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  • @Gumby Wwwaaassssuuuppp???
    OB Wake up, Cheer up, how can you be sad when @Tompuss played that beautiful Andrew Lloyd Webber song!! Love it Annie :D turn those frowns upside-down :)
  • And The Princess Joins in! Nice, shiny Crown @Tompuss, the old, but clean underpants did a nice job polishing :D
    and The Monty song worked, Life is Good, even on Lock-Down!
    But the Bloated Pig Never closes! no time zones here, no mandates
    (only those stated in page 1)
    *kick-starts the Jukebox*

  • Fill All the Glasses OB.. and put more on Ice please , Guess we still can't see pictures?
    @Sweetp @Birdleader I chose a picture from my album, selected 'Embed'( med) and select all, then copy then came here and 'paste'
    as you can see nothing pasted, not even my words..
  • text link doesn't work either!
    Use your imagination guys, that's what the BP is all about!
  • 29 pages to go!! Woot!
  • @kathy Always loved Monty Pythons, watched it in black-and-white when it first came out! And, as if by magic, here’s a @gumby World Record Attempt!
  • @Gumby Wwwaaassssuuuppp??
    @Tompuss I watched the Gumby World record video, I don't understand it?
    sorry My tablet\Kathyboard is driving me nuts!!
    Nighty Night ...zzz
  • @kathy, maybe this is just too British humour to cross the pond, although of course Terry G is American. Mind you, can't say I understand it either.
  • @DeserateDan , Perhaps yes the British humour is over my head, I'm glad I'm not the only one lol!
    I was expecting a Stretchy Green Guy
  • Damn! Still can't post pictures!
    Ohh Well
    Happy Easter Everyone :D
  • Ohh My, time to lose the winter hat!!
    @tompuss Kathy was expecting the green stretchy claymation character.
  • @gumby, that would be Morph in these parts. OB, bring me a drink and this will all make more sense!
  • @DesperateDan 6 or 7 drinks it it will all become much MUCH clearer :)
  • @Tienshenlong , My dear Dragon friend , Much Loved friend and because our Dear long time friendship,I can say Honestly, I'm happy to provide you a place to pour your heart and share your Deep thoughts, but here is Not that place. I'm truly sorry But not a one of us here in this Virtual Pub can possibly read and then reread All of that fully, with Full understanding of your true meaning.
    This requires long contemplation and time to absorb, and let it sink into the recesses of our unused parts of our brains, Shake our heads and reread it all, which in our mere human form, just can't. Rather than you being admonished by admins, I'm here in Virtual form to ask you to please refrain from such Lonnngg posts, yeah we want the pages to advance, but naturally with good humor friendly virtual drunken banter and such... fun videos music ,etc..
    You don't want to be 'That Guy at the end of the bar, droning' to any one who happens to sit in the next stool over ? only to be replaced by another unwitting patron and so on..
    feel free to share your Deep thoughts as such in a pm or common forum, I can't promise I'll read it all, I just don't have time.. to reflect on such.
  • @tienshenlong, no one can really understand what you are saying, even though I've tried to read the first few lines about 4 times. As @kathy mentioned, this is not the place to write such personal thoughts. I am deleting your post.
  • spring? what's that white stuff falling from the sky? Another 4-6 inches expected over the next two days!
  • Ohh My @Sweetp !! white stuff falling from the sky in April??
    if it's any consolation, it was very cold here yesterday and today!
    But I did see a Robin?? sure sign Spring is on its way! If i see that Robin again I'll point him in your direction!
  • Stuck at home working but I do have my regular visitors each day in the garden, most notably a pair of blackbirds and a thrush. Twiggy (that's the puppy) sits watching them wagging her tail. And we have sunshine too, most definitely Spring.

  • That´s OK, That its up to anyone. Just try to continue to be yourselves even despite of your thoughts or you´re done. Don´t worry and be sure its on me the responsability to post cryptic way what I can put plain and easy way but that, as you can see, its not allowed and that will be justified with whatever reason could be. At least in that way, was there longer than usual.

    And I assure that will not happen again.
  • I recommend abook for read under isolation. Martin E.P. Seligman "Helplesness". Who have eyes to see...
  • Hey Everybody!
    @DesperateDan How nice you have your regular visitors, maybe you could entice them to join in the battling of the pigs! I saw a Robin yesterday, then heard the weather forecast and I guess @Sweetp cursed me by saying the 'S' word! tonight is supposed to start into early tomorrow
    The Robin was An Early Bird :/
  • Oh my gosh! Did I do that, @kathy? Naughty me *slaps self on the head*
    But the robin landed in my yard today, and brought his girlfriend and a couple of his friends! So cool to see them pulling worms out of the ground! I wonder if they're going to build a nest in the same spot as last year? I hope so!
  • *Quickly brings a cold cloth for @Sweetp bruised cheek"
    No worries , They say"March comes in like a Lamb, goes out like a lion" yeah so it's switched to April.. The Robin's know :D
    That's one thing i do miss about being at MiL house, the big tree with the birds nests and squirrels,.. so peaceful
    But the Ocean is peaceful to at times, other times it's Angry,,a mixture of emotions , such as life..
  • @Sweetp any word on Why we can't post pictures in here, I've tried the link things in the album, embed link, thumb link etc.. still comes up blank. videos work, just not pics..
  • hey. so glad to find this right now

  • Andrea Bocelli: Music for Hope:

    Hey @kathy, @SweetP, yes, what about our pix? Is it a problem with WordPress? Idk

    Hola @TienShenLong ¡No hay problema, amigo!

    Last pub open, @Tori. . .
  • Welcome to the BP @tori Make yourself at home! Be sure to read page 1, and then we'll.. you'll figure it out!
    *presses Jukebox* song for @Hunnybunny
  • After a Pouring Rain Storm, the Sunset broke the sky, I was looking for the Rainbow, but the sun is so bright while it sets it hurt my eyes!
    brought this song to my mind, Id show the picture, But It Won't post!! @Sweetp ? @Birdleader ??

    anyway here's the song..
  • Hmm @sweetp I saw my Gmail notification, the word 'test' but no link, and here not even the word 'test' thanks for trying to work on it :D
  • oopps lol now i see the word Test my bad..
  • If you look at your picture in your profile, you'll see that the "Direct Link" is missing. Mine are, too. What I did to make the link above appear was to actually copy and paste it from the URL into that Direct Link box. (Hope that makes sense?)
  • Wooot!! Thanks @Sweetp :D
    lemme try!! no sunset though,i didn't upload the pic!! but I'll find something.. hold on..
  • Before, when I added my first "Test" comment and pasted the "Text Link" under the word, it came out blank. I added more text to the same post, but nothing appeared.

    I'm going to have BirdLeader take a look and see why all of our "Direct Links" are blank for each picture in our albums.
  • awww shucks *kicks empty stool, and pouts*
  • thanks @sweetp ! cute doggie pic btw :D
  • I hadn't even noticed the 'Direct link' box was empty weird for sure..
  • Yeah, copy your URL address ( into the Direct Link box and it should appear in your post.
    Thanks, that was my Gizmo. He used to love sitting there, staring out the window just before Mike came home from work!
  • Awww I remember Gizmo!!! so cute!! and i can see why he got his name lol!
    Thanks I'll try that, copy thing, but not tonight.. Dreamland time for me, work tomorrow..
    Stay safe and Healthy all!! No Social Distancing needed at the BP!!
    Mingle, Dance, Drink, Be Merry..
    Nighty Night...
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