'm not being sarcastic.
  • Afraid I fancy Poland, so to speak. Met a Pole with a scouse accent this week.
  • Reminds me of that great Danish player Jan molby.Within months of arriving at Liverpool FC he sounded as Scouse as Ian Welshman...
  • Ready to fling..
    New glasses have arrived
    £310 - v - fifteen quid from Boots!
    Long sight good, short sight obviously not
  • I take my glasses off to fling on my phone as I have brilliant vision at about 9 inches (and no other range).

    But it was hard work "knife and forking" a puppy today as I know @steviep147 gets very touchy about not having a proper "live" tally page. A small parade today of the usual suspects when a parade day turns up. Didn't even use Classics when it was available and potentially better.
  • This is bizarre in the extreme.

    Trump argues in a court of law that the US President should have full immunity.
    But he calls President Biden a crook.

    Not a political observation. Just one about logic.
  • It's no coincidence that the usual suspects all use recording tecniques.This was a record on a loop special.Would have had a go but my ABO was in crash mode today so didn't bother.How was yours @desperatedan?
    My BS version was fine but there is too much unlocking required as you need to play each previous episode on this version.
  • Seems my eyesight is similar to yours Dan.Need glasses for driving etc but not flinging.
  • No one told me getting old would be this expensive
    One third of a tooth has disintegrated and fallen off, another £300 gone for the cap…
  • How's the wooden leg Holding up @hunnybunny?
  • Reached Series 6, Episode 6 in Dr Who. Approx 70 episodes in. Matt Smith at his best. I have a feeling it starts to tail off a bit soon.

    Thought I'd balance it by watching The Crown. 7 episodes in. More Matt Smith, in another role that will require regeneration.
  • Heartbreak for Wales @hunnybunny.That's no way to lose a football match though my Polish neighbour would probably disagree.Twiggy must've been backing Wales.

    When you're up to date with the Dr Who reboot you've got the Hartnell/Troughton/Pertwee/Baker/Davison/Baker/McCoy(had to spit that out) versions not forgetting the film versions with Cushing and McGann.

    Shouldn't take long quite a few episodes missing I believe.
  • Twiggy was born in Stone, Staffordshire, a county that has more Polish speakers than Welsh speakers, I believe. So not sure of her allegiance, especially as she is a German breed and even more especially, as she is only a dog and has a limited idea of the rules of football. She will however, do predictions for a small fee.

    Watching the early Dr Who episodes is not on my bucket list. I watched one (Troughton) and it was excruciatingly sexist.
  • Excruciatingly sexist you say?Might give it a try.
  • As you would!
  • Hi @karen57 @sweetp looks like @stratto52 is back using the handle @strattb putting his unsubstantiated score down at Arctic Eggspedition 1-19.Could you zap him?
  • Do I qualify for that Guardian of the Leaderboard badge? Pretty please.
  • @BrianN when you can get @Karen68 handle correct I may consider a nomination
  • I think cross-breeding @ixan57 and @karen68 deserves a special badge of its own.
  • @DesperateDan , @BrianN deserves a badge for being BrianN
  • All badges gratefully accepted(karen will delete my account for putting 11 years on her.)

    Anyway,wot,no Seasons!Outrage!Having to cheer myself by watching season 3 of Mandy.Forgotten how funny it is(already finished 3 episodes-not quite a Who-a-thon Dan,each episode 15 mins(heh heh)).

    Who is she I hear you cry?Well since yer askin' she's a job shy Lancy waster who reads a woman's mag called Slapper and during a very brief period of work had a job with a cleaning agency named Scrubbers.If it was written by a man you'd say it was sexist @hunnybunny,however it's written by and starring the hugely talented and very funny Diane Morgan(yes she's a woman!?)

    Really good ensemble cast and some excellent cameos by the likes of Alexei Sayle,Nigel Planer etc.Shaun Ryder even appears in one episode.If you like absurdist humour you'll love this.Here's a flavour...

    At the end of S3 E3 she's dressed as a living statue(for reasons I won't go into) and is chased into a theatre by the ghost of Alex 'Hurricane' Higgins(for reasons etc).A psychic is on stage going through her routine when Higgins launches his cue like a javelin at Mandy,she ducks and it skewers the Psychic which prompts a lady in the front row to say "She never saw that coming"
    End credits roll to the sound of Mark E Smith singing Ghost in my House.My sides are still aching...just me isn't it?
  • I think the Doc has officially changed his moniker to StevieP-RNG.
  • hi @karen87 .
    Sorry I'm just trying to curry favour now @karen68 sorry about the brain fart earlier but just wanted to mention @strattb has been asking about how to post his screenshot on Arctic Eggspdition 1-19.Given the state of my cognitive powers just now I'll surely confuse him if I try to explain it .Wonder if you or @sweetp could help him out?Don't zap himRepeat do not zap the subject!Thanks.
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