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  • Paint it Black
    Mellow Yellow
    Too easy…
  • Lily the Pink
  • Brown Sugar
  • Green green grass of home
  • Orange Crush
  • I’m done, you’ll be glad to know
    I’m waiting for Brian to trash me in the morning
  • I can trash you now if you like.
    Blue Monday /New Order
    Black Horse and the Cherry tree(can't beat a BOGOF)/KT Tunstall
    Emerald/Thin Lizzy

    You're right too easy.
  • Ooh, never heard that @ixan57 tune before. Not too shabby.
    Don't know why you are whingeing about my Classics score, @brianN. No Bluestacks there.
  • Can't we just have She's a Rainbow and be done with?

    Or, in keeping with this site.

    White Bird
  • Finally, if you want a real Norfolk accent, cop a load of this from The Singing Postman. He was quite well known in the 1960s and I think may have charted. My parents had this record.
  • I prefer postmen who whistle and they're bad enough.
  • I recognise the singer in that video @ixan57 from a band called Swans Way who had a one hit wonder with Soul Train.Not too shabby either as I recall.Still think you're hiding your light under a bushel.
  • I have been thrashing Flock Favourites for the last month, hoping to get somewhere near the Sharpshooter qualification. There are 30 levels and I now have 29 inside the top 20. But once again, there is one fly in the ointment, Level 29-14. My best score from this is about 10 years ago and I can't get near improving my 48th place, due to changes Rovio have made. With no way I can find of getting an old enough version to run, it looks like I am again just one level short of getting there. Maybe I have an ancient laptop somewhere...
  • ...yes! I have an original PC working version of 4.0.0. But that's too early for the 29-14 problem as 4.0.0 predates Flock Favourites. But it might help me with a few other levels if I can remember which ones they are.
  • Must say @desperatedan have never had any trouble loading up ABO 4.0.0. on Bluestacks.

    Anyway lunchbreak whimsy.There's something delicious about Angela Rayner's current predicament,hoisted by one's own petard comes to mind.And I'm absolutely sure despite the fact that the initial claim was made by former TORY dep chairman Lord Ashcroft and the baton was picked up by TORY MP James Daly that the allegations are not politically motivated.Also sure that the DCI from Manchester police force who suddenly decided there was a case to answer has no affiliation with the TORY party whatsoever .
    No it's just as Prang!p.s.Shat! sorry no idea where that anagram came from,it was in no way politically motivated..yes meant TORY MP Grant Shapps he said it's about upholding the integrity of parliament...

    Stop laughing.
  • PS re older versions.Wonder if some of the old pc versions would fit the bill @desperatedan?See them on eBay but no way of knowing which version they are I suppose.That's asuming your pc is old enough to play discs
  • Watching Pointless today when I saw someone who I recognised from somewhere, and then worked out it was someone who had been on Impossible. He was rubbish on both programmes. Why the wish to keep humiliating yourself in public over and over again?
  • Any idea which version is the first to introduce Flock Favourites anyone?
  • As far as I can see 4.2.0 brought the first 15 levels and 5.1.0 the second 15.Did you know there's an update log at the top of page giving version number and release date or were you just being a lazy beast?
  • Sorry, bit rude. I didn't intend to be lazy.
  • Boy do I hate Real Madrid.The bad smell that manages to stink the place the place out year after year.Your boys are bottling it again @desperatedan.
  • Btw don't really think you're a lazy beast and happy to help.Don't you know me by now?
  • Yay!Star Wars!
  • Kurious Oranj.
  • See the TORY party have gone quiet about Rayner.Can't think why.
  • ABO gone walkabouts again for me. Seems so random. But nothing will make me ever play Star Wars.
  • Michael Portillo's latest railway jaunts in North Wales saw him visit the site of no fewer than 4 of Twiggy's favourite walks in just one programme yesterday.
  • Wonder what Michael Portillo would make of this...
  • An more importantly what colour trousers was he wearing?
  • For some reason the song had me thinking of this pop banger (the song @brianN, the song) from the late 1970s.
  • Probably won't surprise you to know that I had that single back in the day.Must admit I wouldn't have linked the two but there is a vocal similarity.
  • Gey breezy today up our way had to abandon ladder work and concentrate on bungalows with the help of steps.Claire was great but H was useless.He needs a few suet puddings in him,not so much Claire in fact she needs to ease up on the Toblerone lunches
  • Anyone awake at 2.00 am to discover Taylor Swift's second disc?Thought not anyway wouldn't her fans have appreciated it if she hadn't put out four versions of the first one?

  • One album I am looking forward to is the new one from St Vincent due at the end of the month.Here's a taster.
  • Claire was good. She won House of Games this week.
  • Mojo have given it 4 stars (Annie, not Taylor). The problem is, they give everyone 4 stars because they don't review the rubbish. But they certainly like it.
  • Flirted very close to a puppy today. I can feel a runt coming on.
  • Well the critics said Daddy 's Home was crap.What do they know?
  • Mojo are now calling it "a masterpiece". I need to dig out the original review they did.

    - They gave it 5 stars (very rare event) and a rave write-up. But the other critics were overwhelmingly positive as well. The Brechin Advertiser and Forfar Dispatch were clearly out on a limb there.
  • Yes, quite correct. A trophy and a runt for yesterday's Challenge. Oh well, Piggy Farm today, more my parish.
  • But I can't access ABO. Doh!
  • Along with the Dundee Courier and Rolling Stone.Personally don't give much credence to musos to many just wanting to bring their own agenda intoplay,much rather make my own mind up.
  • Rolling Stone so often out of kilter with UK taste.
  • Sometimes it's the one bad review that sticks in the mind.If people are shown a white piece of paper with a black dot on it and are asked what they see no-one ever refers to the mostly white paper but the black dot.

    Anyway enough Zen my phone ABO crashing but the version I downloaded on to Blue stacks has never crashed (hope I'm not tempting fate) and has been fine today.However dare I say it another PF RNG.
    As you know occasionally a song comes to my mind when playing the Challenge.I couldn't find a song called' Generald monstered it but didn't leave a screenshot' so this'll have to do.
  • Can't play today's Challenge so carried on with yesterday's. Having got my runt I then produced a score so mind bogglingly high I don't think anyone will believe it. I find it hard to believe it myself. But it's not so crazy as to be into glitch territory. So I'm kind of defending Generald's score but not his etiquette.
  • Anyone watching BBC2 at the moment?
    Freddie followed by George: live performances don’t get much better!
  • Hi Bunny glad your still with us not watching BBC 2 but watched Bakeoff(The celebrity Stand up to Cancer one) with the Missus earlier(we know how to live it large on a Sat nite).Anyway they trot out that stat:
    '1 in 2 people will get cancer' She looks at me and says "I hope it's you"
    She was laughing as she said it.My only comeback was "I hope it's me as git!"
    Domestic bliss
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