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  • Yes you lucky people I'm here all evening.We can't decide whether to watch Barbie or Oppenheimer.Should we go for a film that stimulates the mind and tackles real world issues or should we plump for Oppenheimer?
  • Decided on Barbie as Oppenheimer was £4.99.Tight?She's terrible.
  • When I look at my diary it's so full I often use a doppelganger to take care of my assignments while I chill on the slopes of the Andes.
    .Sorry @desperatedan.
  • Aha, now we see the reason for the delayed Seasons Challenge. Or not, as the case may be.
  • We wait with bated breath to ascertain the fate of @strattb. Has this been the biggest miscarriage of justice since the UK Post Office scandal? Has an innocent man been sent to the zappers? Or has the AB deep state been exposed? The fate of @brianN's badge nomination hangs on the outcome.
  • Yes I see he has a top ten score on today's Challenge.Obviously been busy.

    Anyway you know how I like to live on the edge?What do you mean the edge of Brechin?Cheeky.
    So remember I said all SW11 progress gone due to Rovio acc being discontinued and that eventually ABO Rovio acc would go the same way?Well on a whim I decided to try logging out on one of my devices and sure enough it zeroed out,just a few stars on the tutorial levels every else on lockdown.Rovio not allowing me to log back in but other device with synced progress unaffected.

    Anyone with such an account might want to think about backing up for the plug will be pulled eventually.

    Yours A.Einstein.
  • Still haven't a clue what you are going on about. Ignorance is probably bliss.
  • @BrianN don’t you have the leaderboard guardian badge?
  • Watching IPL the bowling is amazing
    Anyone seen Musarfazur Rahman? His left arm sling is bloody amazing.
    And don’t upset @karen78 please
  • @Karen68 I’ll nominate just to keep him quiet
  • Me too. Well deserved.
  • Well the brain farts just keep coming and thanks to Billie Owlish for pointing out I already have the LG badge.I don't though have the High IQ badge and I can't think why.
    Thanks to Bunny and Dan(with his arm twisted up his back) for the kind nomination.Can I have two?

    I feel free to play EE every day now.
  • If you go to the ABO homepage @desperatedan and press on the cogwheel you'll see an icon with a person's head and a pencil.If you press that it gives you the option to either sign in or register to Rovio Acc.No longer possible to do either as far as I can tell so if you never did you've nothing to worry about.
  • Ah, the "sell your soul to Rovio" option. Glad I gave it a miss.
  • Saw some some very freshly new born lambs today, close up, still soggy. One of the first things they will have seen was Twiggy. Probably thought "Mummy!".
  • RNG alert...

    He'll have a point.
  • Well done Hamsa,another cracking bill pandering to the whims of theLBTQPC brigade.Can't wait to see how they weaponise it and aim it at normal people who take a common sense approach to all matters transgender.Building a great political legacy for yourself there mate.Why not have another vote on independance while you're at it?Just what the country needs.
  • New series of Pointless at last and the idiots are at it already. Very first question and how difficult is it to identify a 7 letter cheese beginning with C? Very difficult if you think it must be Caerphilly.
  • Didn’t see the idiots, watching IPL
  • Well, after £310 on glasses, my tooth half falling out (two weeks for a so called Emergency Appointment) at least another £300 for a cap, my bad knee and good knee have turned into bad knee and F—-ing awful knee…

    Inside every old person is a young person, screaming, “What the Hell happened?”
  • We all live too long @hunnybunny. I'm not joking. You wouldn't have had to put up with this in the old days. Consumption or the pox would have spared you all this discomfort.
  • And “How the Hell did it happen so fast!!!”
  • Ok, my turn now

    Completely new sight prescription, new glasses etc, £600.
    Root canal work, times 2 due to previously botched job by different dentist, plus a cap and potentially an implant. Could be as much as £5000.
    One knackered knee, have to live with that, so free!
    Ears unblocked, £70.
    My toenails are a disaster zone.
    Some heart arrhythmia, although the NHS cardioversion may have fixed it for the time being.
    Mild long COVID symptoms, persistent arm weakness and aching, sometimes I can't lift a filled kettle, or a Twiggy. Other things I won't mention.
    Getting up to wee in the night.
    Plodding up hills I used to run up.
    A couple of stiff, aching finger joints.

    I'm not complaining, my wife had it so much worse.

  • I've got the sniffles today.
  • Man sniffles though. Can't possibly go to work.
  • Was going to list all my ailments but knew @ixan37 would trump them.He's ancient olde.Also I remembered this:
  • Anyway, after RuPaul’s Drag Race finished (dreadful series) and I’ve run out of Upstart Crows, also rationing FleaBag, I’m going to watch the new Pointless on catch up, after the Bunnyman has retired to bed, and laugh at the stupid!

    Also booked a short cruise today: day at sea, A Coruña (been before, but fab Tapas) and three new ports: Gijón, Bilbao and La Rochelle, leave in a fortnight, back for eleven days and off to sunny Spain for a week
    Even us who have lived all our lives in Wales are fed up of the bloody persistent rain
  • First impression of Pointless: Star Wars Cafe!
  • Think I might start watching womens football.Not for the football obviously just the touchline shenanigans.After the recent FA WSL cup final Chelsea manager Emma Hayes(looks and sounds like Kathy Burke) shoved the Arsenal manager(some Scandi bloke) and whispered sweet nothings in his ear as he offered to shake her hand after the final whistle.She then had the nerve to rant on about male aggression during the post match interview.

    Work that one out?!Wait maybe it had something to do with the fact that chelsea lost?
  • Hugh Dennis is good. Some of the previous side kicks have been poor.
  • Will you have time ashore in Bilbao to take in the Guggenheim museum @hunnybunny?Even James Bond went there(Brosnan I think)Or maybe Athletic Bilbao game(founded by British migrant workers and only allow players born in the Basque region to play for them and I think they have never been relegated.)Got a feeling for which one you'd go with.
  • First day of the cricket season.
    It was still March last week!
    Are they serious?
    And guess what, virtually no play possible because of the weather.
  • Trivia point for you @brianN. My team, Arsenal, have never been relegated from the top flight ever, and they have been there since 1919. But to top that, they were never even promoted there in the first place, by normal means. They were added to the first division when it expanded from 20 to 22 teams after the First World War despite only finishing 5th in Div 2. Barnsley were hard done by. Oh, and even better, Spurs were relegated in 1914-15 and were not saved by the expansion. So all good.
  • Thanks for that @ixan57.I can just picture you shaking your walking stick at me.
  • Arsenal were relegated in1913 though I think it might have been as Woolwich Arsenal.Can't remember when they changed their name.
    Have to say the current crop have been given a bit of steel by the signing of Declan Rice.They may not win the title but I don't think they'll bottle it this time.
  • Definitely The Guggenheim, Brian

    Just returned from The Fawlty Towers Dining Experience
    Excellent, very funny: Mike (The Bunnyman) got christened Mikey Moo by Sybil and was made to stand up and conduct singing of Happy Birthday to a guest; he was so embarrassed
    My friend, Val, got called “you stupid old biddy” twice by Basil
    Loads of other people made fun of, especially ladies going to the loo: Susie is so pissed she needs another wee
    But, of course, the stars of the show were Basil the Rat, and Fawlty doing his Nazi walk
  • Ok, yes I cheated a bit with the Woolwich Arsenal bit. Still, 111 years without relegation is not bad going. No other club comes within 40 years of that.
  • Classics Challenge pup possibility alert.
  • Didn't pick on you @hunnybunny? Maybe they didn't dare.
  • Manuel tried to take my unfinished soup bowl away, I outwitted him!
  • And a round of applause, please, for Sam Northeast
  • 1000 runs by the end of May is one of the great cricketing achievements, last done in 1988 by Graeme Hick and only twice since 1938. Nick Compton missed it by one day in 2012, due to bad weather. The cricketing calendar might allow Sam Northeast a shot at it this year, if he carries on in this vein of form. In fact, it could even be done by end of April, Masood of Derbyshire got past 700 runs in only 6 innings in April 2022 and was on 850 runs as early as May 15th but had 2 failures in the last match, after which T20 fixtures took over.
  • In fact, the two closest attempts since Hick have both been by players called Compton, Mrs Compton. Did you say the Bunnyman was related?
  • Happy Monday all.
    We get to experience a total solar eclipse today.
    @catsnbirds I can’t remember exactly where in Michigan you are, but likely close enough to see some of it?
  • Another day, another adventure on the Internet.
  • @karen68 Yes! I’m in the bottom third of the lower peninsula, looks like we get about 99% of the eclipse this afternoon!
    And, congratulations on the puppy you earned a couple of days ago. That was a terrific score!
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